Greenway First School
Parent Meeting
12th November 2012
Good reader?
Good language
poor word recognition
Good word recognition,
good language
Poor word recognition,
poor language
Language comprehension
Word recognition
Good word recognition,
poor language
Three stages
• Pre Reading
• During Reading
• Post Reading
Quick game
Word tennis
Quick game
• Which words
not likely
Quick game
Activate knowledge
Word tennis
All was unusually quiet in Port Royal … but if you listened
carefully, on the quayside, down the alleyways and in the
candlelit taverns, you could hear the faint sound of a fiddle
floating on the wind.
Outside the Thirsty Parrot Inn, an old fiddler appeared. As he
fiddled, he sang a song …
“I was sailing one day and what did I see?
An island of gold in the scurvy sea!
With a fiddle-de-dee,
there’ll be treasure for me,
fiddle-de-dee, across the sea.”
His shanty caught the ear of the dastardly Captain
Purpleboard. Putting down his ale and wiping his lips,
Purplebeard bellowed out the window …”Treasure, you say?
Can you show us the way?
To the Captain’s delight the fiddler replied:
Make Connections
Ask Questions
Determine importance
Draw inference - booktalk
Be prepared to change your
Tell me what
you thought
Tell me more
What came
into your
mind when
you read...
Can you extend
that idea a bit for
Have you
come across
anything like
Before ?
What led
you to think
that ...?
Tentative Language
Does anyone else think…
I/we think…
I’m/we’re not sure but…
I/we were wondering if…
I/we have changed our minds and now
Book talk
The crack of a driver’s whip, his shouts
and curses, the crunch of wheels and the
labouring snort of horses broke into her
thoughts. She spied through a veil of
shifting leaves. There was no traffic in any
direction. She pulled down the black
mask that she’d worn at last winter’s
masked ball and pulled up a green silk
kerchief to hide the lower half of her face.
The coach creaked almost to a halt at the
crest of the rise, the horses sweating after
the steep hill. As the driver drew back his
whip to urge them onward ……..
• Tell me more about Eric
• Does this story remind you of anything?
• Is there anything that puzzled you?

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