NC Department of Public Instruction Academic Services and
Instructional Support Curriculum, Instruction and Technology
Welcome Future Pirate Families
Student Support Services Staff
Ms. Jennifer Frazee (A-G) – School Counselor
Ms. Meaghan Rigler (H-O) – School Counselor
Ms. Angela Rabe (P-Z) – School Counselor
Ms. Sherry Andrews – School Secretary
Deputy Steven Clinard – School Resource Officer
Ms. Sharon Chapman– NC Wise Coordinator
Ms. Stephanie Curry – Book Keeper
Ms. Lauren Ludwick– Student Support Coordinator
Ms. Wanda Buckner – School Nurse
Mr. Marcus Skipper – Principal (Freshman & Seniors)
Ms. Mary Mortensen – Assistant Principal (Juniors)
Mr. Todd Matthews– Assistant Principal (Sophomores)
Pirate Pride
This is your school and your responsibility to:
 Treat
THS with respect as you would your own personal
 Get
involved – join clubs, sports and support your
classmates – Show your Pirate Pride!
THS Mission Statement
The mission of Topsail High School is to offer a
diverse educational curriculum that will assist
students on their path to individual, community and
global success in the world.
Vision Statement
The future of the Topsail High School community, and
the world, depends on our students successfully
pursuing an educational path that will allow them to
grow into contributing individuals and members of
the community and world.
T = Teamwork
H = Honor
S = Success
THS Parent Teacher Student Organization
The mission of the Topsail High PTSO is to support programs that enhance
educational opportunities for students and teachers and acknowledge the
academic achievements of the student body.
Some PTSO activities:
Honor Roll Recognition/Celebrations
Academic Enhancement Grants
Open House for Parents
Senior Class Luncheon
Teacher Breakfasts/Dinners
Mocha Cove Volunteers
Get involved
THS Fee Schedule
PSAT: 9th & 10th Grade - $14.00
CTE: $10.00 (Trade & Industrial, Family and Consumer Sciences, Allied
Visual & Performing Arts: $10.00 per class
Copy Fee: .10 per copy (black and white)
.50 per copy (color)
Marching Band: $100.00
Symphonic Band: $50.00
Chorus: $25.00
Student Parking Fee: 1st semester $20.00
2nd semester $20.00
NC Department of Public Instruction Academic Services and
Instructional Support Curriculum, Instruction and Technology
Block Scheduling
Students take four 90-minute classes each semester.
They have an opportunity to earn 8 credits per
1st Semester – August to January
2nd Semester – January to June
Graduation Requirements Total = 28 credits
4 credits of English (English I, II, III & IV) Regular, Honors, AP
4 credits of Mathematics (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II,
Advanced Math) Regular, Honors, or AP
4 credits of Social Studies (World History, American History I,
American History II, Civics & Economics) – Regular or Honors
3 credits of Science (Earth & Environmental, Biology, Physical
Science-Physical Science, Chemistry or Honors Physics) Regular,
1 credit of Health/Physical Education
6 Elective Credits (required)
 2 credits from CTE, Arts, or Second Language (any combination)
 4 credit Concentration (CTE, Arts, Second Language or Academic)
Future Ready Core- the 4 Course Concentration
Career & Technical
 Arts Education
 Academic Area
 Second Language
Advanced Placement Courses
Promotion Requirements
Sophomore (10th grade) – 6 credits including
English I
Junior (11th grade) – 13 credits including English II
Senior (12th) – 20 credits including English III
Exit Requirements
Students must successfully complete a Graduation
Project Paper, Portfolio, Product and
Presentation…In order to earn a diploma!
Pender County Grading Scale
93-100% = A
85-92% = B
77-84% = C
70-76% = D
Power Hour
Takes place from 11:24am-12:24pm
 30
minutes for student lunch
 30 minutes for students to participate in tutoring,
enrichment, intramurals and THS clubs
 All detentions take place during Power Hour
(Administrative and Teacher Detentions)
Failure to show for Administrative or Teacher Detentions results in
further disciplinary action as determined by THS administration.
North Carolina & Pender County
Attendance Expectations
State Attendance Policy
 All
students under 16 years of age must not miss more
than 10 unexcused absences for the entire school year
 At 10 unexcused absences parent(s)/guardian(s) are
subject to potential referral to the District Attorney’s
Pender County Attendance Policy
 Each
semester 8 absences per class
 Loss of class credit for excused or unexcused
Tardy Policy
3rd Tardy: Parent phone call will be made by the
teacher & Alert Now
4th Tardy: Administrative lunch detention
5th Tardy: Administrative lunch detention
6th Tardy: CELL for the next day
7th Tardy: Suspension
Summer Driver Education
**Pending funding of the program**
Students that are promoted to grade 9 and will be
14.5 years old by July 31, 2012 may be able to
take Driver Education during the summer.
**Applications will be available during registration at the middle schools.**
Parents must complete an application form and
return it to the middle school counselor before June
1, 2012.
THS Dress Code
 No
tank tops or spaghetti straps
 Shirts must have sleeves or cap sleeves
 Gym shorts are to be worn in the gym: not other areas
of the school
 Pants should not sag to the point of exposing
 Skirts & shorts must meet the Pender County 3 inch rule
(index card length from knee)
THS Dress Code
Non Compliance with THS Dress Code:
 1st
Offense: Reprimand (noted on a Google Document)
 2nd Offense: Administrative Lunch Detention
 3rd Offense: CELL
 4th Offense: Suspension
Hats/Head coverings
Hats are to be taken off at the start of the school day
(8:20 am) and left off until the end of the school day
(dismissal at 3:20 pm)
Hats/head coverings will be taken and picked up by
parents (girls and boys)
No warnings
1st & 2nd Offense – Hat/head covering will be taken and held in the front office
until picked up by parents
3rd Offense – Student will be placed in CELL
4th Offense – Student will be suspended for non compliance
Cell Phone Policy at THS
After first bell (8:20am) – cell phones WILL be
taken if they are visible – NO WARNINGS
Failure to turn off cell phone is non compliance &
will result in:
 1st
Offense – Administrative Lunch Detention
 2nd Offense – CELL
 3rd Offense – Suspension
 **Parents MUST pick up all cell phones when taken
from student on 1st & 2nd offense
Example of THS Club and Activities
•DECA (national business club)
•Electric Vehicle
•FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)
•FCCLA (Family, Community, and Community
Leaders of America)
•HOSA (Health Occupation Students of
•KEY Club
•Math Competition team
•National Honor Society
•Powder Puff Football
•Prom Committee
•Science Olympiad
•STAND (anti-genocide group)
•Student Council
•Teen Court
•Writing (Write Out Loud)
THS Sports
•Fall Sports offered at THS
•Golf - Women’s (F)
•Volleyball – Women’s (F)
•Tennis - Women’s (F)
•Soccer - Men’s (F)
•Cross Country – Men’s and Women’s (F)
•Football – Men’s (F)
•Cheerleading – Women’s and Men’s (F)
•Spring Sports offered at THS
•Baseball – Men’s (S)
•Softball – Women’s (S)
•Track & Field – Men’s and Women’s (S)
•Lacrosse – Women’s (S)
•Lacrosse Club – Men’s (S)
•Golf - Men’s (S)
•Tennis – Men’s (S)
•Soccer – Women’s (S)
•Winter Sports offered at THS
•Cheerleading – Women’s and Men’s (W)
•Basketball – Men’s and Women’s (W)
•Wrestling – Men’s (W)
•Swimming – Women’s and Men’s (W)
•Eligibility –
1. Students must be passing 3 of the 4 classes they are
enrolled in and meeting all attendance policies and
2. Students participating in sports must be enrolled in a
minimum of 3 classes in the same semester.
•All fall sports first practice begins in August
•F = Fall
W = Winter
S = Spring

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