New Region: Latin America
Our Southern Neighbor
Our Southern Neighbors
What/who does “America” represent?
- the term does not belong just to the USA
- nationalism??
Latin America is a term used to describe a
geographic area in which the peoples of
many countries share related traditions,
heritages, and languages.
Location of the Region
Latin America is located between the world’s
two largest oceans. Geographic isolation
prevented the Native Americans from
having contact with the cultures of
Europe, Asia, and Africa for many
From north to south - is 6000 miles...
(Buenos Aires to Washington is farther than Washington
to Moscow)
Why is it called Latin America?
The main European countries that explored
and settled the region were the Spanish
and the Portuguese. They spoke
“Romance” languages which came from
Latin. The languages gave the people of
the region a feeling of unity. Spain and
Portugal brought their customs to the New
Why is it called Latin America?
Is “Latin America” an accurate term?
- NO
Maya in Mexico and Central America
African descendents in Haiti and other islands
50 Native American groups
The people of the region are rich in culture and
proud of their heritage.
How is it Divided?
The region is divided into three main sections:
1. South America (13 Nations)
2. Middle America (Mexico and the nations of
Central America)
3. Caribbean nations (the islands)
Why do we study the region?
- Trade
- Neighbors
- Help raise the standard of living

Topic: Our Southern Neighbor