National 1
Implementation event
Curriculum for Excellence
Stirling Management Centre
27 March 2014
Welcome and aims
• Morning session:
– Overview of new provision: National 1
– Workshop activity: Unit Support Notes and Unit
Assessment Support Packs
• Afternoon session:
– Update on verification
– Case study from Glencryan School
– Engagement activity: review of existing Access 2
Freestanding Units
Quick reminder: 1
• New National 2 Courses and Units now available:
Expressive Arts (Creative Arts and Performance Arts)
English and Modern Languages
Health and Wellbeing (incl. Food and Physical Education)
Lifeskills Mathematics
Practical Craft Skills
Science in the Environment
Social Subjects
Quick reminder: 2
Range of new Awards also now available:
– Personal Achievement Award (SCQF 1
and 2)
– Cycling Award (SCQF 1 and 2)
– Personal Development Award (SCQF 2)
National 1 Unit development – 1
• New National 1 Units being developed in 3 phases
• Phase 1 (August 2013) – covers skills associated with health
and wellbeing and personal development
• Phase 2 (February 2014) – covers skills associated with
communication and numbers
• Phase 3 (May 2014) – will cover skills associated with finding
out, working with technology and practical skills
• Working titles and broad aims for Phase 3 Units are available
on SQA website:
National 1 Unit development – 2
• There will no longer be a distinction between Supported
and Independent Units
• Derived Units to be removed from catalogue over phased
period (as replacements developed)
• New provision to ensure there are sufficient opportunities
for progression within National 1 and to National 2
• Information about Phase 1 National 1 Units and existing
Access 1 Units currently available on SQA web page
• Further information re: Phases 2 and 3 Units to follow
Lapsing and dual running
• National 1 Units will dual run with existing
Access 1 Units:
— Phase 1: 2013-15
— Phases 2 and 3: 2014-16
• National 2 Courses and Units (already
published) currently dual running with
existing Access 2 – final certification
August 2015
Using the new documents
• Unit Specification (one for each Unit)
– Unit Outline, Unit Outcome and Assessment Standards
• Unit Support Notes (one for each Unit)
– suggestions as to how learning teaching and
assessment activities could be developed (LTA Grid)
• Unit Assessment Support Pack (one for each
– guidance as to how achievement of the Assessment
Standards could be demonstrated (‘Making Assessment
Judgements’ table)
Workshop activity 1
Using the USN and UASP documents provided:
• Consider the Outcomes, Assessment Standards
and Evidence Requirements for these Units
• Discuss with your fellow delegates how evidence
might be generated for these Units
• Record your ideas using the materials provided
• Then move onto the next table and the next set
of Units…
Development proposals at
National 2
Development Plan for National 2 approved
– Refresh the catalogue of Freestanding
Units at Access 2
– Include a suite of Employability Units as
part of these developments
Workshop activity 2
Using the documents provided:
• Consider the development paper which
outlines proposals for National 2
Freestanding Units
• Discuss the engagement questions related
to the paper
• Record your responses using the
materials provided
Future work
• Publication of National 1 Phase 3 Units (end May 2014)
• Review of freestanding Units at SCQF 2. Activities
already completed:
— Engagement with centres
— National 2 Focus Group established
• Review of freestanding Units at SCQF 2. Next steps:
— Preparation of Unit Specifications
• Questions
• Comments
• Close
Presentation and Workshop Materials
Webinar sessions throughout 2013/14 on key operational
topics, open to all
Unit Assessment Support Packs
Unit Assessment Support Packs are confidential materials and
you must ensure the security of these documents
These UASPs are available from the secure site –
Contact your SQA Coordinator for further information
Verification Events
Round 1
Round 2
Notification of 1 October 2013
2 December 2013
2 October 2013
3 December 2013
4 November 2013 15 January 2014
Note: Visiting Verification dates will be arranged between SQA
Coordinator and Subject Specialist
Evidence – Generation of Sample
• Assessment evidence and candidate evidence for 12
candidates – across multiple levels
• Sampling regime and submission of evidence detailed in
Guide for SQA Co-ordinators
• For portable materials there will be a national uplift of
materials from, and return to, centres
• For non portable materials, subject specialists will arrange a
specific date to visit the centre during the specified period
Key Messages
• Key Messages will be published after each round of
• Annual Internal Assessment Report will be published at
the end of the academic year
• Above information will facilitate early and on going
support to all centres throughout the academic year
Key Messages from Round 1
• The evidence submitted by centres was of a high standard
• The inclusion of photographs and DVDs as evidence enhanced
• Most centres submitted examples of excellent internal
verification systems but internal verification was not always
• Where centres devise their own assessments, it must be clear
how assessment is delivered, what candidate response is and
how assessment links to assessment standards
• Evidence should be clearly labelled with the assessment
standard it relates to
Prior Verification
• Free service offered to centres who:
– devise their own assessments
– significantly change SQA’s assessments
• Provides additional confidence to teachers that a
proposed assessment is fit for purpose
Awards SCQF Level 1 and 2
• Cycling
• Personal Achievement
• Personal Development
Information and guidance sent to centres –
Teacher Guide
Quality Assurance postcard
School/College co-ordinator wall-chart
Audience leaflets
New SCQF postcards
(Life Skills Unit (S4-S6)
Life Skills Unit
Seven sections
Streamed for core classes
Mixed ability for vocational/elective/expressive arts
SQA Awards (Nat 1-4)
New Literacy & Numeracy qualifications (Nat 1-3)
Mixture of double and single periods (full am slots)
Art, Music, Drama, Craft & Design, H.E, PE, Health &
• Electives
New SQA Qualifications
• As well as delivering new National
Qualifications, we are delivering SQA Awards.
• Shorter and bite size achievable units
• Recognise success across different levels of
difficulty - suitable for young people of all
• Provide progression at all levels – vertical or
• No external assessment or exams
• Supports the values, purpose and principles of
Curriculum for Excellence
Principles of CfE
Challenge and enjoyment
Personalisation and choice
Personal Achievement
• The Personal Achievement Award (National 1and 2) has three
different stages of achievement — Bronze, Silver and Gold. The
main aims of the Award are to enable learners to develop:
skills to support them to work towards independence
an ability to work with others
communication skills
thinking skills
knowledge and understanding of the context chosen for
• The Award also provides a framework for learners to develop
knowledge as well as skills for learning, skills for life and skills for
Electives Programme
All day Groups
In House
Coatbridge College
Morning Groups
Xl Group
Year Book
Sports Centre
Sports Centre
In House
In House
In House
Talent Show
Beauty Therapy
In House
In House
In House
In House
Afternoon Groups
Drumpellier Driving Range
Zumba at Glencryan
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