New Hampshire
New Jersey
Rhode Island
New York
 Why do we call the
Northeast the “birthplace
of our nation”?
 Why did our nations first
factories start here?
 What large cities are
found in the Northeast?
West Quoddy Head,
-Northeast Maine
-Northernmost part of the
United States
-The lighthouse keeps
ships from crashing into
the shore.
The Sun rises here before
anywhere else in the
 Fishing is very important – fishing harbors are
found throughout the coastline
 Moving glaciers carved out the once smooth
coastline a long time ago
Click the boat to hear the fog horn
 -The coast use to be smooth until the Ice Age
 -When glaciers melted, the sea flowed into the places
where they were.
 Harbors formed.
 Mt. Washington – highest
peak in the Northeast at
6,288 ft.
 Some of the world’s most
severe weather
 Possibility of snow all year
 Peak is very windy
 Vocabulary
 Peak – the top of a
 State Capital - Augusta
 Concord
 Mount Washington Cog
Railway is used to get to
the top – running on the
2nd steepest railway in
the world
 A part of the White
Mountains which are
connected to the
Appalachian Mountain
Click the train to go to
The Cog Railway
 One of the oldest
mountain ranges
in the world.
 Mountains known for
 Great foliage in the fall
 State Capital Montpelier
 Smallest state in the US.
 Newport, RI known for
sailing and it is a large
 State Capital Providence
 State Capital - Hartford
 Mark Twain’s Home
 State Capitol
– Boston
 Cape Cod is
where the
 About 400 yrs ago the Pilgrims
landed in Massachusetts
 They left England in 1602 on a
ship called the Mayflower – a
reproduction of the ship can
now be seen at Plymouth
 Half of the passengers were
Pilgrims searching for religious
freedom, the other half, known
as “strangers” were looking to
settle in Virginia
 A storm blew the ship
off course forcing the
passengers to land in
New England
 With no government
established in New
England, the Pilgrims
had a problem.
 How did they solve
their problem?
 To solve their problem, the
Pilgrims came up with the
Mayflower Compact – their
agreement to set up a government
that would make laws and rules
for the benefit of everyone
 Every man signed the compact
and a governor was elected
 Because of this Americans today
believe that leaders and laws
should be elected and created by
the people
Click the Mayflower compact to
Schoolhouse Rock – American
What is
A form of government
in which people vote
for their laws and
 The Freedom Trail and the
Black Heritage Trail both are
both walking trails that begin
at the Boston Common
 Freedom Trail – takes you to
different places where the
fight for freedom began,
ending at the very place the
first battle of the American
Revolution took place,
Bunker Hill
 Black Heritage Trail – learn
about the long history of
African Americans in Boston
ending at the African
Meeting House
 America’s first public
park is Boston Common
 Boston is one of
America’s oldest cities
and where the fight for
freedom began
 The American
Revolution began near
Boston when British
troops fought against the
colonists in 1775 because
they no longer wanted to
live under British rule
 “Boston Tea Party”
 Battle of Bunker Hill
 “Shot heard Around the
 Vocabulary
 Revolution – the
overthrow of a system of
Click the photo to watch the
“Shot heard Around the World”
 Albany is the state
 New York City is one
of the largest cities in
the United States.
 Borders 2 of the Great
Lakes, Lake Erie and
Lake Ontario
 The Erie Canal is a 363-mile-long ditch connecting
Hudson River with the Great Lakes
 In 1817, work began on the canal because they needed a
faster and more costly way to transport goods
 83 locks were built to
carry the boats over the
 In 1825, the Erie Canal
opened and was a great
success – freight prices
dropped and New York
City soon became the
nation’s busiest seaport
Click the photo to hear the
Erie Canal Song
A canal is a ditch dug
across land.
Click the Photo to see a boat
Go through the Erie Canal.
Locks are used to raise and lower
boats in the water.
Lock – a water elevator used to
raise and lower boats
The problem was the Appalachian
Mountains were between the two
regions and there was no river crossing
the mountains
The solution was that men dug a 40foot-wide ditch from the Hudson River
to Lake Erie
 The largest city in America with more than 8 million
people living in it
 City of immigrants containing many different cultures
and languages
 Dutch settled here first then Europeans and Africans
 New Yorkers began to
build skyscrapers to
house so many people
 New York’s most
famous skyscraper is
The Empire State
Building – 102 floors
with 1,800 stairs and
1,472 ft tall
 Vocabulary
 Skyscraper – a very
tall building
 The First State
 Dover is the Capital
 Borders Pennslvania
 Capital – Trenton
 The Garden State
 Borders Pennsylvania
 Capital – Harrisburg
 State bird – Ruffled Grouse
 State animal – White tailed
 State flower – Mountain
 State insect – Lady bug and
the Firefly
 State motto – The Keystone
 Water power and people power
were two reasons why the first
factories were built in the
 Milton Hershey started a candy
business over a hundred years
 He used the mass production system in his
 The Hershey bar was America’s first mass
produced candy bar
 Hershey’s factory is the largest chocolate
factory in the world today
 Vocabulary
 Mass production – a way of making large
of the same product
Click the Kiss to
view How
Hershey Kisses
are made. Fast
forward if
 The United States was born
in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 July 4, 1776 was the first
Independence Day – leaders
from the 13 colonies met to
sign the Declaration of
Independence at
Independence Hall
 Told the world that
Americans had formed their
own nation called the United
States of America
Click the photo for SchoolHouse Rock Fireworks
 In 1787 the nations best
thinkers met again in
Independence Hall.
They wrote a new
Constitution or plan of
government for our
country. We still live by
that plan today.
 Constitution – A plan of
government for the
United States
 Based on Democracy
 The people choose their
 Protects our rights
 To say what you think
 Follow any religion
 Right to a fair trial
 Constitution – A plan of
government for the
United States
Click the photo for the Schoolhouse Rock
Preamble Video
 Capital –
 Borders
to the south
 DC – Borders
and Virginia
 The capital of the United States
and also where our countries
government is located
 3 branches of government
 Legislative.
 Executive
 Judicial
Click the Capitol to hear
3 Ringed Government
 3 branches of government
 Legislative – Congress
makes laws for our country.
Lawmakers are elected by
voters to represent them in
 2 Parts the House of
Representatives and the
Click the
Law for
“I’m Just a
bill video
 Executive – the President
is head of this branch.
Their job is to make sure
the laws passed by
Congress are carried out.
The president is elected by
voters from each state.
Click the seal to watch the Presidential Minute
 Judicial – made up of
courts which make sure
that the laws passed by
Congress are obeyed.
Supreme Court is the
highest court and its
job is the make sure
that the laws that are
passed by Congress
follow the Constitution.
 Washington Monument – celebrates George
Washington our first president
 Jefferson Memorial – honors signer of the Declaration
of Independence and our 3rd president Thomas
 National Archives Museum – holds the signed
Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and the
U. S. Constitution
 Why the Northeast is the “birthplace of our nation”?
 Boston is where the American Revolution began
 Philadelphia is where Americans first declared our independence
from Britain
 Why first factories where located in Northeast ?
 Waterpower to run factories
 People who wanted and enjoyed challenge of starting new
 New transportation methods – canals + railroads – lowered cost of
transporting goods and encouraged people to build factories
 What are some large cities?
 Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D. C., and New York City

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