Equay-wuk (Women’s Group)
1989 - Present
Equay-wuk (plural for “Woman” in the
Ojibway and Oji-Cree languages)
Provincially Incorporated in 1989
Independent from other women’s groups
Non-Profit Charitable Organization
Governed by an Elected Board of Directors
who serve a two year term
Catchment area is made up of 31 First Nation
communities in remote Northwestern Ontario
Vast remote area that covers ½ the province of
Inhabited by over 18,000 Oji-Cree and Ojibway
Most communities are accessible only by air
High cost of living
Limited employment opportunities
Topics for future education and discussion
Family Violence
 Youth Suicide
 Alcohol and Substance Abuse
 Parenting
 Skills Training
 Sex Education
Funded by the Sioux Lookout Area Aboriginal
Management Board (SLAAMB) - 1992
Interpreter/Translator Training
 Short Order Cook Training
Sponsored by Wawatay Native Communications
A Television Program called “Equay-wuk Speaks”
To coordinate and facilitate the delivery of the
Community Wellness Program
To provide culturally appropriate resources
which promote wellness, education and selfdevelopment
To identify community wellness needs, issues
and concerns
Current Programs at Equay-wuk (Women’s Group)
 Community Wellness Program (Started in June 1995)
 Nishnawbe Women’s Wellness (Ended March 2011)
 Building Aboriginal Women’s Leadership
To maintain and operate employment training
Programs at Equay-wuk (Women’s Group)
 Job Readiness Skills Training Program
 (Started in 1993 a 22 week training program)
 Employment Ready Skills Training Program
 (Started in 1996 a 12 week training program)
To empower women to determine their future
To provide forums for women to become more
independent and more assertive about their
own needs within their community
Program at Equay-wuk (Women’s Group)
 Building Aboriginal Women’s Leadership Program
 Originally called ‘Women in Self Government’
To network and share information
Activities at Equay-wuk (Women’s Group)
 Host conferences
 Facilitate Community Workshops
 Develop Manuals and Training Kits
 Maintain a Web Site
 Train-the-Trainer workshops for First Nations to
facilitate focus groups in their own community on
parenting and family violence prevention
Home Based Business 2009
A Guide for Nishnawbe Women Kit includes a Manual and CD
A Positive Parenting Program Kit
Healthy Families Healthy Nations
- A Family Violence Prevention
Healthy Families Healthy Nations A Training Kit for Professionals and
Service Providers.
Better Care Giving – Cultural
Sensitivity: A Facilitator’s Manual
and Guide For Professional Care
Building Aboriginal Women’s Leadership A Workshop Manual, Participant Handbook,
Equay-wuk (Women’s Group) is
committed to empowering women,
youth and families who reside within
Northwestern Ontario First Nations
We continue to apply for funding to
facilitate positive change to reflect the
aspirations and self-determination of
the First Nation people we serve.
Equay-wuk (Women’s Group)
P. O. Box 1781
Sioux Lookout, ON P8T 1C4
Tel: (807) 737-2214 or toll free (800) 261-8294
Fax: (807) 737-2699
Email: equaywuk@bellnet.ca
Website: www.equaywuk.ca

Equay-wuk (Women’s Group)