The Intellectual Auction is a game played by
two teams. Each team has $1000 to buy the
questions by offering the highest price like in
an auction after the teacher says the starting
price. If the team buys the right statement , it
gets 1 point. If the team buys the wrong
statement, it gets 2 points. Moreover, 1 more
point is given, if the team can correct it.
These are the topics the students should study long
before the game (as their homework):
the capitals and large cities, flags, official
languages, political parties, food traditions
of the English speaking countries;
New York’s history;
Australias’s animals;
football ;
projects on reforming English .
2.The Australian flag has six stars.
4.The British like spicy food.
The donkey is the symbol of
the Democratic Party of the USA.
There are about 750,000 camels
roaming wild in Australia.
An Englishman drinks more tea than
any person of any other nation
(over twenty times more than
Uncle Sam
is the national nickname of
the Americans.
That fact is really true.
Toronto is the largest city in Canada.
Its population is about 2.6 million
people while in Ottawa about 870,250
people live.
The koala bear is not a bear
though it looks like a bear.
In 1609 the Dutch settled
the area where New York is now.
The USA has no official languages,
but in fact English is
the most common language.
The first American flag had
thirteen stars.
There are two football clubs
in Manchester:
Manchester United and
Manchester City.

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