 Speaker - Kimberly Berfield, former FL State
 Marion Cason
 GFWC Florida President- Pat Zazzarino
 Vicki Doolittle
Education Resolution
WHEREAS, the Education research Center published results in the Education Week that indicated Florida received ratings
of “Chance for Success: C,” and “Achievement: C-,” and
WHEREAS, Florida received a rating of “College Readiness: D,”
and Finance/Funding: D+ and Spending: F, with an overall rating of 8th in the nation 2010 that dropped to 11th in the 2012
report and
WHEREAS, Solutions to our educational problems must be addressed; therefore
RESOLVED, that the General Federation of Women's Club of Florida, a nonprofit organization of 10,000 members realizing
that meeting children’s basic needs must begin at an early age and start in the home, urges its members to:
1. Encourage parents to work in partnership with schools and teachers to assure that students come to school ready, willing,
and able to learn
2. Encourage parents to be actively involved in their children’s academic lives
3. Establish strong early childhood educational programs with challenging academic curricula for all students
4. Establish and participate in tutoring programs and mentoring programs linking volunteers, business representatives or
professionals with individual students
5. Encourage respect, tolerance, and cooperation among the students, parents and teachers
6. Encourage more students to study advanced mathematics, science and foreign languages to enable them to be highly
competent and competitive in the global society
7. Work for equality of education and high standards for all students, and
FURTHER RESOLVE, to encourage the Florida Legislators to restore funding in Education and stop the mandates for
education without funding them