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Product definition
E-Biz central is a technology platform aimed at Software developer
community, and is used to build & deploy Internet based Open
Business Applications. E-Biz central is not a domain specific platform,
rather it provides a comprehensive and solid technology platform for
building robust domain specific applications, which are tightly
integrated in a loosely coupled environment like Internet. With its rich
and robust platform independent technology features, it can
tremendously cut down on the development costs and time and allows
the software developers to build Agile & Collaborative business
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Collaborative Business Scenario
Supplier Co
(Ex. Tyres Manufacturer)
Supplier Co
Open Business Application
(Ex. Steel Manufacturer)
Manufacturing Co.
Bank Co
(Ex. Car Manufacturer)
Any ERP/
Custom Applicaiton
Branch - n
Insurance Co
Visual Basic
Call Center Co
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Technical challenges in Collaborative e-Business
Application development
Business operation exposing & invocation
Business document exposing & generation
Caller Application Identity
Caller Application Authorization
User Identity
User Authorization
Access Control
Single Sign On support
Data transmission security
Distributed Platform-Independent business transactions
Platform & Language Independent API
Compatibility with SOAP, XML-RPC & other HTTP based
Remote business operation Invocation protocols
Business Logic implementation issues
Multi threaded business operations
Synchronizing business operations
Delayed/Queued business operations
Delayed dependent business operations
Representation Neutral Dynamic front-end
Trust Relation
Action Manager
Ebiz central
Object store
Web Server
E-Biz Web request listener
Action handler
Site Manager
e-Biz Central platform
Web Browser
E-Biz Central
Developer Studio
End User
ARRP Server
User Manager
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E-Biz Engine
Business logic
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E-Biz Central Technical Architecture Overview
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Collaborative e-Business Applications using E-Biz Central
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Supplier Co - Tyres
e-Biz Central
Buyer Co - Cars
& XML ]
& XML ]
Any ERP/
Custom Applicaiton
e-Biz Central
Supplier Co - Steel
e-Biz Central
Buyer Co – Branch:1
Web Server
& XML ]
e-Biz Central
[ HTTP & XML ]
Buyer Co - Dealer:1
& XML ]
Web Browser
e-Business Explorer
ARRP Client
[ Single Sign On Process ]
[ End-User
Customer ]
[ Developer ]
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E-Biz Central Technology features
Main Technology Features
• ARRP (Action Request Response
Business Operation technologies
• e-Biz XML-API
Multiple Action Types
• e-Biz XML Server Pages
• Immediate Actions
• Distributed Transaction Protocol
• Deferred Independent Actions
• Multi level Trust Relation technology
• Deferred Dependent Actions
• Single Sign On process
• Scheduled Actions
• Business Operation technologies
• Chained Actions
Other technology features
• Action result caching
• Multiple URL routing for a
single Action
• Session Management
• Call Context Management
• Remote development features
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Action Request Response Protocol is an efficient and reliable Application-level client/server based
request/response protocol. This protocol can be used by Software-developers for creating robust
cross-platform and cross-language distributed applications. Currently implementations of ARRP
server and ARRP client re available in various programming languages. Alpha versions of ARRP
Server & Client support programming languages like C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, Java, CLR based
languages of Microsoft .Net framework and for C++ & C programmers on HP-UNIX,LINUX & SUN
Application - 1
[ C++/Java/Visual Basic ]
Application - 2
Business function/component
Callback function
ARRP Server
[ TCP/IP & XML ]
ARRP Client
ARRP provides a simple & elegant solution for cross-platform & cross-language invocation of
application functionality. It provide Universal access to your applications functionality using well
defined and well-stabilized Internet protocol, TCP/IP and widely accepted universal data format,
XML. ARRP uses a technique called call-back mechanism for invoking an application defined
function, when ever it receives a request from any application using ARRP Client software. ARRP
can invoke functions in programs written in C++, Java, and Visual Basic. This is possible because
ARRP Server (64kb in size) can be embedded within an application and runs parallely on
separate threads along with your application without disturbing it.
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XML-API is a technology that allows an application built on e-Biz Central to expose & share its
functionality with other applications thru any Network supporting TCP/IP (like Internet, Intranet, etc). The
functionality exposed thru XML-API can be accessible from any platform & any programming language
supported by ARRP protocol.
Software service & product developers can use this technology to allow easy integration of their solutions
and/or products with other software applications running on same or desperate platforms. Developers can
even integrate applications built on desperate programming languages & technologies. For example if an
ERP product development company needs to expose the functionality of their product to other ERP
products like SAP,ORACLE, etc and to any other custom software applications, they can do so easily using
e-Biz Central XML-API technology without disturbing the architecture or code of their existing product. In
business applications, the XML-API technology will be extremely useful and efficient in allowing the
applications built on e-Biz Central to participate in Collaborative e-Business processes.
e-Biz Central provides built in support for invoking the business operation exposed thru XML-API from
non-ARRP client applications that use SOAP protocol.
e-Biz Central can also convert a SOAP based Web-Service into e-Biz Central business operations, thus
allowing the developers to use SOAP based Web-Services as if they were e-Biz Central native business
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e-Biz XML Server Pages
e-Biz central XML Server Pages (e-Biz XSP) is a technology for creating dynamic front-end screens/
documents using e-Biz Central XML-API.
Using e-Biz Central XSP, developers can create front-ends documents at runtime based on certain
business operations. In e-Biz Central a Document forms the User interface between an End-User and the
application built on e-Biz Central. In real world scenarios most of the information that forms the User
interface is generated at runtime by executing a business operation. e-Biz Central allows developers to
attach a list of business operations to a document, and it will execute them whenever the document
is being generated.
The entire process of creating dynamic elements of information & User Interface is thru issuing simple
XML based queries to the e-Biz Central runtime using ARRP from any programming language preferred
by the developer & supported by the ARRP protocol. Thus the name e-Biz Central XML Server Pages.
key advantages of using e-Biz Central XSP
The technical process of generating the documents during run-time is not dependent on a particular
Web-Server or a particular Platform.
Developers can use the programming language of their choice including C/C++ rather than limiting them
selves to scripting languages. Using native programming languages like Java, C, C++ & VB will allow
developers to take advantage of efficient OS features like Multi-threading to generate the different parts
of the document parallely.
The documents generated using e-Biz Central XSP are representation neutral. It means once the
developer generates a document dynamically in e-Biz Central, it is the task of e-Biz Central to convert it
into an HTML document or Platform dependent GUI document or XML document or any other possible
front-end representations supported by e-Biz Central run-time.
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Distributed Transaction Protocol
e-Biz Central Transactions are fundamentally different from that of the traditional Transaction
processing monitors (TPMs). Traditional Transaction processing monitors (TPM) provides a runtime
environment for the business operations to operate under Transactions spanning multiple data
sources. These TPMs requires the business logic to implement certain interfaces and the data
sources to implement certain Transaction protocols like (XA-Transaction protocol, OLE-Transaction
protocol, etc.). And further the Physical Transactions are created and maintained by the data
source, but not the TPM.
In e-Biz Central a Transaction doesn’t represent a Transaction instance of any data source, rather it
is a group of Voter business operations, which are logically related, and are defined using e-Biz
Central Actions with a corresponding set of Commit/Abort Actions for each Voter Action. e-Biz
Central creates, executes, and maintains the Transactions. The business logic need not implement
any special interfaces to participate in the Transaction, and also the data sources, which are used
inside the business logic, need not implement any Transaction protocols.
e-Biz Central guarantees the completion (commit or abort) of a Transaction even in the event of
system failures.
Application - 1
Business function/component
e-Biz Central
e-Biz Central
[ Cross Platform Transaction Server ]
Application - 2
Business function/component
[ TCP/IP & XML ]
[ TCP/IP & XML ]
[ TCP/IP & XML ]
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Multi level Trust Relation technology
e-Biz central Multi-level Trust Relation technology allows an application built on e-Biz Central to expose &
share its functionality with one or more applications built on e-Biz Central in a trusted manner.
e-Biz Central applications can allow non e-Biz Central applications to access their functionality using ARRP, but
the accessing application cannot be Authenticated.
In practical real world scenarios, if a business organization is exposing its critical business operations to the
outside applications, it needs to identify, Authenticate & Authorize the calling application before accepting the
request for business operation execution. And, since the calling application can be running on a different
platform from that of the exposed application, it is difficult to built in cross-platform application identification &
authorization techniques. It requires significant amount of time & cost to build such technologies into an
application, and moreover the developers has to build these technologies from case to case.
e-Biz Central Multi-level Trust Relation technology allows developers to expose and share different objects of
the e-Biz Central applications including active business documents, business operations, business components
(logically related group of business operations), User Groups & Users, with the other e-Biz Central applications
in a trusted manner.
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Single Sign-On Process
Single Sign-On Process allows the End-User of an Application built on e-Biz Central, to access the business
objects of one or more Applications built on e-Biz Central by logging in only once into his own application.
This technology eliminates the need for producing User credentials like User-Id & Password for each and every
process/application involved in a collaborative e-business process. Single Sign-On process also shields the user
from the Network of Underlying business processes involved in a transaction thus giving a more unified view of
the business processes.
Single Sign-On process in e-Biz Central uses Distributed Authentication technology to allow an End-User,
access to resources of networked business processes using Single login. Business processes are not required
to share their Users credentials like User-Id & Password with other business processes involved in collaborative
e-business process. Rather e-Biz Central Run-times of the Collaborative e-Business processes will co-ordinate
with each other to give access to the networked resources for end-user using single login.
Buyer Application
Supplier Application
Main Order List document
Sub Order status document
E-Biz Central
E-Biz Central
Buyer Application
Login document
[ End-User
E-Biz Central
Customer ]
Bank Application
Account Information
E-Biz Central
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Business Operation technologies
e-Biz central Business Operation technologies provide a platform & programming language independent
implementation of core technologies required by Software developers to build roust, reliable & scalable
business applications.
These technologies are broadly classified into four categories
Business Operation Persistence
Threading allows an application to scale to higher loads and utilize the resources of the hardware and
OS to the optimum extent.
Synchronization techniques are used to synchronize the operation of multiple threads on the same
resource and play an important role in maintaining the Integrity of the data.
Queuing allows to defer the low priority business transactions by queuing them for later execution and
increases the throughput of the application for high-priority business transactions.
Business Operation Persistence will make a business application more reliable by persisting business
operation execution requests till the request is successfully routed to the appropriate business logic
component. This facility also supports transaction/action execution requests that are dependent on a
other transaction/action execution requests and need to be persisted for longer period (days/weeks, etc)
before they are routed to the business logic component.
e-Biz Central provides developers, a non-programmatic, platform & programming language independent
way of using the above mentioned technologies in their applications.
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Applications of E-Biz Central
1. Stand-alone Business Applications.
These types of applications are generally used by single individuals.
2. Web-based Distributed Business Applications.
a. These types of applications are generally used by small-average scale business
organizations for Automating their business processes.
b. Giving accessibility for their business information to their employees & Customers from any where
in the World using any device.
3. Web-based Collaborative Business Applications.
This type of applications are generally used by average-large scale business organizations for
a. Automating their business processes.
b. Giving accessibility for their business information to their employees & Customers from any where
in the World using any device.
c. Integrating their business process with the business process of their Partners, Suppliers & Dealers.
Note: The following scenarios are possible for the Applications & Products
for which Source code is available and/or the Applications & Products that are programmable using
API’s and/or Component technologies like COM, CORBA, etc.
4. Providing Multi-User support & Access Control facilities for existing Business Applications &
Business automation Products like ERP, CRM, SCM etc.
5. Web enabling existing Business Applications & Business automation Products like ERP, CRM, SCM etc.
6. Providing Platform & Language Independent XML based API for existing Business Applications &
Business automation Products like ERP, CRM, SCM etc, so that they can be easily integrated with
other applications and participate in a Collaborative-Digital-Business-Process.
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e-Business Development Studio (e-BUDS)
e-BUDS is a flexible GUI application
built in Java for developing &
maintaining applications on e-Biz
Central platform.
e-BUDS has built in support for
Remote development & application
maintenance, which will
tremendously cut down the cost of
travel & post-development support.
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Road-Map for E-Biz Central
e-Biz Central was designed & developed from ground-up, to be a stable & secure Technology
platform for developing & deploying Open business applications.
Its current features provides developers with all the technology support for developing business
applications in a platform & programming language Independent manner.
Very soon e-Biz Central will support Real Time Communication services like Audio/Video
conferencing rooms, etc. thru its optimized browser, e-Business Explorer (e-BEX). This will allow
end-users of the e-Biz Central based applications to interact with the application & other end-users
in a secure & flexible way.
Features of e-Business Explorer
e-Business Explorer
e-Business Explorer is an Optimized browser for
the End-Users to interact with the Applications
built on e-Biz Central.
• Highly Secure data transfer
customized for e-Biz Central Apps
• 2d-3d Graphic library
• Comprehensive Charts & Graphs
• Virtual Conferencing Rooms with
following communication facilities
Audio conferencing
Video conferencing
Digital White board
File Transfer
Document exchange
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e-Biz Central Real-Time Communication (RTC) Services
e-Biz Central based Application
RTC – Permission Table
Conference Room type – Services allowed
Site Level
Organization Level
File transfer
e-Business Explorer (e-BEX)
White board
Active Document