Class of 2019
Who’s Who at hhs?
Dr. Charles Ned, Principal
Julie Thomas, Associate Principal
Assistant Principal/Counselor Teams
Damico Bartley & Alison Mann
Tammy McHale & Alicia Narcisse
Rod Martindale & Lisa Richardson-Naylor
Juan Castillo & Becky Johnson
• Humble High School, in partnership with all
stakeholders, aims to develop open minded, reflective
thinkers who experience a broad and balanced choice of
advanced academics through rigorous coursework
aimed at creating knowledgeable and caring citizens in
an ever-changing global society.
• Humble High School envisions a safe and collaborative
learning environment where academic excellence is
expected, diversity is celebrated, and all members of our
learning community are valued and supported to achieve
their maximum potential.
The Journey Begins……Are You Ready???
What is the
International Baccalaureate
Middle Years Program?
The IB Middle Years Programme, for students
aged 11 to 16, provides a framework of
academic challenge that encourages students
to embrace and understand the connections
between traditional subjects and the real world,
and become critical and reflective thinkers.
Advanced Academics
• WHY???
– Prepare for college
– Earn higher GPA
– Earn early college
credits through AP & IB
exams and Dual
Credit (11th & 12th grade)
– Learn to think, read, and write critically
and analytically
Who should take Advanced Classes?
Capable of handling faster pace
Willing to do more than the basics (more
challenging projects)
• Extra time to invest, but still keep
Advanced Academics
• Available in many subject areas
• General rule:
– Should have an “A” in current onlevel class
– OR an “A” or “B” in current
Honors/Pre-IB class
Recommendations for Successful
Advanced Course Selection
• Maintain
– 80 in Pre-IB Classes
– 90 in Level Classes
• Pre-IB drops to on level courses
occur only at the end of the first
9th Grade Pre-IB Courses
o English 1 Pre-IB: 1 summer reading required
o Algebra 1 Pre-IB
o Geometry Pre-IB
o Biology Pre-IB
o World Geography Pre-IB
What Is a Credit?
• 1 credit = 1 full year in a class
• .5 credit = 1 semester of a class
• To earn credit:
– Average must be 70% or better
– Must attend 90% of days
Three New Graduation Plans
Foundation High School Program (FHSP)
Foundation High School Program with
an Endorsement
Distinguished Level of Achievement
So, what is an endorsement?
An endorsement is a broad area of study
It’s a bit like a college major
Why are students being pushed to
choose a career pathway?
 Students with career majors are 16% more
likely to graduate from high school.
 Students who participate in CTE courses are
30% more likely to complete high school.
 Students with well-defined career goals are
more likely to persist in college.
 Students with well-defined career goals are
more likely to attain jobs in careers in their
field after college.
Endorsement Areas
 Science, Technology, Engineering, and
Mathematics (STEM) Endorsement
 Business & Industry Endorsement
 Public Service Endorsement
 Arts and Humanities Endorsement
 Multi-Disciplinary Endorsement
26 Credit Requirement
(4 Credits)
English I (EOC), English 2 (EOC), English 3,
Additional English in Pathway
(4 Credits)
Algebra I (EOC), Geometry, Two Additional Math
Courses in Pathway
(4 Credits)
Biology (EOC), one from IPC, Chemistry or
Physics and two from Pathway
Social Studies
(3 Credits)
World Geography or World History, US History
(EOC) and Government and Economics
Foreign Language
( 2 Credits)
Spanish or French
(2 credits in the same language)
Fine Art
(1 credit)
Ex: Dance, Band, Choir, Art,
Orchestra, Theater Arts, Floral Design
Physical Education
(1 Credit)
ROTC, any Athletics
Electives (7)
HISD Course Guide
• Valuable Information on:
Career Pathways
Course Placement
Course Descriptions
Graduation Plans
• Link from Website:
Extracurricular Organizations
National Honor Society
Key Club
Student Council
Step Teams (Boys and
– SkillsUSA/Automotive
Technology Club
– HOSA (Health
Occupations Students of
– Speech and Debate
– Art Club
– Spanish Club
– French Club
– Career Tech Skills USA
– Yearbook
– Newspaper
Cross Country
Track & Field
Athletic Trainer
What to Expect Soon
• Students will bring home their 2nd course
verification sheet on May 8th.
• There should be:
8 courses selected
2 alternate courses (if not listed, the
counselor will select them for you)
• Course Verification Sheets –
will be sent home on 5/8
• What if my child changes his/her mind about
– Follow instructions on the course verification sheet
to make changes; return to middle school counselor
– Final verification sheet will be sent home with final
report card
No Course
Request Changes
June 4, 2015
(There will not be any changes made at
Cat Camp or after school starts.)
Parents, GET
Check Grades/Attendance Frequently via Home Access Center (HAC)
Attend School Functions (academic meetings/athletic contests)
Communicate with Staff (email, face to face, phone)
Know your child’s Counselor and Assistant Principal
Join PTSA and Booster Clubs
Sign-up to volunteer @ HHS
The Journey Begins……….
Please mark your calendars:
Cat Camp – August 12, 2015
1st Day of School – August 24, 2015

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