eZee Technosys Pvt. Ltd. introduces “eZee Foodie” Online Food Ordering
System which is developed to accommodate needs of various type of
Restaurants, Restaurant Chains, Pizza Parlors and cafes.
eZee Foodie is a key that ensure the most comprehensive coverage of your
online food orders, Delivery methods, Menu Items, Modifier Items,
Discount & coupon offers and many more. It assures that your Online
Restaurant through eZee Foodie works efficiently, increases revenue and
enhances your customer’s experience.
It is extremely user friendly, effortless, highly reliable, stable
and very secured.
“So, let’s take a glance with feel and
comprehend the outline of eZee Foodie”
eZee Foodie Worldwide
eZee Foodie Online Food Ordering System has been tried in more then 86
countries with support centers in 40 countries as on March 2011.
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- Support Centers
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The popular eZee Foodie – Online Food Ordering system is available in different
countries by different brand name.
Key Features
Easy Setup
 Easy User Interface to configure restaurant menus groups, menu items etc.
 Feature to set Modifiers on various menu items.
 Option to create modifiers groups, modifiers items.
 Private access for each restaurant with different admin authority.
 Detailed summary of order’s placed, print KOT (Kitchen Order Tickets) etc.
 Centralized Food Ordering System (CRS) to manage multiple restaurants.
 Custom Regional Settings for Date Format, Time Format.
 Various reports to view total sales.
 Newsletter feature available for restaurant promotion.
 Discount feature to provide seasonal discounts on menu items.
 Coupons module for restaurant promotions.
 Graphical Presentation of data to view sales/revenue etc.
 Mobile & PDA versions.
Other Features
Facility for ordering food online from a restaurant website.
Commission FREE unlimited orders.
Multiple language support.
Based on MUV (Model-View-Controller) architecture.
eZee Foodie offers range of integrations to different kind of Restaurant software and
Third party Payment gateway, Like…
1. Integration with eZee BurrP! (Restaurant & Bar Management Software)
2. Integration with Delivery Module & CMS
3. Integration with all kinds of Payment Gateway
eZee Foodie on Restaurant Website
The crossing point of eZee
Foodie is that it can fit into
any website with an exact
appearance as similar as
your existing restaurant
If your website built in
Flash, PHP, Java, HTML or
in any other source. It is the
robust characteristic of
eZee Foodie that it can get
molded in any of the
Food Order Page
Food Ordering systems
works on the basis of
real-time Food
information and status
of food items which will
make customers
enable to order their
selected food after
examine the status of
food items.
This feature will let
you to put on show
the information of any
particular item in full
page wave length and
that too specifically
Item and category
Billing Page of Food Orders
As soon as user click on “Place
Order" the customer will be
redirected to the next page which
eZee Spelled out as "Billing Page”.
Here user can view the full amount
rate of the Food Orders which they
have placed.
This page will give them a swift
glance of the full orders, like
what is the food order, delivery
type, Shipping charges, tax,
arrival & departure time & the
most important thing in this
Billing Page is that, user itself
can keep an eye on his
Restaurant Admin Main Page
eZee Foodie has been designed such that Owner / Admin can act according to their
Restaurant Owner or admin will get own user id password to set-up the various
modifiers items on different foods & configure the whole eZee Foodie by inputting
entail information of food items for the users.
Restaurant Owner
will get the control to
update their single as
well as multiple
Restaurants at the
same time & by just
single click. Admin
also has the authority
to view the entire
reports of full day, or
whole month.
Restaurant Configuration
Restaurant Admin is
allow to configure his
restaurant information
which will display on
eZee Foodie system.
The main feature of this
part is restaurant owner
/ admin can easily
upload the logo or
image of restaurant
which will be visible on
restaurant’s food
ordering system and
admin can also be able
to configure the type of
Menu & Modifier Groups
With the help of Menu
Group admin / hotel
owner can input main
category of food items
like Soup – Veg, Soup Non Veg., Starters Which
can be viewed by
customers while placing
order for food items.
Admin or Restaurant Owner can
also set Discount offer / Price on
specific category of food as well
as individual food items.
Menu & Modifier Items
With the help of Menu & Modifier items admin / hotel owner
can define item’s information like price, Discount, description,
menu or Modifier category etc. eZee Foodie also allows to
upload image of food items which gives excellent and real feel
of food.
Shipping Charges
eZee Foodie allows restaurant admin to define their Shipping areas with their Pin code
and Food Delivery charges as a result when user will select Food delivery options
then system will automatically calculate shipping charges on the basis of area and pin
Discount Coupon Module
Discount and Coupon
module is very much
helpful for restaurant
Admin to define
varieties of discount
offers on selected food
items with specific
This Module will allow
to configure discount
on specific products as
well as category in
terms of % or Flat
Discount on total cost
of orders or individual
food items.
Registered User details
Admin can obtain the
contact details of past,
present & featured guest
who has ordered the food.
This information can be
further used by letting your
guests to throw schemes
and discount on particular
food to fascinate them.
Admin can also pull up
history / records of users
payments on individual
Order Details
As a restaurant owner or Admin to keep order details is very important part and eZee
provides it in very user friendly way. Restaurant admin can view restaurant’s food
orders on the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. eZee Foodie also allowing
restaurant admin to view over all order details for specific customer.
Sub Admin Level Access
eZee Foodie allows you
to configure users for
different level of roles &
privilege to handle the
management of your
hotel. The right to create
users and grant immunity
has been restricted to
"Admin User only", which
means only admin user
has the right to create
users & grant immunity to
different users. eZee
Foodie has predefined
Administrator user, which
is by default, so that you
can configure & define
sub admin level users.
System Configuration
eZee Foodie starts with
configuring of your Restaurant
Website information. eZee
Foodie allows admin to
configure the title of system’s
pages, website meta title,
description, copy right
statements languages, etc.
As an effect the information you
enter gets displayed on your
Online Food ordering page.
Multiple Language option
eZee Foodie allows
and supports multiple
languages at the
same time.
Restaurant Admin /
owner can easily set
default language for
food order and also
allows to define
multiple language for
food ordering system
in just single click.
Export & Print Reports
eZee Foodie allows Restaurant Admin to export all reports in Excel Format and
also permit to take print on papers of any reports from eZee Foodie.
There are varieties of reports like Total Sales, Customer List, Total Order Reports
any many more customized reports available with eZee Foodie
Try before you Buy
We offer fully functional Live Demo version of eZee Foodie. Please visit
this link for Live Demo version – http://www.eZeeFoodie.com
We do also offer none committal online user training during test drive of
live demo of system.
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eZee Technosys Pvt. Ltd. introduces "eZee Foodie" Online