Learning Circle Group: 200710 Learning
Sponsoring Teacher: Katerina Solomonidou
Sponsor School: Solomonidou Foreign language
City: Athens - Country: Greece
Name of Project:
Set Your Mind on the World You Dream.
We people have the power to create the world we live in with our own
thinking. By doing so in positive ways, we prepare the ground for the
world of our dreams. See what some famous people said:
"The road to happiness lies in two simple principles: Find what it is that
interests you and that you can do well, and when you find it put your soul
into it with every bit of energy and ambition and natural ability you have."
John D. Rockefeller
to aerodynamic laws, the bumblebee cannot fly. Its
body weight is not the right proportion to its wingspan.
Ignoring these laws, the bee flies anyway.”
M. Sainte-Lague
"You must be the change you want to see in the world."
Mahatma Gandhi
Katerina 13 and Marilia 12, wrote another John Lennon “Imagine” for
Imagine there are no worries
It’s not hard if you try
Just green grass below us
Above us only stars
Imagine all the children
Playing in peace
Imagine there’s no border
It’s easy if you want to
Nothing to worry or be sad for
And no wars too
Imagine all the children
Having fun in peace
You may say that I ‘m dreaming
But I ‘m just one of many
I know that someday you’ll join us
And the world will be united
Imagine there are no needs
I believe that you can
No need for food or water
A brotherhood of all
Imagine all the children
Sharing all the world
You may say that I’m dreaming
But I ‘ m just one of many
I know that someday you’ll join us
And the world will be united.
By Sawsan Sultan:
In my own opinion the perfect planet is a peaceful one where people can be
free with no barriers and not being racists and judged by others and holding
their head up high. A world without wars and poverty problems, a clear place
to live in with clean air, not overpopulated. It is a place in which people can
express themselves in pride. A world full of youth hopes and dreams to
accomplish and not to be broken and destroyed. No difference in languages
and colors and no power to be downsized. A world that has cure for diseases
and people grow to succeed and to achieve their goals. A place where we are
proud of ourselves and enjoy everything. A world that has new generations in a
stable, healthy environment that is full of green plants and tress and people
who have healthy relationships. Relaxed people and respectful to others and
consider each others' feelings. The mother earth in a good transformed way!
With all this we could have a new perfect planet!
By Huda Alkhunaizi:
The perfect planet is the planet that has pure clean environment. The planet
where people live happy and cooperate with each other, where people are
there for each other, where there is enough life for every one, where there is
nothing but peace and love and people live happily ever after.
From Ameera A. Ameer:
I think a peaceful place with quite friendly people and good governments are the
main elements of a perfect planet. Plus the pure water you drink and the clean
air you breathe.
From Zahra'a Radhi:
I think that the perfect planet is the one which offers a place to live in good
surroundings with peace, safety and love. If you want to live in a perfect planet,
live every day like it is the last day in your life, so try to be a good person with
others, be friendly, kind and they will do the same to you. Know that everyone
has rights and work to do. Understand the meaning of being a human and
appreciate others' feelings. Last but not least, wake up every day and think of
the greatness of God for minutes, so start your day by putting the good things
in front of your eyes. Life becomes beautiful and deserves to be lived. You make
the places wonderful with your love and work.
By Afaf Shubar:
My perfect planet would be full of amazing natural scenes, the weather would be
warm, there would be no wars or hunger or disasters, everyone loves, cares and
looks after each other.
From Zainab Taraif:
A peaceful world
No pollution
Being fair in every way
No crimes
Everyone is equal.
That is what makes the planet a perfect one.
By Hawra'a Yousif:
I’ve always wanted to live in my own ideal planet, where peace is the only
option available, where no enemies exist and the whole world gathers around
to be united, one hand, where only good people are allowed to stay and the bad
ones are gone.
From Fatima Mohammed:
A perfect planet is a place where everything should go right at all the time.
There should not be poor people suffering for food. There should not be war
killing people like animals. You should minimize the greenhouse effect; people
should love each other and help in the community. People should pray hand in
hand to make their dreams come true.
Also another child wrote:
I live on a perfect planet called “Earth" where good people live in. All the
people are friendly and fun loving, where everybody loves each other.
Moreover, we don't have wars. We all live in a peaceful country, and we all
speak one language. All the people are equal in their knowledge and culture.
They all work by helping each other and they are all free in their work.
By Masooma in Isa town:
-Mini-saga in 50 words
To live in a dream world is my dream. In this world, the Island, what I hope
is very small and wonderful. In this you see the sunrise very well, stay on
the beach with the soft breeze. It is like paradise, I could say that it is the
I love … in life
Ameera A. Ameer:
1. Being honest
2. Having faith
3. Self-confidence
4. Helping others
5. Forgiveness
I love……
Being my self
My family and beloved friends
Being good at the things I do
Gods' blessings and gifts
My sweet memories
Hawra'a Yousif:
I believe that everything in life is
beautiful and everyone has his own
beauty, but it depends on every
person’s perspective towards life.
What makes my life beautiful by Sawsan:
- Feeling free, expressing what’s in my heart to others. - Being with my
friends and family. - Shopping and getting what I want and need.
- Getting enough care and to having a hand that could be lent to help me.
- My grandmother!
Sawsan Sultan:
Actually I like everything in my life, because I believe that God created us
for many reasons, praying, doing good deeds and working hard to prove
ourselves in society. So the most important love is to God. I mentioned the
reasons for loving life, but the most spectacular thing I like in my life is living
in one family, with my parents. I really appreciate this and thank God every
day for this gift. There are some material things that I love such as
celebrations, chocolate and Pepsi, the Internet and going to malls.
This comes from another child:
1) The smile on my mother's face.
2) When I make others feel good and comfortable.
3) Feeling the love of my family.
4) When I change others' life to the best.
5) When my friends surround me with their love and encouragement.
Zahra'a Radhi:
1) I love birds’ singing on the trees every morning.
2) I love to be honest with others especially whom I love even if it'll hurt them
and me.
3) I love being myself.
4) I love working hard to feel good even when I don't succeed.
5) I love following my heart and mind to make the right decision.
Zainab Taraif:
There are a lot of happy times that I love it in my life. The times I feel happy
are when everyone around me is happy and proud of me especially my parents. I
feel happy for everything that draws the smile on my mother's face. The only
thing I want from everyone is to forgive each other for all their mistakes.
Let's have peace and white hearts.
I feel happy if I get high grades at school, if my teachers like me and be proud
of me. Last but not least, I feel happy if we have a peaceful life without wars
and fighting, a world for everyone to live happily and die happily.
Afaf Shubar:
Of course I love my family the most, and after them come my faithful real
friends. I basically love everyone who's honest and loves me back.
Zainab Hussain:
Just being alive and healthy is enough for me. I don't have anything
specific that I love about my life but, I think having a family and
someone who cares about you is enough to enjoy living and have a
good life.
Hawra'a Yousif:
I love everything fun in life, having a beloved family and friends,
learning about everything, the happy moments, shopping, sleeping
and the little tiny details that lighten up my days.
Zainab Almuwali:
There are many things that make the world beautiful and free of
problems. For example, small charities help people in resolving their
problems, through money or moral support. Also, having many
projects that make our world a better place and having companies
that improve the life of people. We can make our world a safer
world full of happiness and prosperity through our relations and
communication with others and cooperation.
Zahra'a Radhi:
In my opinion we can see the beauties in the world in everything around us
such as the birds’ singing in the morning, friendly neighbors greeting you
every day, a peaceful community, kids playing together, volunteers working
to give others help and money to stay alive. People who look positively to life
and think that they can hope and dream in a free way without boundaries.
Organizations that care and help the poor, old or whoever is in need.
Appreciating the gifts from God and seeing the greatness of God in
Afaf Shubar:
My peaceful , safe country
My family's strong bonds
My faithful friends
My optimistic attitude towards everything
Small things like helping others, buying nice things for myself once in a while
Fatima Mohammed:
When someone needs help, it makes me happy to be there to help out in
whatever they need to change their life. Just to be there for someone and
know that you helped out makes you feel happy and proud of yourself...
My best memory/day:
Huda Alkhunaizi:
My best memory of my life was when I first got sick and had to
stay at hospital. That day I realized how much love and care my
parents and family have for me and how important I'm for them
and they for me.
Ameera A. Ameer:
I remember what happened as if it was now! The first day I
entered school, I was happy, cheerful and excited to study. I
really loved my primary school. I didn't have many friends then,
because my cousins were there but when they graduated friends
were not a problem at all as I am a sociable person.
Zahra'a Radhi:
One of the happiest days in my life was when I went with my
friend and my family to The Delmon Lost Paradise. I felt so
happy because of spending the whole day with my friends
playing, talking and laughing after a long time of not seeing each
other. Our families were so happy and enjoyed talking about us
while we were playing.
By Yosraa:
I live with a very kind family, with very strong
relationships. We all respect each other. I am
lucky to have a mother who understands all my
problems and help me to solve them. And a
father who spoils me in everything as he buys me
whatever I need. I have two brothers and one
sister; they all like to play with me computer
games and sports like volleyball, basketball and
riding horses. I love my family very much
because when I am with them I feel that I am in
a dream.
By Sawsan Sultan:
How is the ideal family like? To answer this question, we need to mention
the responsibilities of parents and children. To begin with, the father is
the head of the family and he has many responsibilities to hold. For
instance, the ideal father shares happiness and sadness with wife and
kids. Furthermore, he works very hard and spends time making effort to
maintain his family. As for the mother, she shows her husband and kids
love because when the nest of love disappears, unhappiness starts. The
ideal family is the family with the parents as the wall protecting the
house. Last but not least, children have duties to do for their parents. In
perfect families, children show their parents respect and love.
Today, we are a long, long way from that ideal family, because new
generations do not show respect to their parents. Unfortunately, the
economical, social and political conditions are affecting the family which
depends on new generations.
By Zainab Hussain:
My ideal family would be a fun caring family which always puts the family
members first. Also having perfect parents, who work hard for the sake
of the children.
Mini saga from Marilia, 12 years old.
My world is beautiful. The sun is bright and warm. All around me there
is green. The sea is blue and calm. All the people are friendly and kind.
All the kids are free to play and have fun. Everyone loves each other. I
love life in my dream world!
Haiku from Katerina, 13
and Marilia, 12.
I love the river!
I love the green mountain!
Can’t I have all that?
also: Nick, 15 years old
The sea is light blue
The sun is bright all day long
In the world I love
Alexandros, 12 years old - MY IDEAL HOUSE
My house is near the sea. It’s a very big house. It has two
floors. Next to my house there is a swimming pool. Around the
swimming pool there are a lot of flowers and many trees. At
the corner of the garden we have a basketball loop. Inside the
house there is a very big living room with a big sofa, two
armchairs, a big TV with a home cinema and a stereo. Next to
the living room there is a kitchen. Inside the kitchen there is a
long table with four chairs around it. There are also a fridge, a
cooker and many cupboards. On the second floor, there are
three bedrooms and a big bathroom. In my bedroom I have an
aquarium with many beautiful fish.
Fani, 12 years old
Hello! My name is Fani. I am 12 years old. My world is wonderful. It has got very
beautiful houses and forests all over the place. The environment is very clean.
In my environment there isn’t rubbish. My home is a big castle. It is very cool.
The forests are clean and they haven’t got any burnt trees. The houses are big,
clean and beautiful. I’m the queen in my world. All the people are kids and we
don’t go to boring schools. Cars do not exist. In my world we have only bikes and
our feet. There aren’t any factories to pollute. My world is cool! I am happy that
I live in such a beautiful, wonderful and clean world.
Asteria, 15 years old
Hi to everyone! I am Asteria and I ‘m 15 years old. In my ideal world,
we don’t have jobs, we don’t pay for anything we want and we have all
the things we like. We do whatever we want without consequences and
there is nothing that can hurt us. People DON’T LIE, are friendly and
they love each other. Nobody is unhappy and nobody feels pain. The
environment in all seasons is green and flowers are always colorful.
Trees are everywhere and finally, people DON’T DIE.
Konstantinos, 12 years old
My world is one of the strangest and most amazing worlds. In my world there are
only few blocks of flats. There is a lot of grass and many mini pitches. There are
no schools and you take knowledge with mini pills. Over there, you can travel on a
teleport machine without planes or ships. Animals are free. Children play outside
their houses without stopping every day. They have fun. In the cities there are
markets and videogames. There aren’t thieves and there are many walls for
graffiti and many ramps for skate board. Every year there is snow and every
summer there is hot weather. I wish one day when I wake up to see all these
which I imagine.

Thanks to Khulood Al Balushi and Masooma Khalil