Entrevista a La Jefa De
Estudios De
I.E.S. Vega De Mar
How long have you taught in this high school?
This is my fourth course. I have been teacher in
here for four years.
And as a head teacher?
This is my fisrt year as a head teacher.
What is the best of being a head teacher?
Nothing. I don’t like being a head teacher. I
prefer to teach Physical Education.
And the worst thing?
I have to work too much time and I have to
solve problems with students, with parents,
teachers and others.
Which is your function?
My function here is discipline, organisation, time tables,
activities, parents and students, to play atention to the
high school. So that it works correctly.
What do yo do in your free time?
I love practising sports. I like triathlon, also
swimming, running and cycling. I have a horse and I
enjoy riding my horse. I also like walking, trekking.
To sump up, I like outdoors sports.
Which is your favorite sport?
As I told you before I like triathlon very much.
But I prefer swimming in the sea. I also like
dancing I am very happy dancing.
Which is the young people´s favourite sport ?
In my opinion young people enjoy football. But
I like to show then that there are many different
sports which they can also enjoy.
Which sport do you recommend?
I think that everyone has to find a sport which
makes that person feels happy. So that there is a
variety of sports: teams sports, individual sports,
out door, in door, gyms, dancing... So everyone
must enjoy some phisycal activity for health.
Where did you learn to speak English so well?
Well, I started studying in primary and secondary
school. But I went to a language center. When I
finished university I went to Belgium so I had to
study in English. Later I went to the USA and
England because I wanted to have my certificate in
the Official Language School. Finally, I got it. I
usually try to practise English and listen to the
English radio.
What message would you give to young people?
That life is not easy and all kinds of efforts have a
prize at the end. Everyone must find the way and
aim to fight. Motivation is very important.
Work made by:
Verónica Gamaza del Valle
Sandra García Neira
Adriana Galbeño Ruiz

Entrevista a La Jefa De Estudios De I.E.S. Vega De Mar