Bit Mass, LLC
Founding Members
Matt Siegel - Founder/CEO and Tech Director
7 years experience game design and development.
Worked at Disney, Kiz Toys, various mobile startups.
Dylan Marquez - Art Director
IGDA San Diego Leader and college instructor.
8 years of content and UX experience w/ 5 shipped titles.
Worked at Qualcomm, Disney, Sony, Art Institute, indie startups.
Robert Del Papa - Business Manager
M.B.A. Marketing and Management.
7 years experience business analysis and project management.
Gaming/eSports entrepreneur (co-founder of Counter Logic Gaming).
Cards and Castles Game
Card collection and tactical strategy combined.
224 Cards.
5 Factions (Vikings, Pirates, Warlocks, Crusaders, Ninjas).
Single Player, Draft Mode, Friendly Play, Ranked Play (with
leaderboard), Live and Asynchronous play.
● iOS and Android (all devices). PC/MAC versions (unreleased).
● Completed cross-platform.
● Consistently featured on App Store (best game update, best in
several categories).
Current Model
● Monetization using “Bit Points” as paid currency to purchase card
packs, daily deals, new single player content, and draft mode entry.
● Constant content release cycles 6 weeks (minor) 4 months (full
● Current expansion cards sold at premium price until next expansion
● Regular releases of single player lore content with card/card back
rewards sold for game currency or paid currency.
● Core emphasize on competitive play updates and balance.
● Community involvement via contests and tournaments.
Competitive Advantage
● Differentiation - Both card collection and on game board tactical
● Superior innovation and world building in collectible card game
● Internal Processes - oversight of all visual content entering game
and creates detailed style guides.
● Tech Stack - Superior content delivery and implementation speed
using an agile content team.
● Superior Talent - decade long experience in game creation and
● Existing user base for repeat monetiation.
Future Proofing
● Long term product with a loyal fan base of strategy and hardcore
collectable card players.
● Expanding to additional platforms - Amazon store, Playstation
store, Steam.
● Substantial increases in quality and consistency of content.
● Scalable content delivery to increase revenue with updates to card
expansion packs, enhanced versions of cards, single player
content, in game customizations.
Total downloads - 750,000.
Average DAU - 12,500 last 3 months.
High DAU - 50,000 (during expansion release).
ARPDAU - $.044 last 3 months.
New Users last 3 months - 300,000.
Reached top 10 Mobile Card Game in 119 different countries and
top 10 Mobile Strategy Game in 73 different countries.
● Reached top 100 Mobile Game overall in 75 countries.
100% growth of user base over the last 3 months.
400% revenue growth in 2015.
10% increase in overall retention in 2015.
Featured as “Best Game Updates” category United States 3 times
already in 2015.
● Translated into 5 languages.
● Recently added to Amazon Store - with guaranteed featured

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