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Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement
Taylor Kao
Strategic Account Manager
Education Solutions Group
Campus Agreement Dates
Software Assurance
New Products
Key dates
Open enrollment starts on March 30th
Orders due to CDW on May 11th
Software Assurance Roadmap - Next step
Evolving SA into maintenance offer with a broad range of benefits
New benefits
differentiate the
maintenance offer and
address value and
satisfaction feedback.
Competitive traditional
maintenance offer with
a vision for future
•Windows PE
•TechNet plus
•Corporate Error Reporting
Major enhancements
on customer value
with biggest software
release on horizon.
•Windows Vista Enterprise
•Virtual PC Express
•Cold Backup for Disaster
•Enhanced Hotfix Support
•Windows Fundamentals for
Legacy PCs
•Learning Essentials for
Microsoft Office
Next stage in SA
roadmap further
expands access to
technologies for the
•Early access to innovative,
differentiated desktop
technologies focused on
dynamic desktop solutions
(MS Desktop Optimization
Pack for Software Assurance)
•New version rights
•Spread payments
Software Assurance - Microsoft Confidential
Software Assurance - Plan, Deploy & Use
New Version Rights
Windows Pre-Installation Environment
(Windows PE)
Virtual PC Express
Work at Home Rights
eLearning – enhanced in 2007!
Windows Vista Enterprise
Software Assurance - Microsoft Confidential
Software Assurance - Maintain & Transition
TechNet Plus
Technet Managed News Group
Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs
Extended Hot fix Support
Corporate Error Reporting
Cold Back Up for Disaster Recovery
Desktop Optimization Pack
Software Assurance - Microsoft Confidential
Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance
The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance is an add-on subscription license
available only to customers who have SA coverage on their Windows Desktops that can
transform the way you manage your desktops.
Lock down desktop permissions and Group Policy Objects (GPOs) while the virtual
applications still execute with centralized control of application permissions.
Applications are delivered on-demand to clients, improving the time it takes to recover users
from desktop failures.
Centralized, policy-based management—including deployment, patching, updating and
termination of virtualized applications—is intelligently managed for all types of users via
policies and administered through a single console.
Real-time application usage tracking makes it easy to determine how applications are or are
not being used so customers can better manage license compliance.
Software inventory management enables IT to better manage and control the software
environment and reduce TCO.
OS images are consolidated and stabilized because applications are decoupled from the OS
and delivered on-demand.
Requirements –
Available as an add-on for customers who have Software Assurance on their Windows OS
Online Subscription Service – cost = per person/per desktop/per year.
Desktop Optimization Pack must be purchased on the same enrollment in which the Windows
OS Software Assurance resides.
Campus and School Agreement customers – must include same number of FTE/Desktops on
existing enrollment
Software Assurance - Microsoft Confidential
Windows Vista SKU Differentiation
Features &
Security & Perf
Search & Organize
Join Only
Scheduled &
Networked Backup
Media Center &
Extender Capability
Tablet / Auxiliary
Disp. Enhancement
VLK Compatible
Subsystem for Unix
BitLocker™ Drive
4 Virtual OS
VL (SA Only)
(SA Only)
Primary Volume Licensing Office Suites
Extended collaboration and mobility
Enable more efficient collaboration across geographic,
organizational or network boundaries
Ensure people get information they need when they need it,
whether online or offline
Valuable for mobile workers, disperse teams, project managers,
and people who work with customers/partners
Integrated Enterprise Content Management
Integrated Electronic Forms
Information Rights & Policy
Comprehensive toolset for business
Most familiar suite for information work and collaboration
Streamline processes with electronic forms
Powerful tools for managing and analyzing data
Integrated content management and workflow
Protect documents with rights management
Integrated instant messaging and application sharing
Create “High-impact” content faster
Personal productivity
Core content creation with streamlined user interface
E-mail, Personal Information Management, basic collaboration
Developer extensibility
Client Access License Suites
Collections of software for business scenarios
Most cost-effective, easiest to manage
Office SharePoint Server Standard CAL
Exchange Server Standard CAL
System Center Configuration Manager
Windows Server CAL
Core group of licenses for business
Strong complement to Office desktop
Benefits for both your users and IT
Key start to Unified Communications & Collaboration –
SharePoint & Exchange
Office SharePoint Server Enterprise CAL
Exchange Server Enterprise CAL
Office Communication Server Standard CAL
Office Communication Server Enterprise CAL
System Center Operations Manager Client
Forefront Security Suite
Windows Rights Management CAL
Office SharePoint Server Standard CAL
Exchange Server Standard CAL
System Center Configuration Manager
Windows Server CAL
Unified Communications & Collaboration
Software capabilities unique to the Enterprise CAL Suite
• Office SharePoint Server
• Exchange Server
• Office Communications Server
* The Enterprise CAL Suite includes the Core CAL Suite, providing Standard
CAL features of SharePoint and Exchange. These features are not described
in this presentation.
Office SharePoint Server
Enterprise CAL Suite Value
• Share business intelligence & reports
– Share live Excel workbooks to anyone with just a browser
– Personalize and host reports, KPIs for teams or vendors
• Search and integrate enterprise systems
– Combine search results from ERP, CRM, apps in one place
– Browse and alert live business data within SharePoint
• Deliver web forms & control the workflow
– Capture structured information in a browser-based form
– Automate approvals and business processes
– Integrate workflow with other applications
Reminder: Enterprise CAL Suite also includes all SharePoint Standard CAL features
Exchange Server
Enterprise CAL Suite Value
• Unify messaging
– Route voice mail, email or fax messages to one inbox
– Access inbox with Outlook, browsers, phones, mobile devices
– Manage calendars, mail with touch tone and speech recognition
• Meet compliance policies
– Isolate privileged or executive conversations
– Trigger action by monitoring phrases, senders or your rules
– Provide people with drag & drop folders that support policies
• Secure email
– Block spam, viruses, phishing, and e-mail policy violations
– Scale load across multiple engines and hosted, “cloud” filtering
Reminder: Enterprise CAL Suite also includes all Exchange Standard CAL
Office Communications Server
Enterprise CAL Suite Value
• Create instant messaging & presence channels
Provide internal or public IM to world-wide employees
Light up presence in Office, SharePoint, your applications
Route live messages to users’ preferred device or location
Audit and log conversations where needed for compliance
• Host on-premise web conferences
Offer web conferencing to all employees with low cost
Integrate conference scheduling with Outlook or websites
Provide high-resolution video and audio conferencing
Archive timelines, speaker comments, and presentations
Record and share executive or e-learning events
Enterprise CAL Suite includes Office Communications Server, Standard &
Infrastructure Platform
Software components included with the Enterprise CAL Suite
• Forefront Security Suite
• System Center Operations Manager Client
• Windows Rights Management
* The Enterprise CAL Suite includes the Core CAL Suite, also providing
Windows Server and System Center Configuration Manager. These
components are not described in this presentation.
Forefront Security Suite
Included with the Enterprise CAL Suite
• Secure client & server OS
– Enforce compliance of desktop health
– Monitor and analyze trends of malware
• Secure server applications
Scan SharePoint workspaces in real-time
Protect IM conversations via Communications Server
Stop spam at perimeters of Exchange
Includes multiple anti-spam engines from multiple vendors
• Secure network edges
– Provide full coverage firewall and DMZ infrastructure
– Offer single sign-on and secure VPN, smart card access
System Center Operations Manager Client
Included with Enterprise CAL Suite
• Respond to desktop or laptop client issues
– Alert on software and hardware hangs, crashes, errors
– Automate collection and involvement of IT staff
• Collect, report and act on trends
– Query history of issues, by software or hardware
– Integrate Watson and online error reporting
• Audit and review client configurations
– Match knowledgebase best practices to your clients
– Assess setup and validity of software and its licenses
Windows Rights Management
Included with the Enterprise CAL Suite
• Assign usage rights
– Apply usage rights to Office documents, email and more
– Control SharePoint document libraries and search results
– Define organization-wide policies for compliance
• Manage policies of individual documents
– Augment firewalls and other perimeter-based security
– Lock rights to individual documents, including expirations
• Let applications simplify the user experience
– Simple user controls and views in Office, Internet Explorer
– Exchange secured documents with partners
where can I find more information?
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Taylor Kao
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