Google 101
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Google drives business growth
Google’s search and advertising tools generated $64 billion of economic activity in 2010.
Customers are online – can they find you?
of consumers research products online before buying
Source: BIA/Kelsey Group, User View Wave VII, May 2010
Google as part of your strategy
Get Found
Attract Customers
Helping customers find your shop or office with
Google Places – for free.
Helping promote your business with ads on
Google search and the Google Network.
Market Intelligence
Office Productivity
Helping you analyze website traffic to identify
why people are coming to your site.
Helping you reduce costs and become more
productive at the office.
Your Website on Google
In this section we’ll cover...
• The anatomy of a search engine results page
• An introduction to search engine optimization
• Tips for promoting your website
• An introduction to Webmaster Central
The anatomy of a search results page
Query (Keyword)
Organic results on a search results page
The anatomy of a search results page
Ads (Google AdWords)
The anatomy of a search results page
Local Results
(Places Pages)
Search engine optimization - SEO
Helping Google find your website
• Use keywords in text.
• Keep content fresh. Blogs are great!
• Earn links from other sites, treat them like gold.
• Drive traffic to your site, make content linkable.
• Use a Google Sitemap - ask your webmaster for help!
• Don't be sneaky: show Google what humans see.
• Don’t rush it. SEO takes a long time!
More tips for promoting your website
1. Use email for efficient, inexpensive communication.
2. Use social media to develop relationships with fans.
3. Promote your website on receipts and other print materials.
4. Have special offers available on your website.
5. Invite happy customers to write reviews.
Webmaster Central
What you can get out of it:
• Sitemap submission
• Actionable info on how Google and humans see your site
• Early warning on problems (such as accidentally blocking Google)
Helpful Resources
New tools, best practices and
webmaster info
Webmaster Policies and SEO Starter
Answers from other webmasters
Google Places
In this section we’ll cover...
• An introduction to Google Places
• The anatomy of a Places page
• Creating coupons in Places
• Tips for setting up and optimizing your page
Product overview: Google Places
Local Listings on Google Search Results
20% of searches on Google
are related to location
How does it work?
People search and
Google Maps to find local businesses
Business listings and enhanced data
are gathered from multiple sources
Yellow pages data
Direct feed and submissions
Businesses can add or edit their
business listings using Google Places
Local Listings on Google Maps
Anatomy of a Place Page
& phone
Map and
Street View
Demand for coupons
Increase in
searches for coupons since 2004
* Source: Google Insights for Search
Guess what you can make within Google Places?
Businesses can
add coupons to their listing for free
Measure impact
Metrics Dashboard
• Monitor your listing using the
Google Places dashboard.
• How many people saw your
Places listing?
• What search terms sent traffic to
your business listing?
• Make advertising or business
expansion decisions with data
you can’t get anywhere else!
Getting started with Google Places
Step 1:
Go to and select Google Places
Step 2:
Enter your country and business phone number
Step 3:
Enter/edit your business details
Step 4:
Verify your listing
Market Intelligence
Google Analytics
In this section we’ll cover...
• An introduction to Google Analytics. We’ll address questions like:
 Why does tracking matter?
 How can GA help my business or organization?
 What kinds of reports can I see?
• Plus:
 Google Insights for Search
 Google Alerts
Why analytics and website optimization matter
Missed Opportunities
Website Visitors Who Did Not Become Customers
Product overview: Google Analytics
Providing Answers to Difficult Questions
Where are my visitors
coming from?
What keywords did they
use to get there?
Am I creating
effective content?
Where are visitors
abandoning my shopping
cart? Why?
How can I improve
site interaction?
Visitors overview
Search engines and keywords
Analytics Intelligence
Product overview: Google Insights for Search
Gain insights into what the world is searching for
Use Google Insights to craft an ad message
Use Google Insights to predict product sales
Product overview: Google Alerts
Office Productivity
In this section we’ll cover...
• An introduction to Google Apps
• A comparison of the versions
• Gmail
• Google Docs, including:
 Word processing
 Spreadsheets
 Presentations
• Google Calendar
Product overview: Google Apps
Product overview: Gmail
Product overview: Google Docs and Spreadsheets
Product overview: Calendar
Attract Customers
In this section we’ll cover...
• An introduction to Google AdWords. We’ll address questions like:
 How much does it cost to use it?
 How do I control where my ads show and what they say?
 What’s my commitment?
 Can I track it?
A paradigm shift
Traditional Advertising
Advertising Through Google
You pay only for clicks
Pays for the visitor to their site
You’re in control of who sees your ads
You’re in control...
AdWords gives you the flexibility to meet goals and be successful.
• You control the cost
• You control the daily spending limit
• You decide where ads appear
• You control marketing messages
• No minimum term length
• Track the total number of conversions
• Determine your exact ROI
OK, now you know what you want
Where do ads
The Search Partners
The Google Display Network
In this section we’ll cover...
• The structure and limits of a typical AdWords account
• Best practices for organizing your account
AdWords account structure
AdWords Account
Unique email address & password
Billing information
Daily budget
Location/language targeting
Distribution preference
End date
Daily budget
Location/language targeting
Distribution preference
End date
Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group
Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group
How to Build a Good Adwords Campaigns
Promote Specific Product
2 lines of Text
Display URL (that may not be an actual destination)
Target Customers
Location (Radius or County)
Control Budget with Daily Spend
Text or Graphic Ad
Choose spcific sites
Unique to Each Campaign
Think Like your Customers
The WRONG way to structure an AdWords account
AdWords Account
“Furniture” Campaign
Furniture Ad Group
The Best Furniture
Great Selection, Made in USA
Free Shipping, 5 Year Warranty.
leather sectional
leather loveseat
leather chair
patio furniture
leather sofa
dining room table
table lamp
coffee table
kitchen table
floor lamp
end table
brass bed
kids furniture
leather headboard
living room furniture
bedroom furniture
dining room table
leather couch
media console
A BETTER way to structure an account
AdWords Account
“Furniture” Campaign
“Leather Sectionals”
Ad Group
“Leather Loveseats”
Ad Group
“Leather Chairs”
Ad Group
Leather Sectionals
Leather Loveseats
Leather Chairs
Leather Sectionals Made in USA
From $1,999 With 5 Year Warranty
Free Delivery When You Buy Before
Christmas. Order Yours Today!
Handcrafted Leather Chairs
Make a Statement. View Catalog!
buy leather sectional suite
buy leather love seats
buy handmade leather chair
buy leather sectional suites
buy leather loveseats
buy handmade leather chairs
leather sectional suites
buy leather love seat
handmade leather chairs
leather sectional suite
buy leather loveseat
handmade leather chair
buy leather sectional
leather loveseats
buy leather chairs
buy leather sectional
leather love seats
buy leather chair
leather sectional
leather love seat
leather chair
leather sectionals
leather loveseat
leather chairs
Keyword matching options
Match Type
How keyword
appears in AdWords:
The ad will
show when:
The ad will show when
a searcher types:
Caribbean Cruise
All words containing this
word or combination of
words in any order is used
as the query.
Caribbean holiday Cruises
Cruise holiday in Caribbean
Cruise in Carribean
“Caribbean Cruise”
Keywords are typed in the
exact order specified. Can
have other words before
and/or after.
Cheap Caribbean Cruise
Caribbean Cruise deals
Luxury Caribbean Cruise
[Caribbean Cruise]
Keywords must be only &
exactly what the user
types in
Caribbean Cruise
- Tom
Ads will not appear when
this search term is entered
in the query
Add will not show if
someone types:
Tom Cruise
Examples of negative keywords
Service provider
Vacation destination
Frequently used
-second hand
-jobs in
-definition of
The Google Keyword Tool: help finding keywords
Enter your
Get additional
Ad text specifications
Ad title
(25 characters max,
including spaces)
Two description lines
(35 characters max each,
including spaces)
Display URL
(35 characters max,
including spaces)
Destination URL
(1024 characters max,
including spaces)
What is a good AdWords ad?
A good ad:
• Is relevant to the keywords in the ad group
• Gets a high clickthrough-rate (CTR)
• Effectively sells your product or service
• Stands out from your competitors
• Includes a call to action
Signing up for AdWords
A Quick Recap
After this session, you should know about
Google Places
Google AdWords
Google Places helps customers find your shop
or office – for free.
Google AdWords helps promote your business
with ads on search results pages and websites.
Google Analytics, Alerts, Insights
Google Apps
Google Analytics helps you analyze your website
traffic – for free.
Google Apps helps you reduce costs and
become more productive at the office.
Thank you!
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Thank you!
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