No duty is more urgent
than that of returning thanks.
St. Ambrose
340-397, Bishop of Milan
What office is there which
involves more responsibility,
which requires more
and which ought, therefore,
to be more
than that of
Harriet Martineau
Kendall Jenkins
Texas A&M University
Overall my first year at Texas A&M was wonderful! I
know this was due to the preparation I received from
all my teachers at Klein Collins. It was easy to adjust to
the large classes, busy days, and intense test weeks.
Ironically, the chemistry class I had to work hardest for
in high school was the class I felt extremely prepared
for in college. I strongly believe that my teachers
strived to challenge us academically and live up to Klein
Collins motto of “excellence without compromise.”
Thank you Klein Collins Staff and Faculty for making my
high school years so great!
Thanks and Gig ’Em
of ‘07
When I arrived at LSU, a school with over 30,000
students, and the Honors College, I wasn’t sure what would
happen. Some of my classes had over 260 students in them,
and I started to think that this was going to be impossible.
Many of my classmates were actually valedictorians of their
classes but were not nearly as prepared as I was because of
My first year at LSU was definitely much different
than I expected. Being on your own for the first time is
truly a wake up call. There is no one there to tell you to
study or get ready for your next test but because of Klein
Collins, I truly was prepared for my experience. I want to
thank all of the teachers and coaches of Klein Collins. They
truly prepared me for college life.
I would also like to give a personal thank you to
Coach Grimm. Since my freshman year he has always
believed in me and without him, I would not have made it
as far as I have.
My first year at A&M was better
than I could have ever imagined. I
made friends and learned lessons
that will last a lifetime. I am so
lucky to have come to A&M with
the competitive edge my teachers
gave me. The personal advice
they gave me is priceless, and I
cannot thank them enough for
taking the time to share it with me.
I know what I learned those four
years will continue to help me as I
pursue a degree in Finance. I could
not be more excited about the next
three years!
My expectations heading into
college were high, but they were
attainable because of my
experiences at Klein Collins. I
learned I could handle difficult
situations both academically and
physically. I thank my teachers
and coaches for contributing to
my successful first year. Thank
you for your dedication to
excellence. I am looking forward
to my future years in college, but
I will never forget my years at
Klein Collins. Thank you for
Rick Hague
Cameron Wendt – Petroleum Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin
My first year of college was by the far
the most difficult year of my life. The
transition was tough due to all the
distractions, the fact that you are living
on your own, and by far the most
difficult of all…class. Although school
was very difficult, I actually did very
well and can credit most of that
success to the teachers and coaches at
Klein Collins High School. The
attitude that you all instilled in me
made me mentally tough and
determined to conquer anything that
came my way. Thanks again for all
your help and support during my stay
at Klein Collins.
Jordan Miller
Texas Tech University
My first year at Tech was definitely a
challenge as I’m sure it is for most
freshmen. The teachers and staff at Klein
Collins had prepared me over the years and
I was ready to take on my first semester. I
want to thank everyone at Collins who
pushed me to do more than just what was
expected because it really made a
difference when I got to college! At KC I
learned some really useful study skills that I
use in college, I soon figured out what
teachers were talking about when they said
time management, and most importantly, I
learned how to be responsible. These are all
things I want to thank the KC faculty and
staff for because I may not have learned
these things at any other school so,
Wreck ‘em
My first year of college was definitely a challenge, and most of
my success can be credited to my teachers at Klein Collins. In
college there is so much free time and distractions that one can
find themselves focused on the wrong things; however, the
strong work ethic and values that the KC teachers instilled in me
kept me on the right path. I felt like I was ahead of the game in
most of my classes because much of the material I was being
taught in my first year at college I had already learned in high
school. The time I spent at Klein Collins has
helped prepare me for college and life, and I
am thankful for it all.
“There's no word in the
language I revere more than
‘teacher’. My heart sings
when a kid refers to me as
his teacher, and it always has.
I've honored myself and the
entire family of man by
becoming a teacher."
--Pat Conroy, Prince of Tides
Hey Klein Collins!
My freshman year at Texas A&M
exceeded all of my expectations
and confirmed that I had indeed
made the correct choice in schools.
Not only did I learn a great deal
about studying and planning
ahead at Klein Collins, but the
importance of getting involved
and showing school spirit has
helped me focus in the classroom
as well. Though I continue to
study late nights and wake up for
early morning exams, I am forever
grateful to the staff at Klein
Collins that I will always
remember. Oh, and please
remember, I am the proudest
member of the Fightin’ Texas
Aggie Class of 2011!!
Kayla Krug
Texas A&M
Daron Kirsch
I've done a lot this year. I've been to China, and
performed concerts in Beijing, Tianjin, Xi'an and
Shanghai. Less than a year ago, I was in all the places
you're seeing on TV for the Olympics. That picture? A
shopping mall in Tianjin. Nothing anyone told me
about college really prepared me for it. It's like riding a
bike: you can read all the books about it, but you won't
know a lick about it until you put your feet on the
pedals and push. And that's what you have to do:
push, and push hard.
High school, and college, are what you make it: if you
take the time now to prepare, then you're fine. It may
not make sense, but you're not here to learn Biology,
English, or Calculus. You're here to learn how to learn.
And you'll need every ounce of what you can absorb
here to survive in college. For these skills, I cannot
thank my high school teachers enough. You know who
you are.
Katie Watts
Texas A&M University
KCHS Class of 2007
I was very excited to go off to my first year of college at Texas
A&M. I knew it was going to be a challenge, but also a great
experience. First semester was one of the most academically
challenging times of my life. It was a huge adjustment going from
thirty kids in a classroom to three hundred. It would have been
difficult to make it through if I had not gotten the great
preparation from the Klein Collins faculty and staff. Thank you all
for being such a great influence and having such high expectations
for your students. Texas A&M has been such a wonderful
adventure and I can not wait to see what the future holds for me
Thanks - and Gig’ Em!
~"The strangest secret in the world is that you become what you think about.”~
Megan Lichentenwalter – KCHS ’07
University of Texas
Thank you too all of my teachers at Klein Collins for
helping prepare me for college. I enjoyed my experience
at Klein Collins and have many great memories!
Ross Sandlin
Aerospace Engineering
major at the University of
I’d like to thank the
teachers at Klein Collins
for teaching me the skills I
would eventually use to
excel in college, you have
really made it an easy
As you can see,
college is all about
hard work and
Often, when I am reading a
good book, I stop and
thank my
That is, I used to, until she
got an unlisted number.
~Author Unknown
I remember in high school when all the students
would complain about having too much homework
or difficult tests, my teachers would always say that
we would be better prepared for college and they
were right. I survived my first year of college thanks
to the wonderful teachers at KCHS that challenged
me. Thanks to the teachers at KCHS my first year of
college was easier than I thought it would be. I am
currently starting my classes at the College of
Education at UH in my third semester and I am
definitely prepared for these higher level classes
thanks to the KCHS faculty and staff. Thanks for all
the hard work you all gave me because in the end it
really did pay off!
Thank you so much for all that you did for me, I truly loved
my years at Collins! In college now people always reflect on
their high school years and have complaints, but I am so
proud that I can truly say that my years were amazing. I am
so thankful for all the work that the faculty did for me and you
have contributed to making me be the best that I can be! I feel
like the success I have had and what is to come will always
stem from my experiences at Collins.
After my first year at UT
I’m currently interested
in advertising and
possibly pre-law. I
joined a sorority (ZTA)
and keep very busy
with that and school. I
love it here in Austin
and am excited for the
next three years!
Rochelle Prins
class of ‘07
Bree Kulhanek
Class of 2007,
University of
at Austin
I was well aware of UT's enormous
student population when I applied to
the school, but the first step on campus
definitely opened my eyes. At first, I
wasn't sure if I was cut out to be one of
the thousands of students, but then I
realized I was prepared and had been
working towards this goal all through
high school. Thanks to the teachers
and staff at Klein Collins, I succeeded
in my classes because of the time
management, study skills, and
confidence that was instilled in me at
KC. Being involved in extra-curricular
activities in high school helped me not
only get involved at UT, but also learn
to balance my school work and other
activities. Thank you so much for the
time you put in not only being our
teachers, but our mentors and friends.
The independence gained upon graduation leaves many
daunted by the possibilities that lay ahead. Fortunately,
the four years I have devoted to Klein Collins has
provided me the experience necessary to have finished
freshman year with the confidence to continue my
college career towards a bright future.
My high school experience was wrought with endless
amounts of stress involving not only the rigorous course
work from the teachers who knew I could handle it, but
also the numerous clubs and organizations of which I
was deeply committed. That hasn’t changed, but the
practice of balancing time and energy in high school has
served me well in the electric atmosphere of
Northwestern’s ambitious faculty and student-body
I am forever indebted to the tremendous faculty and staff
of Klein Collins for their faith in my intellectual and artistic
capacity especially to Mr. Cooper, Mr. Grueneich,
Faldyn, Mrs. Grier, and Mrs. McGown.
Special thanks also goes out to every dedicated AP
teacher, supportive UIL coach, and sleepless fine arts
director because without your presence, I would not have
discovered the potential within me.
Brendan Posterick
Wofford College (Spartanburg, SC)
KC Class of ’07
Writing Mrs. McGown’s traditional first-day essay
for AP…daunting. Explaining the “meaning of life” for
my first Philosophy essay…no problem. My ability to
handle the demanding coursework in college is no
doubt thanks to the confidence instilled in me by the
fervent teachers and staff at KC. So thank you to
those who truly cared – you know who you are.
Currently, I’m still debating
between Environmental Studies and
Biology, but I am ready to follow
my true passions in life. While I
have yet to start a Wofford
chapter of the Friday Wavers Club,
I have plans to start The Squirrel
Catching Society or something
similarly outrageous, ridiculous, and
fun. And for the record, I did sell
out and join a fraternity (Sigma
Nu). Ha, no regrets. Thanks again!
Texas A&M
This past year at A&M has been absolutely
amazing! I am majoring in Mechanical
Engineering with a minor in Petroleum and
Arabic. This summer I interned with
Chevron in California. In the spring I will
study abroad in Qatar and then return to an
offshore summer internship with Hess.
I cannot thank my high school
teachers enough. You all pour
yourselves into your students,
often without the opportunity to
see the end result, but we are
indebted to you, and so grateful! I
learned much more than just math
and English at Klein Collins – I
learned how to learn. You all gave
me a solid foundation from which I
can pursue my dreams, wherever
they may take me. My life has been
forever changed because of you.
"A hundred years from now it
will not matter what my bank
account was, the sort of house I
lived in, or the kind of car I
drove . . . . but the world may be
different because
I was important
in the life of a child."
- Kathy Davis

Class of 2007 - Klein Collins High School