French Culture in Canada
Introductory paragraph
• This power point presentation is about
Quebec. There is the location, size and
landscape of Quebec. The French
Canadian food such as the traditional and
modern cuisine and festive meals . The
famous French Canadians, history,
creative works, traditions and language.
Sit back and enjoy learning about Qubec.
The French’s food
This section is about the Quebec
residence and the food that they eat.
You will learn about the traditional
cuisine and the modern cuisine.
The traditional cuisine
• The Quebec residence’s are
famous for their traditional
cuisine. These are foods that
are in the traditional cuisine
pea soup, baked beans, ham
and maple desserts.
Pea soup
Modern Cuisine
• Quebec residence have a modern cuisine
including many foods
• Examples:
– whippet cookies are kind of like wagon
– poutine is like gravy and fries
– pastrami is smoked meat
• Quebec has three parts one huge part and
two smaller parts. The huge part is thee
Canadian shield covers ninety five percent
of Quebec. The rest of Quebec is covered
by the Saint Lawrence river and the
Appalachian mountains they share the
Appalachia mountains
five percent left of Quebec.
Canadian shield
Saint Lawrence river
Location, Size and Landscape
In this section you will learn about
the population, area and the
landscape of Quebec
The population of Quebec is 7,546,131 people
according to the 2006 census
1,542,056. km2 is the area of Quebec.
Quebec is three times the size of France forty
times the size of Switzerland and fifty time the
size of Belgium.
Quebec is the largest of the ten provinces in
Canada by area.
Quebec is the second larges province in people
and largest in area.
• Quebec is located in the North east
corner of North America.
• Quebec is in the central part of Canada
History and famous French
• In this section you will learn about the
history of Quebec. Famous French
Canadians. Like poets and singers.
• Quebec was found in 1534 by Jacques
• The English and French both wanted New
France (Quebec) to be theirs.
• The European started to settle In the
1600’s and the 1700’s
Famous French Canadians
• Celine Dion is a famous French Canadian
• Calixa Lavallée was the composer of O
• Felix Leclerc is a poet and a chansonnier
Celine Dion
Traditions and language
• In the Traditions page you will learn about
things like the sugar shack season. And
the Quebec winter carnivals. That is just a
few examples. On the language page you
will learn about how many people speak
French in Quebec. That French is a native
language. And more
82% of Quebec speak French
French is the native language in Quebec
the European French settled and that is why
the Quebecois speak French
• The French have sugar shack season they make
maple syrup in the sugar shack season
• The sugar shack season is in the spring when
the snow starts to melt
• The Quebecois have a winter carnival as a
tradition every year
• The Quebecois’ winter carnivals start every year
on the last week of February
Men making maple
syrup in sugar
shack season
on winter
Creative works
• In this section you will learn about creative
works like artists.
Creative works
• Celine Dion is famous French Canadian
and falls under the category of creative
works to
• Émile Paul is a French Canadian painter
• Denise Pelletier is a French Canadian
Celine Dion
Concluding paragraph
• From this webquest I learned a lot. I
learned the traditions of Quebec are very
fun. That Quebec is the largest province in
area and second largest in people. When
Quebec was found and who it was found
by. I also learned that they eat food almost
like ours and that they have lots of famous
people. This is just a few things that I

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