Chile: UAI
GCC International
Study Program
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
• U.A.I is the #1 Business
School in Latin America
according to America
Economia (2011-2012)
• Also ranked #1 Private
university in Chile according to
QS Top Universities (2013)
• UAI has locations in the capital
of Santiago as well as next to
the ocean in Viña del Mar.
• UAI offers a wide array of
subjects are available to study
in both Spanish and English.
Viña Del Mar
• Viña is a beautiful city with much to
offer ranging from small street shops
and stores to a large shopping mall.
• The city has a central location in Chile
as it is only 2 hours from the nations
Viña Del Mar
The City
Viña del mar is a very popular
traveling destination for
Chileans due to its beautiful
beaches, lively city life and
inviting atmosphere.
Along the edge of
the city of Viña run
several beautiful
beaches, which
are easily
accessible by a 10
to 15min walk from
any part of the city.
climate for most of
the year ranging in
temperatures from
60 to 80 degrees
The City of
A City of Culture
Valparaiso is the neighboring city
to Viña del Mar. It was once a
major international shipping port
and center for trade. The city is
rich with a long history and full of
Street Artwork
The city of Valparaíso is renowned for
its colorful design due to the multitude
of diverse artwork that can be found
throughout the city.
Traveling in Chile
Chile offers a diverse array of
opportunities for travel ranging
from snow-topped mountains to
lovely beaches.
There are also harsher climates to
explore such as the driest desert
in the world and one of the most
admired mountain ranges in the
world, Patagonia.
• Part of GCC program includes housing with a local
Chilean family.
• Living with a Chilean family offers a great opportunity to
learn Chilean culture while practicing your language skills.
UAI Program Specifics
• Program
• Includes Chilean homestay, roundtrip airfare,
tuition and included excursions.
• Subjects Include
• Latin America and Chilean Studies
• Business in Latin America
• Spanish Studies
• Classes in English and Spanish
• Cost
• The cost of the program is only $290 more than a
normal semester at GCC.
Office of International Education
If you are interested in studying in Chile or
abroad in another country please stop by the
Office of International Education on the 3rd floor
of HAL.
We will assist you in the process of applying to
study abroad.

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