Advanced Business Management
Systems in Hotels and Resorts
Fitness And Leisure
Membership Management
POS with Interface to Opera
About Us
15 years in the Business
Distributor Network all around the world
800 + Clients
Main Office Sydney Australia
Global Call Centre Based In Manila Philippines running a 24 / 7
Operation with all the latest communication tools
Systems are developed with the latest Microsoft .Net
development tools and Sql Server Database
Our Systems are specially designed for the International Markets
Complete Customisation For the Multi Cultural,
International Environment
Languages can be selected for each user
allowing International use.
Design every aspect of the appointment book
from fonts to columns to colours to wording.
Design your own reports, stats.
Design Invoices, Receipts, Gift Vouchers,
Membership Cards.
The background images can be Branded.
 Local, legal and financial requirements, taxes,
Service charges are all user settable
Advanced Appointment Book Management
Customise all Colours, Fonts, Columns.
Drag and Drop, Point and Click.
Room and equipment allocation for treatments.
Ensuring qualified staff is available for the selected treatments.
Rooms can be setup from single to multiple client use.
Day and Destination Package bookings.
Optional male or female rooms.
Wizards for Single, Group and Package bookings.
Facility Booking, Tennis courts or equipment hire.
Management of classes.
Integrated with POS and Hotel systems.
Automated appointment reminders with optional SMS.
Screen Shots
Appointment Book
Guest Selection
Guest Profile
Advanced POS Functionality
Use of touch screens, Barcode scanners.
Cash drawers and receipt printers.
Integrated POS function with appointment book.
Interface to Hotel and Resort Systems.
Capabilities to work in multiple currencies.
Customise Taxes, Service charges, Tips, Discounts
and Gratuities.
Flexible Till management.
Complete Stock Control and Management
Retail and Professional Stock Management.
Generate purchase orders for replenishment.
Track stock movements through out business cycle.
Advanced stock take management.
Automatic professional stock decrementation.
Manage and track stock transfer between sites.
Export data to other business sources i.e. Excel.
Track Stock Usage.
Stock Management Sample reports
Retail Sales Summary
Retail Sold by Group
Stock Profit
Providing Full Control of your staff activity
Daily Rosters for Receptionists, Therapists, Practitioners and
other Personnel.
Reporting on levels of commission structures.
Time clock in / out facility.
Sophisticated security and access levels setup.
Audit Log of all staff activity.
Business planning for volume and staff ratio’s.
Wages, salary and commission Calculation.
Staff utilisation analysis.
Staff Management
Most Popular Service
Appointments Detailed
Revenue Summary
Hours per Room
Management Reporting
Revenue by Category
Services by Group
% Room Utilisation
Budgeting Facility
Budget for the entire business performance.
Create department or category Budgets.
Link Budgets to Departments or Staff.
Develop forecast tools.
Export data to other software tools.
Customize date and time ranges.
Easy and simple reporting format.
Cost Control
Create cost management centres within your business.
Allocate your costs the way you want to see them.
Review and manage the inbound costs of your business.
Communicate cost structures to staff for future control.
Export to other software tools.
Customize costs structures and departments, Inventory, Services.
Easy and simple reporting format.
Utilize the Trading Patterns to your advantage
Record, Display Peak and Off Peak trading patterns.
Maximize Profit, Income, and Revenue.
Market trading down times .
Apply Discounts or Surcharges to allocated trading periods.
 Maximize Appointment bookings Staff Vs Clients.
Deliver increased volume and value to your Bottom Line.
Yield Management
Booking Trends
Future Bookings
Flash Report
Till Reconciliation
Manage Gift Vouchers
Design and print your own.
Automatically issue numbering.
Track and measure progress.
Track expired or unredeemed.
System allows partial or single redeeming.
Link Voucher movements to client information profile.
Use Voucher program for Marketing i.e. Client Birthdays.
Assign beneficiary when selling.
Detailed reporting and statistics.
Full Fitness Club and Membership Management
Monitor entry via card swipe or barcode scan.
Gate Control Management.
Track and measure Membership movement.
View Membership profiles for Marketing use.
Facility for Auto Direct Debiting periodical payments.
Tack and manage discounts and promotional specials.
Memberships for terms or number of visits.
Direct debit management facility with bank interface.
Peak - off peak time of day memberships.
Design your own initial consultation forms.
Design your own Member Exercise Programs and keep records
of each visit.
Screen Shots
Memberships Sold
Membership Payments
Membership Sales
Membership Visits
Customise Details
Complete freedom in the design of your client information
from address structure to notes and forms.
Add your own template images and manipulate them.
Group the information flow the way you want to see it.
Set the mandatory fields for correct data entry.
Determine the level of detail you wish to see.
Linked to Marketing and Finance .
Export to any format.
Set Access security levels for privacy.
Marketing Tools to grow your business
View Guest and sales data with any criteria.
Generate opportunity lists from dates and events.
Redesign data to capture view of marketing plans.
Automation through self generating letters and messages.
Use of email and SMS facility for reminders or special offers.
Facility to filter and re filter.
Determine Marketing calendars.
Complete Scalability
Single to Multiple properties running on a central server.
Set Fitness, Spa departments separately.
Reports can be generated for each Department,
Property or whole business.
Reports can be generated using a different currency.
Cross Room Charging between properties.
Satisfied Clients all Around the world

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