Gifted and Talented
The G&T register
Each subject area is required to identify those students who are ‘gifted’ or ‘talented’.
Teachers should nominate students to the cohort based on a range of both qualitative
and quantitative methods, to include:
Information from previous schools
Internal assessment data (formative and summative)
External assessment data (GCSEs, BTEC’s etc.)
Performance data (for example Fischer Family Trust)
Subject specific identification criteria (as appropriate)
We are looking for the top 5
- 10% of each year group, per subject
For an average year group, this would identify the top 10 students in
languages, in maths, in ICT, in drama etc.
Gifted learners have abilities in one or more subject
areas and the potential to attain distinctly above average
for that cohort.
The definition of a Gifted pupil at St Mary’s
A pupil who shows an interest in a subject area beyond
the constraints of the curriculum. They have the ability
to learn quickly and a desire to acquire knowledge over a
wide range of subjects. They show abilities to a level
significantly higher than others in the same year group.
They are nominated by subject staff and if they appear
on the lists for two or more subject areas they will be
defined as a gifted pupil.
Talented learners display practical skills and have
the potential to be distinctly above average in one
or more areas of human performance.’
The definition of a Talented pupil at St Mary’s
A pupil who shows exceptional ability in Music,
Physical Education and Art. They must produce
work well above that of what is usually expected
for pupils of their age.
Is an
At St Mary’s all staff strive to meet the needs of our students within the
class room and ALL our students at St Mary’s are encouraged to
participate in a wide range of extra curricular activities.
The G&T program is an extension of this additional provision and
support. Students are invited, and encouraged to participate with the
additional activities, but as with any extra-curricular provision,
attendance cannot be made compulsory.
Each faculty in school, offer a wide range of enrichment opportunities
and ways in which ALL students can further develop their knowledge,
skills and interest within a subject area.
We hope that students who are identified
as being within the G&T cohort will
access and contribute to this aspect
of school life.
Enrichment Opportunities
Year Group
Maths & ICT
IT lunch clubs, Maths challenge
Enterprise Day
All welcome
English and
Poetry Live! events; theatre trips; entry into poetry and short story
writing competitions and the Shakespeare Schools Festival, ‘Drop
Everything and read’ initiative
Sovereign Lecture at A Level;
languages clubs,
Spelling Bee competition, reading challenge
Exchange visits – France, Germany,
All welcome
Resources on the Learning Platform & class sites,
Guest Speakers (inc Holocaust survivor), Field trips (inc Auschwitz)
G&T visits.
University visits, subject mentors in lower key stage lessons.
All welcome
Yr 11 & 12
G&T cohort
Year 7 Day of Welcome and Mass of Welcome
Fairtrade group, Ten Ten Theatre productions, Retreats.
Ethics Matters conference, CRS days, Holy Island retreat
Year 7
All Key Stages
Nerd Soc (for all), I am a Scientist
Science Live , ITriple Science Curriculum Provision – higher ability
Bolton Lecture (physics), & Bonfire lecture (chem),
Royal Society Summer Exhibition
Biological Science Review: school liaison panel
All welcome
Open to all
Orchestra, choir, Bands, performance opportunities & concerts
School productions, & showcases. Theatre Trips.
London visit
All welcome
Extra curricular PE program
Leadership Academy & Level 1 Leadership Program
All welcome
KS4 & Core PE yr
PE & Psychology
The G&T Programme
Phase 1.
Students who have been identified as Gifted or Talented will work on an enrichment project
in VERTICAL groups (i.e. across the key stages) in a SUBJECT area. Each subject (or faculty if
more appropriate) will need a member of staff to MENTOR the group through their project.
Phase 2.
The whole G&T cohort will focus on public speaking & presentation skills and deliver their
groups findings/work at an evening CONFERENCE EVENT based in school in front of parents,
peers and guests.
Phase 3.
All students will be invited to participate or attend in a cross-curricular activity focusing on
‘thinking skills’. For Key Stage 3 students, this will be run as a workshop within school. For
Key Stages 4 & 5 we are hoping to attend a G&T focused conference, with the added benefit
of enabling student to experience ‘university style’ lectures and environment.
Imagination is more
important than
For while knowledge
defines all we currently
know and understand,
imagination points to all
we might yet discover
and create.
This years project is to research and learn about the biggest innovation
within your ‘G&T’ subject area…
Be innovative, and get inventive. What change/s do you want to
see happen?
What does it involve?
Each group will be allocated a subject coach and mentor
to bounce ideas off and to guide you through…
Phase 1:
Be Inspired, be motivated, be a young
Develop your research skills and leave
the curriculum behind…
Phase 2:
Be Inspiring, be motivational, be a team
Develop your presentation skills and
leave your comfort zone behind…
the event
Each group to have a max of 6 mins to present and argue the case for their ‘innovation’ to a
panel of experts and the audience.
The panel of experts will have the opportunity to ask questions and give immediate feedback
on the presentations
After all the presentations there will be a drinks/snacks breaks and the opportunity for all
guests to vote for ‘the greatest life’.
The results will be announced at the end of the evening and prizes given…
Key Stage 3
Creative Thinking Skills
& Team Building
Key Stage 5 – there is also
an opportunity here for
Key Stage 4 & 5.
Hull –
Development of
Existing Study Skills
The benefits
for the
New Skills
How to assist your gifted or talented child
Below are a few websites which you may find useful:
MENSA – The high IQ Society
Government information
National association for Gifted children.
Potential Plus uk.
Youth sports trust – Gifted and Talented in P.E.
How to assist your gifted or talented child
Below are a few websites which you may find useful for specific subject areas: - Really useful for KS3 MATHS –contains
problems, hints, tips and solutions.