Welcome to Arriva Trains Wales
Arriva Plc is one of the largest transport services
organisations in Europe, employing nearly 33,000 people
and delivering more than one billion passenger journeys
across eight European countries every year.
Arriva Trains Wales is part of the Arriva Group and
employs over 1800 people all across Wales and the
border counties. We are one of 26 rail companies in the
Welcome and we’re sure you will enjoy working with us!
Some facts about us….
• we have a fleet of 126 trains covering routes of over
1,009 miles
• We deliver 910 services a day, resulting in our trains
covering 13.7 million miles each year
• on average, our services handle around 60,000
passenger journeys a day with the ability to carry over
12,000 customers at any one time
• we operate 244 stations throughout Wales & the
border counties of which 53 are staffed
Arriva Trains Wales – Our Vision
•Europe’s best in class train operator
•Customers return from choice, day after day
•Our people are proud to work for Arriva
•A valued partner in our local communities
About us….
• Our commitment is to safety and security, quality,
punctuality and cleanliness. We are working
constantly to improve the quality of the services we
offer our customers. We aim to provide them with:
reliable train services
clean, attractive stations
good quality levels of information
local, effective, caring management
helpful, friendly employees.
Achievements since start of Franchise
Investments in:
• Ticket gates
• Ticket vending machines (TVM’s)
• Traincrew accommodation
• Train refurbishments
• New trains – 175’s
• CCTV on many stations and all
• Customer Information Screens
(CIS) on many stations
Achievements since start of Franchise
• The development of a
Standard Pattern timetable
which delivered more trains
at a regular frequency
across all our routes
• A significant improvement in
PPM (public performance
measure) which is how our
train punctuality and
reliability is measured in line
with all other train
Achievements since start of Franchise – our
Our challenges
Continually improving train performance
Train and station cleanliness
Keeping control of costs in a changing environment
The age profile of our trains
Increasing customer numbers with higher service
• Weather, animals, trespass and vandalism!
• Infrastructure changes – such as new signalling
Working with Communities
• One of our major successes
has been our Adopt-a-Station
scheme where community
groups look after unstaffed
• Over 100 stations have now
been adopted which helps to
ensure that stations are seen
as an integral part of the
Tim Bell,
Jon Veitch, Fleet
Ian Bullock,
Customer Services
Managing Director
Amanda Furlong,
Dennis Baker, Human Resources
Mike Bagshaw,
Our Values
Ensuring the safety of employees and customers comes
Working together and taking responsibility for delivery to
both our customers and fellow employees
Building and maintaining strong relationships
Anticipating change and always looking ahead for better
ways to ensure consistent delivery
A strong commercial focus to create long-term value for
our shareholders
Any questions.....Over to you……