Lifelong Learning Multirateral School Project
“We all came here from somewhere”
Olaine Secondary School No 1
There are more than 6 700
languages in the world.
There are about 1,5
million native speakers in
Latvia and about 120,000
Latvian language is the
official state language of
the Republic of Latvia.
Its closest and only living relative
is Lithuanian language:
piens - pienas (milk)
slota – šluota
(a broom)
zirnis – žirnis
( a pea)
The first written texts in Latvian appeared
more than 400 years ago.
The present Latvian alphabet
consists of
33 letters:
a, ā, b, c, č, d, e, ē, f, g, ģ, h, i, ī,
j, k, ķ, l, ļ, m, n, ņ, o, p, r, s, š, t,
u, ū, v, z, ž.
22 letters are from Latin alphabet.
Usage of BIG and small letters.
- Rīga
- Ilze
-Eiropas Savienība (EU)
-Baltijas jūra (the Baltic sea) etc.
The vowel letters A, E, I and U can take a
macron to show length, unmodified letters
being short.
The consonants C,S and Z in modified form
can be marked with a caron (v).
The letters Ģ, Ķ, Ļ and Ņ are written with a
cedilla or little 'comma' placed below.
The letter
O indicates both the short and long
[ɔ], and the diphthong [uɔ]
Ola (an egg)
So, lets train to speak in Latvian:
brikšņi - brushwood
jokains – funny
Ola (an egg)
This bundle of sticks is not my bundle of sticks,
but that bundle of sticks is my bundle of sticks.
Šis žagaru saišķis nav mans žagaru saišķis, bet
tas žagaru saišķis ir mans žagaru saišķis.
Thank you for your attention!

There are more than 6 700 languages in the world.