Drilling Wells,
Transforming Lives
About South Sudan
 ~ 400,000+ sq. miles
(slightly larger than France,
slightly smaller than Texas)
 8+ Million people
o Many tribes and clans;
largest are Dinka and
o English, Arabic,
hundreds of tribal
languages and
 July 2011 independence
from Sudan
Would you drink this water?
What if you had no choice?
Our Mission
Water for South
Sudan delivers
direct, transformative
and sustainable
quality-of-life service
to the people of
South Sudan by
efficiently providing
access to clean, safe
water and improving
hygiene practices in
areas of great need.
Where We Operate
Wau (Waw)
Operations HQ
Our Inspiration
Salva Dut
Founder, Executive Director for
East African Operations,
Water for South Sudan, Inc.
What’s Been Accomplished
• 217 wells as of May, 2014
• Over 500,000 people now
access safe, fresh water
• Women and children have
new opportunities
• Hygiene Education Team
Water is just the beginning…
• Village life stabilizes
• Schools, clinics, markets
spring up
• Women and girls have
new opportunities
Will You Help Us?
Provide safe, fresh water to:
• Increase health, reduce sickness and deaths
• Empower people to improve their own lives
Thank You !

Water for Sudan Standard presentation