Community Languages Provision
in Wolverhampton
Naresh Chandla
EAL & Community Languages Manager
Equalities and Diversity Service
Unique provision in the country
• mainstream classes
• supplementary classes
Mainstream: No of pupils
GCSEs Panjabi /Urdu KS4 and AS/A level
Supplementary Classes: No of languages on offer Bengali,
Gujarati, Hindi, Kurdish, Panjabi, Polish, Tamil and Urdu
20 primary and secondary schools - Saturday morning
Mainstream curriculum –as an option in Modern Foreign
Good GCSE/AS/A level results at KS4 contributing in
raising the attainment of target Indian and Pakistani pupils
at KS4 – identified underachieving group
Working in collaboration with MFL Department
Setting example for good practice at national level
Outstanding OFSTED reports
Good GCSE and A level results (Ongoing)
Publication of GCSE Panjabi Book
European Award for Languages 2001
Short listed for Becta’s ICT Award for inclusion 2003
Languages for All- Language for Life (DFES) 2004
Modern Languages in the Key Stage 4 Curriculum 2004
Publication of ‘Curriculum Guide for Panjabi’ Goldmith College 2007
Publication of ‘Let’s Learn Panjabi’ 2008
Development of ‘Our Languages’ Resources File 2009
Featured in for good practice
The King’s Church of Engl
Modern foreign
languages in the key
stage 4 curriculum
At key stage 3, all pupils are ta
French or German in alte
years. At key stage 4, students
include a foreign language in
option choices and can study
languages if they wish. Ther
GCSE and Entry level cours
French and German, and the sc
also offers GCSE courses
Panjabi and Urdu. These co
cover all aspects of the G
specifications and are taugh
visiting teachers provided by
LEA. All students from the sc
entered for GCSE Panjabi or
have achieved grades A*-C.
Mainstreaming Community Languages provision
through citywide offer in 14-19 provision
Accrediting learning in these languages through Asset
Languages in all languages
Teaching Panjabi at KS2- ‘entitlement’ delivery in a
Primary school (started this half term)
Another school on board
State of the art CPD programme at all levels
(PGCE,GTP,OTP support and NQT induction)
Language Diversity Conference
A Level Panjabi day
Other Conferences and CPD sessions in prtnership with
a wide range of agencies

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