Pre - Arrival Session
Tuesday 3 September 2013
10 a.m. British Time
The Graduate School Administrative Team
Where are we?
The Graduate School Office can be
found at:
Room 12.15
12th Floor David Hume Tower
George Square
Usual Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm
University of Edinburgh Airport Welcome
The welcome team will be located at Edinburgh Airport’s UK and
International arrivals on:
Friday 6, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 September 2013
8am – 10pm
Watch out for students in red t-shirts!
We don’t offer an airport collection or transfer service but the team can
advise on onward travel options.
Graduate School Induction Session
Wednesday 11 September 2013
Lecture Theatre A
David Hume Tower Lecture Theatre
1.30pm – 3pm: Welcome and general introduction
3pm – 4.30pm: Meeting with programme director or subject area
4.30pm – 6pm: Drinks reception at The Caves, 8-12 Niddry Street South
A full schedule will be published on our website later today:
Graduate School Campus Tours
During induction week we will be offering guided tours of the campus
giving particular emphasis to our student facilities.
Wednesday 11 September 2013 – 11 a.m.
Thursday 12 September 2013 – 11 a.m.
Friday 13 September 2013 – 11 a.m.
Tours will begin in the foyer of the David Hume Tower and will be approximately
45 minutes in length. Please make sure that you dress appropriately for the
weather as tours will be outside.
Registering as a Student: The Matriculation Process
To fully matriculate you need to do the following:
• Complete a registration form
• Pay your tuition fees
• Collect your student card
• Have your attendance confirmed by the School
• Fulfil any admission criteria set by the College of Humanities and
Social Sciences
Your registration form should have been sent to your student email account as a PDF
document. If you haven’t received this you can request to be sent another one:
Registering as a Student: The Matriculation Process
Most students will already have enrolled by post however if you need to pay your fees,
pick up your Student Card or have a question about tuition fees, you can attend at one of
these times:
You should only go to Adam House on Chambers Street at these allocated times:
Thursday 12 September, 9.15am – 12.30pm
Friday 13 September, 12.30 pm – 16.30pm
Monday 16 – Friday 20 September, 9.15am – 4.30pm
The School will confirm your attendance once a member of staff has seen you in person.
If you cannot attend the Graduate School Induction Session, please make sure that you
visit the Graduate School Office during week one.
For advice on any aspects of the matriculation process visit the dedicated new students website:
International Students
All International students need to provide Registry with copies of their passport and
visa at the point of returning their registration form.
Failure to register as expected could result in a student’s details being passed to the
Home Office.
Tier Four (sponsored) students will be expected to reconfirm their attendance at three
Census sessions throughout the year. Further details will be sent to students by
Police Registration Dates
After arriving in Edinburgh, some international students may need to register with the
If you need to register, this requirement will be written in your passport.
Police Registration will be available on campus by appointment only on the dates
given, in the David Hume Tower Conference Room.
More information can be found on the International Student’s Immigration website for
New Students:
Personal Tutor for MSc Taught Students
For most students your Personal Tutor will be your Programme Director.
This person will be your academic contact during your studies and you can expect to
have one-to-one meetings with this person.
Students have not yet been allocated within the system but this will be done before
Induction Week – check MyEd from Induction Week.
For Research Students, your Supervisor has the role of Personal Tutor.
Selecting Option Courses
For those students who have options to choose within their Degree Programme Table
(DPT), these can now be made provisionally using our online form. You should have
received an email about this already, if not – contact us on
You will need to check the Degree Programme Table for your degree and decide on your
option choices before starting to complete this form.
Please be aware that your choices are only provisional and won't be firmed up until after
the meetings with your Programme Director on 11th September.
Degree Programme Tables:
Programme Handbooks
These are being finalised and will appear on your Programme webpages later this week.
The Programme Handbook provides you with vital information on your programme and its
This will not be handed to you in printed form, it will only be available via the programme
Accommodation in Edinburgh
The following types of accommodation are offered by the University:
• Catered residences
• Self-catered residences
• Self-catered flats
• Couple and family accommodation
Applications for University accommodation should have been submitted by 31 July 2013
but there may still be accommodation available.
Alternatively, you may prefer private housing which is accommodation leased from a
private owner.
Other important things to do:
Register with a GP – All students on a full-time course of studies in Scotland are
eligible for National Health Service (NHS) treatment. You will need a print-out of your
unconditional offer letter, proof of ID (your passport and student card) and proof of
address in the UK to register.
Open a UK bank account – It can be useful to open a UK bank account but the
process can only take place once you have moved into your accommodation.
Council Tax - It is your responsibility to inform the local council of your student status as
soon as you have enrolled at the University. Failure to do this may result in you receiving a
bill for council tax, or a fine.
Monday 16 September 2013
Start of semester one teaching
Friday 29 November 2013
End of semester one teaching
Thursday 5 December 2013
Semester one option course assessment deadline
Monday 9 – Friday 20 December 2013
Semester one examinations diet
Thursday 12 December 2013
Semester one core course assessment deadline
Monday 13 January 2014
Start of semester two teaching
Monday 17 – 21 February 2014
Innovative Learning Week
Friday 4 April 2014
End of semester two teaching
Thursday 10 April 2014
Semester two option course assessment deadline
Thursday 17 April 2014
Semester two core course assessment deadline
Monday 28 April – Friday 23 May 2014
Semester two examinations diet
Thursday 14 August 2014
Dissertation deadline
If you have any problems please contact:
• The Graduate School Office
• Your Programme Director/
Personal Tutor/
We look forward to meeting you!
Any questions?...
Email us at