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Economic Development
Lesson 1: Aims
• To understand the term Economic Development
• To the able to explain how weather affects
economic development
• To be able to share ideas and discuss these with
both a partner and the class.
Economic + Development = Economic Development
Definition: Economic
• This means how we use our resources.
• Some countries may have more – or better quality –
resources than others.
• Outside factors may mean some countries have more
resources during some periods of time.
Definition: Development
• How economies improve over time:
• People become better trained and educated
• Machines and equipment become more advanced
• Fertilisers and other treatments improve for crops
Importing from
countries is a way
of helping them to
improve their
An Example (UK)
• In recent times in the UK we have experienced heavy
flooding, meaning a great deal of damage was done.
• Many people were unable to live in their homes for
months and – in some cases – years afterwards.
An Example (UK) cont…
• The UK economy suffered greatly from this extreme
• Insurance claims were higher than usual, leading to insurance
being more expensive for everyone
• Many crops were ruined, affecting the livelihoods of farmers and
others involved in the food chain
Summary of the effect of flooding:
The clean-up operation begins following worst storm in 60 years
Coastal homes were swept away into the sea after the worst storm in more than 60
years battered Britain as the clean-up operation now gets underway.
Devastated residents watched their cliff-top homes disappear as last night's tidal
surge -- which claimed two lives -- hit the east coast of Britain.
Thousands of other homeowners are now returning after being evacuated, as flood
waters begin to recede.
In Hemsby, Norfolk, several bungalows fell into the water as the high tide eroded
the cliff below.
Resident Steven Connolly, 54, and his wife Jackie, 64, rushed home from the pub to
rescue their possessions before their home was destroyed.
• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PQocV3Me_8 (4 mins)
The Outcome
• Weather is one example of how an economy can be
• As the UK is a developed economy it was able to come
through the difficulties of the floods.
• In less developed countries, severe weather conditions,
such as a drought can lead to starvation
Task 1: Tourism
• One difficulty with the floods was the effect on tourism.
• With a partner discuss ways in which tourism could have
been affected and still may be affected by recent flooding
in the UK.
Task 2: Machinery
• As our economy has developed tasks associated with the
following areas have been made easier.
• For each example write down the name of a machine or
piece of equipment that has led to the task being carried
out more easily and explain why this is the case.
• Farming eg harvesting crops
• Construction eg building houses
• Textiles eg making clothes
• Business eg communication with customers
Task 3: Insurance
• People and businesses in developed countries tend to be
protected by insurance.
• Make a list of what you are likely to insure in the future.
• Compare this list with a partner and then share with the
Lesson 2: Aims
• To understand the impact Economic Development
has on health.
• To be able to research and communicate findings
to the class
Our Everyday Lives
• We all have a moan from time to time about the Scottish
weather, however we live in a ‘moderate’ climate.
• We are not exposed to extreme weather such as
hurricanes or droughts. This makes our lives much easier
and a lot less scary!
Healthy Lifestyles
• In more developed countries people live longer.
• Economic development leads to greater wealth and
therefore the residents of the country will eat better and
have better health care.
• They also are provided with more information about how
to live more healthily.
• Nevertheless many people in Scotland ignore advice
given on a healthy lifestyle shortening their life
Task 4: Research and Communicate
• Choose either Weather or Health as your topic.
• Carry out some research (based on the next slides) and
note down some findings in your jotter.
• Be ready to share these with the class later in the lesson.
Weather Research
• During the early part of 2009, Australia suffered severe
fires. Find out what you can about these fires.
• Look for what started the fires and how the Australian
people coped with the disaster.
• What might the outcome have been if Australia wasn’t a
developed country?
Health Research
• Find out how the Scottish Government promotes a
healthy lifestyle and what advice is given.
• Compare the life expectancy of someone in the UK to that
of a developing country.
• Why do you think not everyone leads a healthy lifestyle in
the UK?
Lesson 3: Aims
• Understand the main exports from France and
how they impact on our lives.
• Appreciate the importance of ‘branding’.
Spotlight on France
• France is one of the world’s richest nations.
• This means that a citizen of France is likely to have a
better lifestyle, better level of health and better education
than a person living in a poorer nation.
French Industries
• The earnings from these industries allow French citizens
to have a high standard of living:
• Motor vehicles
• Wine
• Cosmetics
• Clothing
• Tourism
Other French Details
• France, like other wealthy countries, has social welfare
schemes to ensure that incomes do not fall below the
poverty line.
• France sells its products all over the world (exports) and
is a member of the European Union.
• Average income is €40,000 but not everyone earns this –
income inequality.
• Life expectancy is 80 years of age.
Task 5: Terms
• In a sentence explain each of the following terms:
• Standard of living
• Poverty line
• Economic growth
• Exports
• Income inequality
• Life expectancy
Did You Know?
• In the Champagne region of France, a very special
sparkling wine is produced. It takes its name from the
• The European Union and many other countries, do not
permit any other sparkling wine to be known as
• To carry the name, it must come from
the famous region of champagne to
the east of Paris.
Task 6: Research
• With a partner (or individually) research another wealthy
country eg Sweden.
• Find out:
• Average income and life expectancy
• Main exports
• Well-known companies and brands
• From your answers above comment on the standard of living in this
• Produce a short word-processed report
• make use of suitable heading styles
Lesson 5/6: Aims
• Understand the location of Sudan
• Examine the impact of civil war on a country
• Investigate methods of humanitarian aid
Spotlight on Sudan
• Sudan is an African country which has a rapidly growing
economy. However this does not make it a wealthy
country as it is trying to grow from a very low level.
• Sudan’s main export is oil. Oil is a product which is in
great demand all over the world.
• Other exports include: petrol, natural gas, gold, silver, and
Sudan’s Problem
• Sudan was engaged in civil war (between different parts
of the same country) for many years.
• In 2007, Sudan experienced terrible floods. Disease
became a problem and aid from other parts of the world
was supplied.
• ¼ of the population live on less than €1 per day
• Life expectancy under 60 years of age.
South Sudan
• South Sudan became an independent state on 9 July
2011, following a referendum.
• It is a United Nations member state.
• In July 2012, South Sudan signed the Geneva
• South Sudan has suffered internal conflict since its
• The conflict that broke out in South Sudan on 15 December
2013 has left thousands dead and displaced more than one
million people. Oxfam is currently supporting people affected
by the conflict with clean water, sanitation and emergency food
Nearly 7 million people need food, water and support urgently
including 1.2 million children under the age of 5.
(2 ½ mins)
Did You Know?
• Volunteers go to countries such as Sudan that require
humanitarian aid. However anyone going to Sudan must
be aware of the dangers.
• Quite apart from the risk from weather conditions,
volunteers could be in danger from violence.
• In March 2009, five aid workers were kidnapped.
• The UK Government advises extreme caution to
Task: What does it mean?
• What do the following terms mean?
• Independence
• United Nations
• Geneva Convention
• Civil war
• Aid
• Floods
• Poverty
Task: Oxfam Support
• Create a display which shows the support that Oxfam is
giving to the people of South Sudan (use their website)
• Read about what has been happening this year in the
country (using the updates tab on the website)
• http://www.oxfam.org/en/sudan-southsudan-crisis
Spotlight on Belize
• Belize is a country in Central America.
• Citizens of Belize do not have a high standard of living but
enjoy a good quality of life – less stress than a more
advanced economy.
• Belize has a trade deficit, which means that more is spent
on imports from other countries than from selling exports.
Belize Exports
• Belize exports:
• Sugar
• Bananas
• Oil
• Tourism
• Belize has an underdeveloped economy which means
that the government do not use the resources of the
country in the best way possible.
• Belize is a beautiful country with a great climate. Foreign
visitors are attracted , especially from the USA.
• However, many of the hotels are owned by foreign
companies meaning that Belize does not benefit from the
• A trailer for the new Belize Tourism Video, designed to
make the viewer want to view the entire movie.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxFsv3tneHQ (90 secs)
Did You Know?
• Belize was once a British colony, meaning it was in British
• It is probably for this reason that English is the official
language of Belize.
• However, the most widely spoken language is Creole,
which is a mixture of African languages.
Our Everyday Lives
• When we see someone we know, we may or may not say
“hello”. However, in Belize it would be regarded as very
rude if even a slight acquaintance was not greeted.
• Nowadays in Scotland, we call most of the people we
know by their first name. However, in Belize, you would
not call someone by their first name unless you had a
well-established relationship with that person.
Task: Tourism Leaflet
• You have been asked by the a country of your choice’s Tourism Board
to design a leaflet to promote the benefits of visiting their country.
• You should use some of the information on their tourism website in
order to complete this task.
• For example www.travelbelize.org; www.visitscotland.com
• There are no other instructions, apart from your leaflet should be eye-
catching and informative, encouraging new tourists to the area.
• Your teacher will demonstrate the basics of leaflet preparation using
Microsoft Publisher.
• As a class discuss possible contents before starting your research.
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Economic Development