List of Conventions on Jurisdictions
and Judgments, Page 1
List of Conventions on Jurisdictions
and Judgments, Page 2
Full Text Protocol
on Jurisdiction in Civil and Commercial Matters
Locating Material on
Inter-Governmental Organizations
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UNIDROIT Welcome Page
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Acts and Omissions by Agents and Servants
Article #3, 10 Cases
List of Cases Divided by County
7 Cases from Belgium
Tribunal on Commerce
Decision from 1972
Full Text of Decision
European and Comparative
Private Law Page
Foreign Law
Foreign Law
Defined: Foreign Law refers to the domestic laws of a particular,
non-U.S. country, such as Holland or Brazil.
Statutes and Codes
Codici d’Italia(Italian Codification)
Consolidated Statutes and Regulations, Canada
Case Law
Nederlandse Jurisprudentie (NJ)
Foreign Law
Electronic Resources
Electronic Information System for International Law (EISIL)
Global Legal Information Network (GLIN)
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South Africa Government Online
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Netherlands Index
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Constitution of the Netherlands
Full Text of the Constitution of the
Netherlands in Dutch
GLIN Introduction and
Subject Term Index Screens
GLIN Query ‘war crimes’
Limit Scope
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Limit by Jurisdiction and Language
Limits Jurisdiction Guatemala and
Language English
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2 Government Accords and 1 Resolution
Foreign Law
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Northwestern University Library
South Africa Government Online
South Africa Government Online
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Acts on Elections resulting in Surplus Seats
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Comparative Law
Comparative Law
Defined: Comparative Law is the study and comparative evaluation of the
differences and similarities in several legal systems.
Types of Jurisdictions
Common Law
Civil Law
Mixed Jurisdiction
Comparative Law
Electronic Resources
William Tetley’s paper Mixed Jurisdictions: Common Law vs
Civil Law (Codified and Uncodified)
Part 1
Part 2
American Society of Comparative Law (ASCL)
American Society of
Comparative Law Homepage
Research Links
Comparative Law Sites
Transnational Law
Transnational Law
Defined: Transnational Law refers to the law
where public international law, private
international law and comparative law intersect
and overlap.
International Law
Private International Law
Comparative Law
Transnational Law
Electronic Resources
Lex Mercatoria List of Transnational Law Sites
Center for Transnational Law (CENTRAL)
Links to International and
Transnational Law Sites
Center for Transnational Law
Welcome to the CENTRAL Site
Contact Information
Anna K. Teller
Dee J. Kelly Law Library
Texas Wesleyan University
School of Law
1515 Commerce St.
Fort Worth, TX 76102

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