Dollars for Dreams Campaign
To Make Dreams Realities for the Catholic
Schools of the Diocese of Nsukka, Nigeria
A Mission Partnership of the Office of
Catholic Schools, Archdiocese of Chicago
Nigeria is a country in west Africa.
It has the largest population in Africa.
Nsukka is a city in Nigeria.
We’re Just Like You!
We love to play with our friendsjust like you!
We love our teachersjust like you!
We learn to sing and dancejust like you!
We love to learnjust like you!
Our schools have many studentsjust like you!
We learn how to solve problemsjust like you!
We love to prayjust like you!
We have a beautiful countryjust like you!
We are a beautiful peoplejust like you!
And, just like you, we have needs.
We need…
Building materials for
new and growing schools.
Books and computers.
Water and toilets.
Most of all, we need
your friendship!
By joining our
partnership in mission.
By giving one dollar or more to help
us have great Catholic schools.
You can help us get textbooks.
Students have no
No libraries
No teaching aides
No good
No learning tools
like rulers, crayons
or calculators
You can help us with our
dreams for a bright future!
You can help us access good water.
Schools have no
wells for clean water
 Nsukka does not
have infrastructure
for water
 Students drink water
from plastic bottles
and bags or from
drainage holes
You can help us light our classrooms.
Nigeria has electricity
for only a few hours
daily – sometimes not
at all
Schools have no
electricity for
classrooms or
Students study with
kerosene lamps at night
You can help us find
adequate tools and technologies.
Elementary schools
have no technology.
 Secondary schools
have little electronic
equipment or none.
 There are no
updated science
You can help us enjoy
play and athletic equipment.
Schools have very
little for students to
enjoy physical
 Or to play games
 Or to engage in
sports activities
You can help us make bricks to
build new schools and to expand.
Bricks in Nigeria are
made close to the
building sites.
 Schools are made of
these bricks
 Brick making
provides jobs for
The Dollars for Dreams Campaign
will help our Nsukka brothers and sisters
make their dreams become reality.
Please give us one or more dollars to
help their dreams come true!
Become a partner with the
Diocese of Nsukka!

Dollars for Dreams Campaign