Deploying Windows 7 with
Configuration Manager 2007.
Tips from the field
With Niall Brady,
MVP ConfigMgr, Zipper.
Workshop Agenda
Task Sequences
FrontEnd HTA
Customising Windows
Updating Windows
Application Deployment
Migrating Data
Questions and Answers
Application Deployment
Operating System Deployment
Software Update Management
Microsoft Deployment Toolkit integration.
Task Sequences
• Build and Capture Task Sequence
• Deploy Task Sequence
• Hiding the Task Sequence from the End User in
• Protecting the task sequence with a password
Build and Capture
What is a Build and Capture Task Sequence ?
• The base OS plus core apps (FAT Applications)
• Windows Updates via SLP
• Not Domain joined (Workgroup)
• Built on Virtual hardware
Specify the SLP
Deploy Task Sequence
• The Deploy Task Sequence is used to deploy your captured image from the Build
and Capture process above.
• The Deploy Task Sequence can be used to install applications (and other settings
etc) in three different layers.
Be Dynamic !
Dynamic Layer
User Layer Applications
Business layer applications
Hide the TS from RAP
Right click on the Task
Sequence and select the
Advanced Tab.
Use Passwords
• We can add a PXE
Within the TS
• If a PXE password is not set or if the user knows the
password. You can add one more layer, a password
within the Task Sequence itself.
Get some HTAs !
• The Front End v1.0
• Johan Arwidmark’s – Pretty Good Frontend
• Maik Koster’s – Pretty Good Frontend Clone
Use the HTA
• Create a boot image to support HTA
o Do it in the console via MDT integration
o Do it manually
• Adding the HTA to a Task Sequence
• Adding Extra Files to the boot image
o Detailed guide here
Hide things
var oTSProgressUI = new
Screen resolution
Use the setres command as a command line step in
the task sequence, place the exe in a subdir of your
MDT files scripts folder. The task sequence Run
Command Line step can read
• Cmd /c “%scriptroot%\wnb\setres.exe” h1024
v768 b16
Passing values
We can set variables in our HTA using buttons or
other methods, essentially we ‘set’ a value
(variable) which is checked for via Options in a
step in the Task Sequence.
Javascript backend
var oEnvironment = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.SMS.TSEnvironment");
The task sequence has a Group which checks for the value of that
variable and if=NEWCOMPUTER it does some actions.
WSF backend
<job id="PromptForPassword">
<script language="VBScript" >
Dim env,oTSProgressUI,MyPass
Set env =
set oTSProgressUI =
MyPass=Inputbox("Please enter the Password to
start the OS Deployment")
If MyPass = "password" then
End If
Web services
• What are they ?
• Where can I get them ?
• How can I install some Web Services?
Make your own !
To make your own webservice, you
can install Microsoft Visual Studio, I’d
recommend using Microsoft Visual
Studio 2010 to access all the different
versions of .Net.
Start New Project
.NET framework 2.0
Hello world
Your first web service
Customise Windows
• Power Management
• Making user a Local Administrator
o Create a Run Command Line step in your task sequence with the
o Cmd /c net localgroup “Administrators” “DOMAIN\%targetUser%” /add
o The %targetUser% field is a variable and it is derived from our FrontEnd.
o Note that as we change language, the net localgroup command will also
have to change.
Installing updates
Depending on whether you are doing Build and
Capture (use SLP) or just a regular Deploy task
sequence, create two deployment management
• one for Build and Capture collection
• one for your Deploy collection
o Windows 7 Language Pack (x64) - DVD (Multiple Languages) 8/6/2009
2,200 (MB)
o Windows 7 Language Pack (x86) - DVD (Multiple Languages) 8/6/2009
1,846 (MB)
Regional settings
• In Windows SIM, Add the regional settings by
creating an unattend.xml file with variables
• Migrating Data
o Hardlinking (Demo XP to Windows 7)
o Offline Mode in WinPE (Demo XP to Windows 7)
• Application Deployment
o Dynamic Application Installation
• FrontEnd
• SCCM 2007 Guides - A list of Step by Step guides
Maiks’ webservices below:• MDT Webservice
• SCCM Webservice
• Active Directory Webservice
Questions ?

Deploying Windows 7 with Configuration Manager …