No matter how well you plan, traveling
is always full of surprises.
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About Worldwide Benefit Services
Worldwide Benefit Services (WBS) was established in 1999
as company that specializes in creating and wholesaling
non-insurance service products. Within two years of our
existence, WBS became the exclusive North American
wholesaler for Europ Assist USA Travel Assistance for value
added group programs. Working both directly and with
contracted WBS agents, WBS has gathered the compelling
interest and the business in a variety of markets, including:
•Health Care Providers and Insurance Companies
•Banks and Credit Unions
•International, National, and Regional HMOs
•Governmental, Professional and Corporate Affinity Groups
•International and Domestic Fortune 500 Companies
•Trade Associations
•Insurance Administrators and Brokers
About Our Operational Partner
Europ Assistance USA
•North America subsidiary of Europ Assistance, founded 1982
•30+ Million Covered Members
•130 Employees fluent in 26 languages collectively
•Worldwide Headquarters in Paris founded 1963
•35 offices globally
•208 service agents worldwide
•4,000 full time employees
•$950M USD in 2005 revenue
•Europ Assistance is owned 100% by Generali
•$87 billion in annual revenue
Worldwide Network
Expertise through Action
36 24/7 Alarm Centers Worldwide
Agents in 212 countries and territories
56.8 million calls in 2008 (2 calls/sec)
16.9 million assistance cases
(1 case/2 sec)
8000 transports a year
World Travel Assist
Assistance Services
Travel medical assistance
- Emergency medical evacuation/repatriation
- Medical monitoring and referral
- Other standard assistance services
Real-time online access to security, health and cultural
Subscription to the World Pandemic Monitor
Travel Assistance Services
Emergency Medical Assistance
Medical evacuation and/or repatriation
Repatriation of remains
Medical case management and review
Bedside visit of a family member
Return of dependent children
Return of traveling companion
Prescription replacement or refill assistance
Eyeglass replacement assistance
Pre-trip informational assistance
Pet return Vehicle return
Online security database with real time updates
Online health information
Online brochure and member fufillment
Frequently asked questions and contact
Financial, Legal and Communication
Emergency cash advance
Lost document/baggage assistance
Bail-bond posting
Referral to attorneys
Emergency message relays
Emergency translation/interpretation assistance by
Medical Expertise
400 Medical Professionals on staff
US Medical Team are practicing emergency room
physicians at George Washington University
Global provider database
Facility audits
Global crisis response capabilities
Online information portal
Real time security information
Be aware of the local conditions of your destination
Real time alerts
and information
country, city
•Security concerns
•Political situation
•Health risks
•Cultural info
World Pandemic Monitor
Situation updates by
country and risk
Addresses key issues
and decisions facing
an organization
Insights into what
other organizations
are doing, new
research, key trends
World Travel Assist
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