Faith Promise
ONE – For All
John 3:16, Romans 5:8, &
Hebrews 9:28
All – For ONE
Matthew 28:19-20
Our Goal is for everyone at
LWN to Participate in
Missions through Giving
and Prayer
40 Days through the Gospel of John
Sunday, Feb 17
Monday, Feb 18
Tuesday, Feb 19
Wednesday, Feb 20
Thursday, Feb 21
Friday, Feb 22
Saturday, Feb 23
Worship and Rest
John 1:1-28
John 1:29-51
John 2:1-25
John 3:1-21
John 3:22-36
John 4:1-42
Sunday, Feb 24
Monday, Feb 25
Tuesday, Feb 26
Wednesday, Feb 27
Thursday, Feb 28
Friday, March 1
Saturday, March 2
Worship and Rest
John 4:43-54
John 5:1-15
John 5:16-47
John 6:1-21
John 6:22-59
John 6:60-71
Sunday, March 3
Monday, March 4
Tuesday, March 5
Wednesday, March 6
Thursday, March 7
Friday, March 8
Saturday, March 9
Worship and Rest
John 7:1-31
John 7:32-52
John 8:1-30
John 8:31-59
John 9:1-41
John 10:1-21
Sunday, March 10
Monday, March 11
Tuesday, March 12
Wednesday, March 13
Thursday, March 14
Friday, March 15
Saturday, March 16
Worship and Rest
John 10:22-42
John 11:1-16
John 11:17-57
John 12:1-19
John 12:20-50
John 13:1-20
40 Days through the Gospel of John
Sunday, March 17
Monday, March 18
Tuesday, March 19
Wednesday, March 20
Thursday, March 21
Friday, March 22
Saturday, March 23
Palm Sunday, March 24
Monday, March 25
Tuesday, March 26
Wednesday, March 27
Thursday, March 28
Good Friday, March 29
Holy Saturday, March 30
Easter Sunday, March 31
Monday, April 1
Tuesday, April 2
Wednesday, April 3
Thursday, April 4
Worship and Rest
John 13:21-38
John 14:1-14
John 14:15-31
John 15:1-17
John 15:18-27
John 16:1-15
Worship and Rest
John 16:16-33
John 17:1-26
John 18:1-27
John 18:28-40
John 19:1-30
John 19:31-42
John 20:1-18
John 20:19-30
John 21:1-14
John 21:15-25
Tips for succeeding in regular Bible reading:
*Set a time and place where you will do your reading.
*Place your Bible some place visible as a reminder. For example, if you are
going to read in the morning, put it in front of your coffee pot. Or if you are a
night reader, place it on your pillow in the morning, so it is waiting for you
when you go to bed.
*Track your progress by marking off readings as you complete them on the
chart provided.
*Make no exceptions! Vow to do it no matter what.
*If you blow the last tip, then just start over from where you left off. Don’t
worry about what you missed. Pick it up on a light day or on a Sunday. Most
people allow catching up to be an obstacle to just getting back on track.
Page 37
NMI Mission Statement
• To encourage our people to pray for
all the activities of world evangelism
through the missionary arm of the
Church of the Nazarene
Saturday, March 16th
Scripture for the day: John 13:1-20
Country: Bangladesh Date Entered: 1993
• To provide an informative program
that will increase the knowledge and
understanding of the world’s needs,
and the efforts of our church to reach
all with the gospel
• To inspire and challenge our youth to
keep their lives available to God’s will
• To help raise funds to support the
missionary outreach of the Church of
the Nazarene
• Our goal is that everyone at LWN
would have a global focus and seek
personal involvement relating to the
fulfilling of God’s plan to reach the
whole world
Page 2
Quote of the Day:
Missions verse of the day: John 3:16
God’s love is world wide. Amen!
Page 35
Sunday, March 17th
Scripture for the day: Worship and Rest
Country: Mexico
The Nazarene church entered Mexico in 1903
and currently is organized in two fields (north
and south) and at least 14 districts.
Prayer requests are for the pastors and
missionaries serving there as well as the Border
Initiative which focuses especially on growing
the church on both sides of the border.
Quote of the Day:
Missions verse of the day: Mathew 28:19-20
Pray for the Great Commission and your faith
promise commitment
Page 36
NMI Mission Statement
What is Faith Promise?
What is World Evangelism Fund (WEF)?
Mission Fast Facts
Mission Resources
Mission Goals for LWN
El Salvador
United Kingdom
Papua New Guinea
Dominican Republic
Sri Lanka
40 days of prayer (continued)
Page 1
What is World
Evangelism Fund (WEF)?
The World Evangelism
Fund fuels the Church of
the Nazarene’s global
mission. Because we
can do more working
together than we can
alone, every church
shares a small portion of
income for the purpose
of making Christlike
disciples in the nations.
Page 4
Thursday, March 14th
Scripture for the day: John 12:1-19
Country: Kosovo
Kososo is one of the more recent mission areas
for the Church of the Nazarene. It is a country
that has suffered through many wars and ethnic
tension. Pray for our leaders to reach this
predominantly Muslim country with God’s love.
Pray for the Power of One emphasis in Kosovo.
Quote of the Day:
Missions verse of the day: Romans 5:8
Page 33
Friday, March 15th
Scripture for the day: John 12:20-50
Country: Moldova
Part of the CIS Field
From Pastor Scott: “We have one church in
Moldova. The pastor and his wife (Sergey and
Irina) are from Ukraine and Russia, respectively.
They have expressed the feeling of loneliness
(being the only Nazarenes in Moldova). Pray for
them to feel the love, support, and prayers of
the church. Pray that the ministry expands in the
year ahead.”
Quote of the Day:
Missions verse of the day: Isaiah 45:22
Page 34
Page 3
Mission Resources
Main website for NMI
Main website for Nazarene Media Resources
Official Site of Nazarene World Missions
Weekly Nazarene News
Subscription Website for many free
South Asia Field
Tuesday, March 12th
Scripture for the day: John 11:1-16
Country: Argentina
Part of the South America Region and
entered into by the Church of the Nazarene
in 1909. Pray for Juan Jose Zani who is our
Links missionary.
Pray for women’s radio broadcast ministry
and the students that are attending the
Seminary in Pilar, Argentina.
Also pray for the compassionate ministry
efforts and Jesus Film teams. Pray for the
church in Bragado that our church helped
to build in 2005. It was in honor of Becky
Quote of the Day:
Official Site Eurasia Region
Missions verse of the day: Mathew 24:14
Main website for Nazarene Church
Page 6
Page 31
Wednesday, March 13th
Scripture for the day: John 11:17 - 57
Country: Romania
This country is part of the Eurasia Region and is
part of the Central Europe Field.
Pray for the ministry in this Country and Michael
and Tamara Hudson who are missionaries there.
Quote of the Day:
“For me, this grave is the doorway to a heavenly city, who can
tell the beauty of that city? Why should I weep?” – A Romanian
woman prior to being martyred
Missions verse of the day: Acts 1:8
Prayer concerns: Be a witness for Christ in your
sphere of influence today and seek the Lord’s
direction in supporting missions through faith
Page 32
Mission Fast Facts
•The Church of the Nazarene ministers in 159 world areas.*
The 2012 General Board approved the following world areas entered: Africa
Region—South Sudan; Mesoamerica Region—Turks and Caicos; and a Creative
Access Area.
• 737 missionaries and 177 missionary kids were deployed from 40 world
areas in 2011 (including 342 Mission Corps volunteers).*
• 11,098 volunteers participated in mission in 2011. In addition to Mission
Corps, there were 252 individual volunteers, 10,376 Work & Witness team
members, and 128 Youth in Mission and university-age participants.
• 5 graduate seminaries, 33 undergraduate Bible/theological colleges, 13
liberal arts institutions, 2 nurses training colleges, and 1 education college
had a 2011 combined enrollment of 49,547 students globally.*
• People were treated at more than 60 medical clinics and hospitals and
thousands of compassionate ministry centers.*
• 337 retired missionaries received pensions.*
• NMI partnered with pastors, church boards, Global Mission, and Stewardship
to help churches raise funds for the World Evangelism Fund during the 2011
fiscal year (FY): US $38,464,179 compared to US $44,123,911 during FY 2010.*
• Churches globally gave US $24,825,716 for Approved Mission Specials.
• WEF giving beyond (formerly “overpayment”) was US $4.4 million. During
the 18 years of this NMI emphasis, the Church of the Nazarene has entered 57
world areas.
• Missionary Health Care provided US $427,826 in medical assistance for
Nazarene missionaries.
• NMI partnered with World Mission Broadcast, giving US $428,946 to reach
the unreached in 72 countries, 36 languages, and 140 programs.
• Nazarenes gave US $2,118,184 in deputation offerings for missionaries, an
increase of US $301,530 from FY 2010.
• NMI generated US $245,094 through LINKS, a vital personalized connection
between churches and missionaries around the world.
• Nazarenes gave US $2,732,620 for Alabaster to fund 200 construction
projects on mission fields, averaging approximately 4 projects per week.
• NMI partnered with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries to give more than
US $1.5 million for disaster response, to support 10,370 children through Child
Development. Churches sent 47,598 Crisis Care Kits to Haiti, Moldova,
Pakistan, and United States and 6,600 School Pal-Paks to Haiti, Moldova,
Ukraine, and United States.
• NMI assisted Work & Witness in raising US $1,635,822 to deploy 758 teams,
an average of 15 teams per week. 10,376 participants donated more than
286 years of labor.
* Supported either directly or indirectly by World Evangelism Fund (WEF).
Page 5
Sunday, February 17th
Sunday, March 10th
Scripture for the day: Worship and Rest
Scripture for the day: Worship and Rest
Country: Philippines
Date Entered: 1946
Part of the Asia Pacific Region
Country: Dominican Republic
Part of the Mesoamerica region and is on
the central field.
Pray for the multi-media outreach
programs that exist across this Country.
Pray for continued ministry that exists
through compassionate ministry and loving
those affected by natural disasters.
Pray for our missionaries (Daniel and
Brenda Hopkins) and the pastors that serve
in this country.
Quote of the Day:
Quote of the Day:
Missions verse of the day: Joshua 4:1-7
Remember the faithfulness of God to you today
and pray for God to use LWN in His Global
Page 8
Missions verse of the day: Revelation 7:9
Be in prayer about your support of World
Missions through Faith Promise.
Page 29
Monday, March 11th
Scripture for the day: John 10:22-42
Country: Sri Lanka Date entered: 1999
Pray for the CDC that LWN built in 2008 in Patana and
the Pastors we worked with.
Mission Goals
2013-14 Church Calendar Year
• For everyone to be involved in
•Prayer for World Evangelism
•Giving for Global Outreach
•Serving others
•Learning about Missions
• To support the World Evangelism Fund
through regular giving via Faith Promise
• Compassionate ministry response
• Alabaster participation
Quote of the Day:
Missions verse of the day: Isaiah 49:5-6
Ask the Lord where you can be salt and light to
the earth through your witness today.
Page 30
• Subscribing to free Mission Resources to
learn more about what your Global Church is
doing to fulfill the Great Commission (see
website links on page 6)
• Our goal is that everyone at LWN would have
a global focus and seek personal involvement
relating to the fulfilling of God’s plan to reach
the whole world
Page 7
Tuesday, February 19th
Scripture for the day: John 1:29-51
Country: Russia
Part of the Eurasia Region, CIS Field
Pray for Pastor Scott and the Rainey Family as
they act as leaders on this Field (CIS).
Pray for the video conferencing that is
empowering leaders to make a difference. “Pray
for increased faith and vision. Russia is huge, and
we have to expand our ministry to reach the lost
across this great country. Praise God for the new
visa rules that have enabled Americans to come
and go easier in Russia. This is helping our one
missionary from Moscow, Russia, Linda Russell.
One of our churches in Rostov, Russia, has
experienced some persecution from neighbors.
Also Pray for missionaries Davide and Tanya
Quote of the Day:
Missions verse of the day: Luke 10:2
The Harvest…Ask the Lord and be available
wherever He leads.
Page 10
Friday, March 8th
Scripture for the day: John 9:1-41
Country: Nigeria
Year entered: 1977
Pray for the following leaders:
Ministries Coordinator – Rev Friday Udofia
Nigeria Logos - Rev Friday Udofia
Nigeria Southeast - Rev Okonon Eshiet
Nigeria Port Harcourt- Rev Obinna Robinson
The West Africa Field represents approximately one
third of the population of Africa; 40% are French
speaking, 70% is Muslim. Our goal is to reach all of the
19 nations of West Africa with the Gospel. We welcome
your engagement in the work in West Africa. As our
Lord said, “The Fields are ready for harvest but the
workers are few.” We have asked Him for more workers,
and now we are trusting in Him for the provision. Rev.
Dany Gomis
Field Strategy Coordinator
Quote of the Day:
Missions verse of the day: Genesis 12:1-3
God’s plan is for all people. Pray that we can be
used by Him for His purposes.
Page 27
Saturday, March 9th
Monday, February 18th
Scripture for the day: John 10:1-21
Scripture for the day: John 1:1-28
Country: Poland Year entered: 1999
Part of the Eurasia Region, Central Europe
Pray for the coffee house ministry that
Dave and Marybeth Giles are serving in.
They spoke at LWN in 2011.
Pray for relationships that are started via
this ministry ultimately bear spiritual fruit.
Country: India
Date entered: 1898
Pray for the church in Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu that our
church helped to build in 2010. Pray for the children
we ministered to. Pray for the persecuted Church to
remain strong and for the ministry of the Jesus Film
teams to be effective. The second phase of Power of
One, the Eurasia Region’s missional church initiative,
was recently launched in the India Field. Almost 200
pastors and leaders were in attendance. The event
provided a refreshed church planting vision, with
training and teaching that built on the first Power of
One training held in India in 2010. The training
motivated the pastors and leaders to take on the
mission entrusted to them. They have realized that it is
not in their own strength that they work, but that they
work in the strength of the Lord.
Quote of the Day:
Quote of the Day:
“In the faces of the poor, I see Jesus in His most
distressing disguise” - Mother Teresa
“Live as Christ died yesterday, rose this morning, and is
coming back tomorrow.” –Martin Luther
Missions verse of the Day: Acts 26:17-18
Missions verse of the day: Joshua 4:21-24
God is Faithful and as today’s scripture points
out, we are to be witnesses to that.
Page 28
Page 9
Thursday, February 21st
Wednesday, March 6th
Scripture for the day: John 3:1-21
Scripture for the day: John 8:1-30
Country: Ethiopia Date Entered: 1992
Today, the Church of the Nazarene is involved in
multiple church planting movements in the Horn of
Africa, which is made up of the countries of Ethiopia
and Sudan. Thus far 250,000 people are worshiping
every Sunday in three thousand fellowship centers. We
are preaching and teaching the message of hope and
holiness in 41 languages to more than 100,000
Nazarenes. Today, thousands of Nazarenes worship in
their own villages and serve God in their own language.
We hope that as you look through our news and photos
you will be blessed, inspired, and challenged to be a
part, either through prayer, giving, or coming and
working with us. Rev. Ermias Choliye
Field Strategy Coordinator
Country: Papua New Guinea
General Superintendent Jesse C. Middendorf recently
joined nearly 500 pastors in the Western Highlands
province of Papua New Guinea for the seventh national
pastors’ conference. Pastors from 12 districts across
Papua New Guinea had traveled by foot, boat, bus, and
airplane, with some walking for several days from
remote highland valleys and sailing from isolated island
villages to attend this event. Asia-Pacific Region leaders
joined Dr. Middendorf as speakers in this five-day event
emphasizing the mission of the Church of the Nazarene:
“To make Christlike disciples in the nations.” James
Johnson, Melanesia and South Pacific Field Strategy
Coordinator, sees the conference as pivotal for helping
the church in Papua New Guinea reach its national goal
of 100,000 church members by 2016.
Quote of the Day:
“I believe in Christianity as I believe as I believe that
the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but
because by it I see everything else.” - C. S. Lewis
Missions verse of the day: Galatians 3:8
You too can be a blessing to Nations. Pray for
your Faith Promise participation.
Page 12
Quote of the Day:
“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he
cannot lose.” – Jim Elliot
Missions verse of the day: Revelation 5:9
Sing a new song to our savior who is worthy of
all our praise.
Page 25
Thursday, March 7th
Wednesday, February 20th
Scripture for the day: John 8:31-59
Scripture for the day: John 2:1-25
Country: Haiti
Praise: Largest Nazarene church in Haiti dedicated after
years of saving and struggling. About 100 miles north
of Port-au-Prince, more than 3,500 people attended the
January 27 dedication service for the largest Nazarene
church in Haiti.
General Superintendent Jesse C. Middendorf called the
newly completed Gros-Morne Church of the Nazarene
“one of the most beautiful churches in the world.”
The 1,000-member congregation began saving money
in 1991 to build the largest structure in the city, which
has a population of more than a quarter million.
Construction began in 2003 but was stopped in 2006
after two hurricanes, a flood, a marketplace fire, and
the January 2010 earthquake — which destroyed the
roof of the Nazarene school where 800 students
attended. Continue to pray for the rebuilding in Haiti.
Quote of the Day:
“ A holy life will produce the deepest impression. Lighthouses
blow no horns; they only shine.” D.L. Moody
Missions verse of the day: Luke 2:10
Page 26
Country: Columbia Date Entered: 1975
Cali, Columbia is home to the largest Nazarene
Church in the World and is an example to us
about depending on the power of prayer to build
His church.
It is part of the South American Region, North
Andean Field. Pray for missionaries Clara and
Luiz Meza and the continued growth of the
church in this country.
Quote of the Day:
“Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for
responsibility.” - Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Missions verse of the day: Proverbs 11:24-25
Page 11
Saturday, February 23rd
Monday, March 4th
Scripture for the day: John 4:1-42
Scripture for the day: John 7:1-31
Country: Armenia
Part of the Eurasia Region and the CIS
Field. Pray for Pastor Scott as he helps to
train Pastors in this Country and for our
missionaries that are serving in Yerevan
(Trino and Anna Jara).
Country: Nepal
Date Entered: 1999
Praise God for the recent work in this
Country and for compassionate ministry
response that has helped meet needs.
Quote of the Day:
Quote of the Day:
“Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than
standing in a garage makes you a car.” – Billy Sunday
“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try
spending the night in a closed room with a mosquito.” - African
Missions verse for the day: John 14:23
It is a privilege to demonstrate our love for God
through obedience to His good and perfect will.
Missions verse of the day: Proverbs 31:8
Praise God for Child Development Centers
across South Asia. The lives of children are
being impacted for eternity.
Page 14
Page 23
Tuesday, March 5th
Friday, February 22nd
Scripture for the day: John 7: 32-52
Scripture for the day: John 3:22-36
Country: Germany Date Entered: 1958
Part of the Eurasia Region, Northern
Europe Field
Pray for missionary Dr. Hermann
Gschwandtner who is the Field Strategy for
South Asia.
More information can be found on the
Eurasia website
Quote of the Day:
“There are no ordinary people. You have never talked
to a mere mortal.” – C. S. Lewis
Missions verse of the day: Deut. 15:10
Page 24
Country: Israel Date Entered: 1921
Part of the Eurasia Region, Eastern
Mediterranean Field
Pray for peace in the Area and for safety
for the pastors that serve here. See the
following article for more information
Quote of the Day:
“The true Gospel is a call to self-denial. It is not a call
to self-fulfillment.” – John MacArthur
Missions verse of the day:
Colossians 3:12 & 3:24
Page 13
Monday, February 25th
Saturday, March 2nd
Scripture for the day: John 4:43-54
Scripture for the day: John 6:60-71
Country: Kenya Date Entered: 1984
Welcome to the Africa East Field where the Church of the
Nazarene is spreading the message of holiness and making a
difference in people and communities through various ministries
including NCM with emphasis on growth of individuals spiritually,
physically, mentally, morally and psychosocially. Pray for the
leaders of the six Districts as follows :
Eastern District - Rev Augustus Musili
Mt Kenya District - Rev Martin Njenjere
Western District - Rev Julius Omondi
Central District - Rev Gerphas Oure
Lake Victoria District - Rev Peter Okinyo
Rift Valley District - Rev Emmanuel Wafula
Pray for the 24 JESUS Film teams who travel across the field to
show the life of Christ and spread the message of salvation.
Quote of the Day:
“Lay any burden on me, only sustain me; Send me anywhere,
only go with me; Sever any tie but the one that bids me to Thy
service and Thy heart.” – Harmon Schmelzenbach
Missions verse of the day: Romans 10:14-15
Pray for the calling of new pastors and
missionaries today.
Page 16
Country: Bulgaria
Eurasia Region and Central Europe Field
Bulgaria is a country of contrast. Soviet block
apartments, a reminder of a generation that grew up
during the “Cold War” stand juxtaposed against
remnants of ancient Greek cities. Young people,
dressed in the latest European fashion stroll along 3rd
century streets. “It is a gray city” some say, yet others
are impressed with its majestic mountains, its beautiful
Black Sea coast, and its vast fields of sunflowers turning
their heads in unison toward their source of
sustenance. Pray for Jay and Teanna Sunberg who
oversee ministry in that country as well as
missionaries Jessica Morris and Doug and Jennifer
Quote of the Day:
“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep
gladness and the world’s hunger meet.” – Frederick Buechner
Missions verse of the day:
Page 21
Sunday, March 3rd
Sunday, February 24th
Scripture for the day: Worship and Rest
Scripture for the day: Worship and Rest
Country: Guatemala
Date Entered: 1904
Country: El Salvador
Date Entered: 1964
Pray for Ulises Solis( missionary) who wants to train Nazarene lay
people to plant and organize new churches across the Central
America 4 Field (CA-4), which covers Honduras, Nicaragua, el
Salvador and Guatemala, in the Mesoamerica Region. Earlier this
year, Solis, who was born and raised in El Salvador, formed a
church planting institute in Guatemala, in partnership with the
Nazarene Bible Institute in Coban, that is designed to train 12
students at a time, who will go through 10 courses of theological
education while starting one preaching point per month. By the
end of each year, each student must have officially organized at
least one new church. When they graduate in three years, they
will be ordained, and expected to have started 36 preaching
points and organized three to four new churches. The training
program is being conducted in partnership with Rev. David Ac,
rector of the Coban Bible Institute.
Quote of the Day:
“We’ve drifted away from being fishers of men to being keepers
of the aquarium.” – Paul Harvey
Missions verse of the day: 1 Peter 3:15 Be an
ambassador for Christ and testify to what God
is doing in your life.
Page 22
You can subscribe to their newsletter and get more
information in English or Spanish.
El Salvador, like many other countries on this Region,
are emphasizing church planting as a mechanism for
growth and evangelism.
Pray for their leaders and strategies to be aligned with
God and for His blessing.
A downloadable history of the Nazarene church is
available online (pdf) or you can also talk with our own
Luz Maria who is from there.
Quote of the Day:
“ I am bound by the chains of witnesses who throughout the
centuries have given their lives for Christ. I am yet one more
link in the chain and I will not break it.” - A Cuban persecuted
Missions verse of the day: Acts 4:12
Pray for Truth to be proclaimed and Jesus’
name to be exalted in your life.
Page 15
Wednesday, February 27th
Thursday, February 28th
Scripture for the day: John 5:16-47
Scripture for the day: John 6:1-21
Country: Ukraine
Eight step program being used in Drug Rehab
centers in Ukraine:
1) God I am weak, 2) God, save me,
3) God, take me, 4) God, clean me,
5) God strengthen me and test me,
6) God, teach me to love,
7) God, make me perfect and whole,
8) God use me
Pray for our missionary team: Lonnie and Connie
Norris (Field Strategy Coordinator); Joseph and
Ree Sumi (Kiev, Ukraine); and Scott and Jenni
Rainey (Kiev, Ukraine).
Quote of the Day:
“If all mankind had been righteous and only one man a sinner,
Christ would have come to endure the same cross for this one
man. He so loves every individual.” – St. Augustine
Missions verse of the day: Matthew 24:14
Page 18
Country: United Kingdom
Eurasia Region, Northern European Field
The United Kingdom can be a difficult mission
field because some say it is “Post-Christian”. I do
not know exactly what that means other than to
say Revival through God’s Holy Spirit is always
possible and we should be praying for younger
generations to respond to the call of making
Christlike disciples in all the Nations including
the United Kingdom where most of the
missionaries were from just a few generations
ago. Pray for revival!
Quote of the Day:
“Before prison we heard about God. But in prison we
experienced God.” – Pastor SZE persecuted Christian in China
Missions verse of the day: Matthew 10:8
Page 19
Friday, March 1st
Tuesday, February 26th
Scripture for the day: John 6:22-59
Scripture for the day: John 5:1-15
Country: Peru
Country: Pakistan Date Entered: 1996
Part of the South American Region,
Information about the Peru Field can be found
Just as the apostles did in the church in the first
century, prioritizing evangelization, discipleship,
leadership training, and planting churches, we
advance Conquering Peru for Christ! Pray for the
leaders in Peru and their emphasis on church
Quote of the Day:
Quote of the Day:
“I would rather be hung than betray my Lord.” – Saleema a 19
year old Christian woman persecuted in Pakistan
Missions verse of the day: Mark 12:42
Page 20
Missions verse of the day: Hebrews 11:38
As Christians, our real citizenship is Heaven.
Praise God.
Page 17