Part 1: Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements
with Obstructions and / or Guidelines
• When you track a stimulus along a predictable path, your eyes movement in a
smooth, fluid manner called smooth pursuit movements.
• Stimulus1: Track ball on oval path
• Stimulus2: Track ball on oval path; bottom of path obstructed
• Stimulus3: Track ball on oval path; top of path obstructed
• Stimulus4: Track ball on oval path; bottom of path obstructed add guideline
• Dependent variables = speed of left / right movement; time paused at end
• Independent variables = obstructions and presence of guideline
• What is your hypothesis and why? – Write it down now.
• The subject is to track the ball on the screen WITHOUT moving their head. There is a
red fixation point in the center of the slide in between each stimulus. Focus on the red
dot until the slide automatically advances and then follow the blue dot on the oval
path. When the path is obstructed try to maintain the same path to catch the blue dot
when it reappears.
• When the subject is in position and ready, switch to the Biopac Science Lab program
begin the recording by pressing start and then return to this presentation and advance
to the first fixation slide.
End of Part 1
• Please switch to the Biopac Science Lab
and stop the recording.
• Then advance to Part 2 instructions.
Part 2 – Saccadic Eye Movements
during Reading Varied Levels of Text
• When you read, your eyes do not move smoothly across the line but
rather make quick, reflexive jumps called saccades from fixation point to
fixation point.
• In the next portion you will silently read 3 passages that vary in reading
level from easy to intermediate to difficult.
• Dependent variable = number of saccades per line
• Independent variable = level of reading
• What is your hypothesis and why? – Write it down now.
• The subject is to silently read each passage and press the enter key to
advance to the next fixation slide after they finish reading the passage.
• When the subject is in position and ready, begin the recording by
pressing resume on the BIOPAC program and then return here to
advance to the first fixation slide.
Easy Text
It was a rainy gray Saturday morning. I was bored. All of my
friends were out of town, and I had nothing to do. My two little
sisters, Allison and Brooke, were playing in the next room. I
decided to see what they were doing. I walked into the room
that they shared, and saw the bags of candy they had brought
home from the party the night before. Our mother had said they
shouldn’t eat too much candy, so I stooped down to pick the
bags up and put them away. As soon as my hand touched
them, Whoosh! I was whizzing down a red licorice slide. I was
moving so quickly that everything was a giant blur. Plop! I
landed on what appeared to be a deserted beach
Intermediate Text
Four of the five principal organs are located at the main United
Nations headquarters, which is on international territory in New
York City. They hold regular meetings throughout the year to
discuss and decide on a variety of issues. The International
Court of Justice is located in The Hague, where it hears cases
related to war crimes, illegal state interference, and ethnic
cleansing. Other major agencies are based in the UN offices in
Geneva, Vienna, and Nairobi. Other UN institutions are located
throughout the world. The six official languages of the United
Nations, used in intergovernmental meetings and documents,
are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.
Difficult Text
Make room, and let him stand before our face. Shylock, the
world thinks, and I think so too, that thou but leadest this
fashion of thy malice to the last hour of act; and then 'tis
thought thou wilt show thy mercy and remorse more strange
than is thy strange apparent cruelty; And where thou now
exacts the penalty, which is a pound of this poor merchant's
flesh, thou wilt not only loose the forfeiture, But, touched with
human gentleness and love, forgive a moiety of the principal;
Glancing an eye of pity on his losses, that have of late so
huddled on his back, now to press a royal merchant down and
pluck commiseration of his state.
You are done with data
collection press stop on the
BIOPAC and then done.
You should then do the dot
plot exercise to control the dot
on the screen with your eye

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