Diego Rivera
Por Sofia y
La Vida
El 13 de diciembre, 1886
 1892 -La Ciudad de México
 Academia de San Carlos -1896
El Estilo
Influencia de
 Las obras
 Una pintura:
Business, Mangagement, Marketing &
Are you a leader?
 Are you a planner?
 Do you think you’d
like to work in
 Do you like things
Possible Careers
•Computer Info. System
•Sales & Marketing
How does this relate???
Industrial Revolution
of the 19th Century
Official Art
Vanguard Teams
New Avenues
Marketing of Work
Cubism-Picasso &
Las Pinturas Cubistas
En España, 1914,
Diego conoció a
Pablo Picasso.
 Diego pintó la
Adoracion del
Virgen y el Niño,
su primera
pintura cubista.
Pinturas Murales
Ésta es la pintura mural por Rivera en el
Rockefeller Center of Art en Nueva York.
What if My CP Were Human Services?
Are you friendly?
 Are you cooperative?
 Do you like tutoring young children?
Maybe this Career Pathway is for you—
 Government
 Law
 Leisure & Recreation
 Education
How did Human Services Shape Diego
Rivera & His Artwork?
Both parents teachers
 Studied art before reading
 Academy of San Carlos, México
 Unhappy
 José Posada-a true teacher
Trip to Europe-Human Services
Diego wanted to learn
 Scholarship-Governor of Vera Cruz
 Moved to Europe
 Countryside artwork
Secretaria de Educación Publica
Detroit Institute of Art
Detroit Institute of Art
Detroit Institute of Art
Detroit Institute of Art
 http://www.diegorivera.com/index.html
Don’t forget!!!
A bibliography page-listing links, books, etc.
 You have to LINK each of the works of art to
your CP-also you must be able to talk style
and meaning of the work
 It is not enough to say, “this links to our CP”
you need a CONCRETE example-such as—
Cubism was developed originally to explore
new options to better market artwork after the
19th century Industrial Revolution.
 Please make sure to REVIEW the rubric to
make sure you aren’t missing any partsalthough we are editing your work, we will not
be responsible for making sure you have all
of the required elements—we are working
with what is turned in 

La Vida de Diego Rivera