PubMed/Filters (Limits) and Advanced
(module 4.2)
PubMed/Filters & Advanced Search
Instructions - This part of the:
course is a PowerPoint demonstration intended to
introduce you to FILTERS
module is off-line and is intended as an information
resource for reference use.
Table of Contents
Filters by publication date
Filters by language
Filters by age
Filters by type of article
Filters by text options
Search field tags
 Filters by affiliation
 Filters by author
 Filters by journal
 Advanced Searching
Before logging into the Partner Publisher
services websites, we will Login to the
HINARI site using the URL
Logging into HINARI 2
We will need to enter our HINARI User Name and
Password in the appropriate boxes, then click on the
Login button.
Note: If you do not properly sign on, you will not have
access to full text articles.
Remember - If you fail to use the Login
page, you will have a second option on
the Contents sub-page.
Once you are logged in to the HINARI Content
page, access PubMed by clicking on Search
inside HINARI full-text using PubMed.
PubMed Filters
From the initial (HINARI) PubMed page,
we will run the HIV and pregnancy
search and then apply various Filters.
Note the to Advanced search and Help
After completion of a search, the default Filters
are displayed in a left-column frame. We will
apply different Limits to the results of the HIV
and pregnancy search - a total of 12986
citations. We will discuss the Advanced Search
tool at the end of the module.
Initially we will apply the Publication dates filter.
We have clicked on the 5 years option. This
limits the search results to 3285. Note the check
mark next to Publication Dates section. Also note
clear icon. There is a Clear all option at the
bottom of the page. If you do not clear your
options, they will be applied to future searches.
In the Specify Custom Date Range
filter, we have entered the first date of
2012 range to date (2012/01/01 to
blank) and clicked on the Apply icon.
By using a 2012 01 01 Specify Custom
Date Range filter, we have 497 citations
for HIV AND pregnancy search. Below
the results, there is the Filters activated
line that includes the Clear all option.
The specific Filters Activated is noted
with a check mark. We will click on the
Clear option to remove this . You also
can click on the specific filter.
We have cleared all the Filters and the
results of the HIV and pregnancy search
are the initial number of 12986 citations.
Displayed is the drop down
menu for Languages filters.
Note that English is the default
language and more than one
can be checked.
We now will investigate the Article
types filters. The default types are
displayed. By clicking on more…,
you can display other options.
We have clicked on the more…
option for Article types and opened
the drop down menu. We can add
other Article types to use.
In the Article types, we have clicked on
the Practice Guidelines and Review
options. The results of the HIV and
pregnancy search are 2124 citations.
We have clicked on Choose additional
filters and the drop down menu has been
displayed. We will add the Ages option by
checking the box and clicking on Apply.
By clicking on more… in the Ages
filters, all the options are displayed.
For the HIV and pregnancy search, we
will check the Adolescent: 13-18 years
and Young Adult:19-24 years boxes
and click on Apply Once displayed, we
will click on the new Ages filters.
Note how the two Ages filters have
the check mark and HIV and
pregnancy search is reduced to
3095 citations. Below the results,
there is the Filters activated line
that includes the Clear all option.

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