•To develop an enthusiastic and positive attitude to other
languages and language learning
•To develop language skills and language learning skills
•To become familiar with the sounds and written form of a
modern foreign language
•To increase cultural understanding by learning about different
countries and their people, and working with materials from
those countries and communities
Our Achievements so far
 Delivery of a 30 minutes weekly lesson to all classes throughout
Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 by a French specialist: Joelle Webb
Delivery of a 30 minutes weekly lesson to both Year 6 classes by a
French specialist: Jean Haig (MFL Primary AST) – a perfect link
and transition for work to be covered in Year 7
Year 6 Induction Day and Year 5 Language workshops in the
Summer Term every year
Implementation of the Catherine Cheater scheme of work for
Year 3 to Year 5
Build up of resources for the French corner and for use in the
Link with a school in France: Lecousse Elémentaire – Faugères
(Year 5 – 2007)
Year 6 residential trip to Normandy – July 2007
French Day – Wednesday 11th July 2007
Creation of a French website (see below) and material to include
in the Learning Platform
Our Vision for the Future
 Language Day – Wednesday 18th June 2008 to celebrate the
learning of a variety of languages
To carry on building a bank of interactive resources
To film aspects of life at Earley St Peter’s School with a
running commentary in French
Art/French integrated project in Class 5ML based on the
book: ‘Aboie Georges’
Another trip to Normandy for the current Year 6 pupils –
July 2008
To implement the Catherine Cheater scheme of work for
Year 6 – September 2008
To re-establish links with a French primary school – Autumn
Term 2008
To develop secure links with primary and secondary schools
in our cluster and share good practice
Our French Corner
Comfortable area where pupils can sit
and enjoy browsing through the
resources. Display of children’s writing
in French.
Banner done by a group of children
attending the sewing club. All the
sections represent items connected to
Our French Corner
We have a wide selection of books to
choose from: picture books, stories and
non-fiction. We also have comics,
magazines and newspapers.
Other resources include: dictionaries,
activity sheets, flash cards, games, CDS ,
tapes and magnetic letters to compose
messages in French
Our French Corner
On this calendar, we update the month of
the year and the day of the week. We also
record the weather and what our mood is
We have a board to write messages to
each other in French. As you can see, this
one was a ‘Poisson d’avril’!
French Displays around the School
Feelings in French
Class 1LH
Expressing Feelings
French Displays around the School
Ma Routine Journalière
Class 5ML
Jacques a dit
French Displays around the School
Les Animaux et les Chiffres –
Class 3AF
Au Restaurant – Class 6MM
Every year we
French exchange
students for a
Lent Charity Day
at Earley St
Peter’s, Wednesday
2nd April 2008
Voici Nadia et
Frédérique. Elles
viennnet de
Fougères en
Bretagne. Elles
s’amusent comme
des folles! L’école
primaire en
Angleterre c’est
Year 6 Trip to Normandy
July 2007
 The aim of the trip was to provide cultural understanding of that
part of France and it was the perfect opportunity to make a link
with the History curriculum, particularly the WW2 topic
We stayed for five days at La Porte des Iles, Saint Pair-sur-Mer
and made the following visits:
La Tapisserie de Bayeux
Caen Peace Memorial
Arromanches 360 cinema
Les Caramels d’Isigny
D-Day landing beaches
Le Mont Saint Michel
The Pegasus Memorial
My French Website
Click on the Eiffel Tower for the link
Sentences written and recorded by the
children (Class 5ML)
 J'aime le chocolat. (Hannah)
 J'aime les singes. (Sade)
 J'aime les hérissons.(Jonathan)
 Bonjour les enfants (Madame Langridge)
 J’aime le bleu (Tristan)
 Je joue du violon
 Que fait le chameau? Il tricote dans la piscine. (Gabriel)
• Un renard tricote dans le poirier. (Aleena)
• Un cheval danse dans le salon. (Libby)
• Le lapin saute dans l'herbe verte. Il s'amuse bien
(Madame Langridge)
• Bonjour. J'aime la pizza à la viande. (Joshua)
• Bonjour. Dans le sac j'entends un canard qui
danse. (Donald)
• Bonjour. Je m'appelle Libby. J'adore le chocolat et
la danse classique.
This is a free website I discovered just recently and I think it has
enormous potential for MFL. You simply download an image or even
a video clip from the internet. From it you can create a story by
recording and annotating the script . If you want to see an example
of how I used it, you can look at the Earley St Peter’s Learning
platform under Curriculum – Modern Foreign Languages. There are
also video clips of well-known films such as: Le Livre de la Jungle and
Le Roi Lion (from YouTube). Click on the smiley face below to get
Amusez-vous bien!
Martine Langridge
(MFL Co-ordinator)

MFL at Earley St Peter’s CE Primary School