Embassy of the Republic of Malawi in Brazil
Professor Francis Moto
Presentation Outline
Brief Malawi History
Geographical Location, Economy and Demography.
Establishment of Brazil Embassy in Malawi.
Government to Government investment.
ABC’s activities
Private sector investment.
The Cotton Project in Shire Valley
Concluding remarks.
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Before giving this brief presentation,
allow me to state that one of the many
positive decision that the Malawi
government has made during the fifty
years of Independence was to open an
embassy in the Federative Republic of
Brazil Celebration Malawi would not
have misled for a better fifty years
anniversary present than the warm
and cordial relations that exist
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Introduction (Cont’d)
between the two governments and its
 Additionally, the impact that the warm
and cordial relations, skills and
knowledge transfer and capacity
building activities that have taken
place and continue to do so, have
already borne tangible fruits.
 The most notable development that is
in its final year is not only the
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Introduction (Cont’t)
a railway from Moatize in Mozambique is
Tete Province through the Republic of
Malawi but also the rehabilitation of an
existing railway line that had been in a
state of disrepair for some time.
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Introduction (Cont’d)
The economic and social impact of the
railway Project being implemented by
giant Vale will definitely top the list of
the fifty years of Independence
annivesary present the country and its
people will have received in the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Malawi Political Map
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Geographic Facts About
Malawi is a land locked country located in southeastern Africa
Bordered by Tanzania to the north north-east,
Zambia to the west, and Mozambique to the northeast, east south, and south west.
Lake Malawi, the third largest lake in Africa and one
of the deepest in the world, accounts for 20% of the
country's area.
The terrain of Malawi is breath-taking, it has plateaus,
plains, hills and mountains with the Mulanje massif
rising to almost 10,000 meters.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Population 16,777,547 (July 2013 est.); Age 15 - 64:
Business languages English, Chichewa
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Malawi Economy
 Agriculture
Malawi relies on agriculture
Agriculture accounts for 45%
of total exports; 32.4% of
GDP and employs 80% of labour force
The sector is generally vulnerable due to
1.High agricultural input prices
Government is implementing a subsidy programme
for inputs; and is encouraging irrigation to mitigate against
the problem of inadequate rainfall.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Malawi Economy (Cont´d)
 Manufacturing
Relatively small and Accounts for 12% of GDP
of tobacco, tea & sugar
Cement production
Textiles etc
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Structure of the Economy
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Why Invest in Malawi?
 Politically Stable
Malawians are peaceful and friendly people.
Malawi has no history of war.
Malawi has had 4 peaceful democratic elections in
1994,1999, 2009, 2004 and the fifth is planned for May,
Malawi is generally known as the Warm Heart of Africa.
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Establishment of Malawi Embassy in Brazil
and Scope
Established in Brasilia in June 2010 following a
presidential visit the previous year.
Brazil reciprocated and opened embassy in
Lilongwe, Malawi in June 2013.
To strengthen ties of friendship between the two
To foster the socioeconomic development of Malawi
and Brazil
To promote technical cooperation in the areas of
priority as desired.
There has been exchange of high level visits among
authorities of Malawi
and Brazil.
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Establishment of Malawi Embassy in Brazil
Notable ones, visit of former President
of Brazil Inacio Lula da Silva, June,
High level diplomatic visit by minister
Nedilson Ricardo Jorge, December,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Government to Government Investment
2011, the Government of the
Federative Republic of Brazil approved
technical support Project for
strengthening School Feeding
Program in Malawi.
June the same year, Brazil further
approved technical support for the
implementation of five projects in
Malawi totaling US$286,400.
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Government to Government Investment
Approval followed discussions with
Malawi authoririties and a Brazil
Technical mission that visited Malawi
from the 4th to 8th April, 2011.
Brazil was going to facilitate training
and capacity building.
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Government to Government Investment
Brazil technical experts were going to
facilitate technology transfer to their
respective Malawi counterparts in
identified áreas.
A study mission from Embrapa visited
Malawi for the proposed Shire Valley
Development Project in September,
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Brazil’s Investment in Malawi (cont’d)
The Project will also afford cotton
farmers more income and create jobs.
The Project will bring forex to Malawi
through export of cotton and cotton
related products
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Government to Government Investment
A Malawi high-level delegation
attended a Seminar on HIV/AIDS
Assistance and Treatment , 18-22 June
1st Training in South-South and
Triangular Cooperation Workshop,
March 2013, Brasilia.
Brazil Mission to Malawi for Cotton
Project, 4th to 8th May, 2013.
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Government to Government Investment
2nd Training in Management of SouthSouth and Triangular Cooperation,
Brasilia, 25th-29th November, 2013.
Participants discussed best practices
and prepared an action plan on
several themes related to their course
Supported by Brazil,WFP experts
participated in three regional
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Government to Government Investment
and a national workshop aimed towards
School Health nd Nutrition Policy from
the 11th of September, 2013.
 High – level Brazilian diplomat Minister
Nedilson Ricardo Jorge visited Malawi
during the last week of December,
 Drafted MOU aimed at supporting the
establishment of economic, trade and
investment projects between Malawi
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Government to Government Investment
and Mozambique in the áreas of mining,
transport, logistics, energy, agriculture
and forestry.
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Brazil’s Investment in Malawi
Brazil Agency for International
Development (ABC)
Plans at an advanced stage for the
implementation of the Malawi-BrazilMozambique Cotton Project.
Once implemented, the project will
yield high quality and disease resistant
cotton verieties in the Shire Valley
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Brazil’s Private Sector Investment in Malawi
In July 2012, the Integrated Logistics
Corridor (CLIN) Consortium, made up
of Brazil’s gigantic multinational
company VALE, signed a contract with
the governments of Malawi and
Mozambique for the construction and
operation of a railway line in the two
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Brazil’s Private Sector Investment in Malawi
The railway line is part of a logistical
structure of the Nacala Corridor,
which starts in Moatize, in Tete
Province, through Malawi covering 137
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Brazil’s Private Sector Investment in Malawi
The project costing $1.1 billion was
inaugurated on 6th December, 2013, in
Mwanza-Neno, south of the country by
Dr. Joyce Banda, President of the
Republic of Malawi together with the
Executive Director for Vale’s capital
projects Galib Chaim.
Work on the project creates about
3,000 jobs for Malawians.
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Railway Line Inauguration Photo Vale Executive Director for Capital Projects shakes
hands with President Dr. Joyce Banda at the project launch, 6th December, 2012.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Brazil’s Private Sector Investment in Malawi
Once completed, the railway will help
boost the Malawi economy as it will
improve access to markets for
exporters and importers and reduce
transport costs by 40 percent
according to the Malawi Ministry of
Transport and Infrastructure.
The railway line will be immensely
useful for carrying cargo and
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Concluding Remarks
As a way of conclusion again allow me
to restate what I said at the begining.
Diplomatic ralations between Malawi
and Brazil continue to grow from
strength to strength as indicated by
high-level visits to both countries.
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Concluding Remarks (cont’d)
The government of Malawi and its
people would not have wished for a
better fifty years of Independence
anniversary celebrations present than
the warm and cordial relations that
exist between the government and the
people of the two great countries.
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Concluding Remarks (cont’d)
Malawi appreciates all the support it
receives from Brazil which will go a
long way in the improvement of the
socialeconomic status of the country
and indeed the general economy.
The decision to estabish a resident
mission in Brazil rather than operate
by remote control from Washington
has already borne tangible results.
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Concluding Remarks (cont’d)
High-level visits have been made by
government officials of both countries.
Activities coordinated by the Brazilian
Agency for Cooperation (ABC) has into
missions going to Malawi that have led
to skills and knowledge transfer and
the work towards the Shire Valley
Cotton Project.
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Concluding Remarks (cont’d)
The railway construction and
rehabilitation project undertaken by
Vale will be among the top of the list
for the fifty years Independence
anniveesary celebrations presents.
The economic and social impact of the
railway will drastically alter or change
the quality of life of Malawians through
the eradication of poverty and the
improvement in the delivery and
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Concluding Remarks (cont’d)
of social services in the health, transport
and education sectors.
 The estimated reduction for the
importation and exportation of good as
a result of high quality railway with
exceptional operational efficiency
cannot be overemphasised.
 Finally, it shoul be said that the railway
through Malawi will serve as a magnet
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Concluding Remarks (cont’d)
further development and business
opportunities for Malawi and the
immediate land locked neighbours to the
west and to the region as well.
 To potential investors, the message is:
that Malawi is open for further
business and that you will be received
with open arms in the Warm Heart of
Malawi Embassy Brazil
Thank you
Malawi Embassy Brazil

Malawi Embassy Brazil