Florida International University
School of Computer Science
An Overview
Tim Downey, Advisor & Instructor
My Messages …
• FIU is the right place for you
• This is the best time to major in Computer
Science or Information Technology
FIU – A Major Force in US Higher Education
• Characteristics of FIU – CHANGE and MOMENTUM
• State University of Florida founded only 30 years ago
• Currently in top 25 largest Universities in U.S. with 35,000
• 200 baccalaureate, master's and doctoral degree programs
in 19 colleges and schools
• Top 100 national public universities – US News & World
• US 18th best value in public higher education - Kiplinger's
Personal Finance Magazine
• Doctoral/Research University-Extensive by the Carnegie
Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, the highest
• Competitive external research funding grew more than
500% in the last 10 years to ~$80M
FIU Campus and Impact
FIU has two campuses – 344-acre University Park in western
Miami-Dade County and the 195-acre Biscayne Bay Campus in
northeast Miami-Dade County – and an educational site in Broward
County. A major research facility, the 40-acre Center for Engineering
and Applied Sciences, is located near University Park
 The University has an economic impact of more than $1.4 billion
on the South Florida economy
 Minority institution serving 54% Hispanic and 14% African
American students – one of the largest producers of Hispanic
School of Computer Science – Leading the Charge
• Founded in 1987, named school
to reflect its importance to the
• Doubled student population in
past 10 years
• Largest and arguably the best
provider of Hispanic graduates
at BS, M.S. and Ph.D. levels
• 1000% increase in external
research funding in past 10
• 500% growth in technology &
laboratory infrastructure for
research and education
School of Computer Science Facts
• 1000+ undergraduate students in ABET/CSAB
accredited CS BS program & IT BS program
• 70+ MS students, 68 Ph.D. students
• BS degree program in Jamaica, MS program in China
• 30+ faculty, 35+ research assistants, and 20+ staff
members and associates
• Average $2 million competitive research funding
• 500 servers, workstations and PCs interconnected by
high speed networks
• 25 research & education laboratories
Summary of Accomplishments 2002-2004
• Fast growing education programs in scale and quality
– 26% increase in annual BS degree production (113)
– 79% increase in MS degrees awarded (34)
– 300% increase in Ph.D. graduation (6)
• Undergraduate Enrollment – Maintained undergraduate enrollment
in the recession years while all major universities reported severe
• Fast expanding faculty team
– 6 highly competitive faculty members hired in 2002-04
• Building ACM student organization from ground up into top 10 in 2
• Competitive Federal Research Funding: $2.9+M in 2003-04, more
than doubling the amount in previous years
• New Degree Programs Created 2002-04:
– Single & double major IT BS degrees
– Weekend only IT BS degree
– Accelerated BS+MS degree in 5 years (Fall 2004).
Broad Coverage of CS and IT Areas
• Major Area of Education and Research:
– DBMS, data mining, data visualization, multi-modal information
– Software engineering – modeling, design, verification and testing,
component technology and middleware, architecture
– Adaptive and pervasive computing
– Computer communication and networking
– Software security
– Multimedia systems
– Internet technology and mobile computing
– Real time systems
– Multidisciplinary R&D – Bioinformatics, healthcare and medicine,
disaster management, transportation, environment, material science,
IBM, and other agencies and corporations.
FIU/SCS is the Right Place for You
The FIU/SCS Advantage
• We offer a first class educational and research
program in computer science
– And we are getting better everyday
• We offer great career & employment
opportunities for our graduates
– FIU is a key university of recruitment for major ITrelated corporations, e.g. IBM, Microsoft, GE,
Goldman Sachs
• We have strong and growing partnership with
– Intern, co-op, joint R&D and employment
This Is the Best Time to Major in CS
• On one hand …
– The technology recession and concern of outsourcing caused
major decline (20+%) in CS freshmen enrollment in US (FIU is
one of the few exceptions)
– Hence significant reduction of supply in CS graduates in coming
• On the other hand …
– CS and IT have emerged as the fundamental enabler and driver
for every existing and emerging industry and discipline
– IT occupational growth projected to account for 70% of science
and engineering job openings in the next 10 years (US
Department of Commerce, 2003)
– 8 out of 10 job categories slated for the biggest increases in
employment demand are computer science related (“The
Coming Job Boom,” Business 2.0, 9/2003)
• Reduced Supply + Surging Demand = Great Opportunity
• Major Impact to be seen in 4-5 years
School of Computer Science
• Degrees offered
– BS in Computer Science
• Accredited by Abet
– BA in Information Technology
– BS in Information Technology
– Accelerated BS+MS degree in 5 years
– MS in Computer Science
– PhD in Computer Science
Undergraduate Degrees
• BS in Computer Science
– Concepts and principles of Computer Science
Operating Systems
Hardware Architectures
Undergraduate Degrees
• BS in Information Technology
– Offered as a second major or single major
– Practical Side of Computer Science
Operating Systems
Hardware Architectures
Web technology
– Less theory and concepts than computer science
– More practical and hands-on work
BS in CS -- Required Courses
Programming I
Programming II
Programming III
Data Structures
Fundamentals of CS
Survey of Programming
• Software Engineering
• Operating Systems
• Computer Organization
• Ethics and Social Issues
in CS
• Logic for CS
• Report and Technical
• Discrete Mathematics
• Theory of Algorithms
• Intro to Proby and
• Business
BS in CS -- Elective Courses
• Two elective courses from:
Data Communications
Advanced UNIX Programming
Advanced Windows Programming
Computing and Network Security
Windows Component Technology
Software Engineering II
• One elective course from:
Graph Theory
Numerical Analysis
Introduction to Combinatorics
Mathematical Logic
BS in CS – Science Requirement
• A two semester sequence in Physics with
• Two other courses in science for science majors
BS in IT -- Required Courses
Programming in Java
Intermediate Java
Microcomputer Organization
Computer Operating Systems
Applied Computer Networking
Web Site Construction and Management
Information Storage and Retrieval
Report & Technical Writing
BS in IT – Elective Courses
• All students must take 5 elective courses.
Students must select two areas of concentration
and take at least two courses in those two
selected areas (4 courses). The fifth course may
be selected from any available area of
• Areas of Concenration:
System Administration
Network Administration
Application Development
Other Requirements
• 120 total credits (transfer + FIU)
• 60 credit maximum from 2-year schools
– All courses can be accepted
– 60 credits to be taken at FIU
• Foreign Language Proficiency
2 semesters of foreign language at University level
Second semester of two semester sequence
Any 2000+ foreign language course
IT Transfers
• There are only four classes that are offered at
MDC that apply directly to IT requirements.
MAC1140 or MAC1147
A Java programming class
CS Transfers
• The following classes will satisfy CS
requirements at FIU
MAC2311, MAC2312
PHY2048, PHY2049 and labs
Any of the following science classes
BSC2010, BSC2011
CHM1045, CHM1046
– A Java programming class

School of Computer Science - Florida International University