RDA Testing &
Comparison with
AACR2 (session 1)
Charlene Chou
Columbia University
at the Peking University Library
March 3, 2011
 Goals
 RDA testing in US (Oct.-Dec. 2010)
 Tester Group at Columbia (July 1, 2010-)
 What’s new in RDA: comparison with
 MARC21: new and updated tags
 Summary: initial observations
In response to concerns about RDA raised by the Library of
Congress Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic
Control, the three U.S. national libraries—the Library of
Congress, the National Library of Medicine and the National
Agricultural Library—made a commitment to the further
development and completion of RDA. The three libraries
agreed to make a joint decision on whether or not to
implement RDA, based on the results of a test of both RDA
and the Web product. The goal of the test is to assure the
operational, technical, and economic feasibility of RDA.
Testers will include the three national libraries and the
broader U.S. library community.
Columbia University is one of selected testing institutions.
More information on LC WG website at:
RDA (Resource Description & Access)
 The
new, unified standard for resource description and
access, designed for the digital world and an expanding
universe of metadata users.
Approach: pros & cons
 Practical
experiences and observations during testing
 Comparison between RDA and AACR2
 CJK examples
This is not a training session but an informative
session for the discussion of issues!
RDA Testing
RDA Test “Train the Trainer” on 1/15/10
 RDA Basecamp (Testers’ website) with all
related documents
 Training manual and documents:
 Comparison
between AACR2 & RDA
RDA core elements (core & core if…)
 Choices
in RDA
LC proposed practice for the RDA test
 163 options and alternatives in RDA
(alternative/optional omission/optional addition)
 Exercises
RDA Testing
Official testing time is from Oct.1-Dec.31,
 RDA testing cataloging decisions
 Common
set titles
25 titles (10 textual monographs; 5 audio-visual; 5
serials-print or other; 5 integrating resources)
 All titles will be in English; items with parallel
languages may be included
 Each institution catalogs one common set by two
different persons—one using RDA; another one using
the current codes
 Only descriptive elements; no subject analysis is to
be done
 No searching of local or national database
RDA Testing—Extra set
RDA testing cataloging decisions
 Extra set for regular materials:
 25 titles using RDA
 Catalog these materials using normal procedures, e.g. perform
authority work if normally does so
 Catalog these materials to accommodate MARC21 changes
related to RDA
 If a testing institution is a PCC member, provide PCC coding
 Decisions:
 LC will host the site containing all the test RDA records, and work
with OCLC to resolve the technical issues for record transferring.
 Submit records for common set and regular titles to LC for
analysis by the Testing Coordinating Committee
 Each institution must submit a survey response for each record
Via email, B. Tillett has agreed to include CJK titles
for RDA training examples.
Tester Group at Columbia
Chaired by the Director of Original Cataloging
Testers include Original Catalogers from Central
Technical Services, one representative from
East Asian Library and one representative from
Law Library.
In addition to MARC record creation, our
Metadata Coordinator also creates non-MARC
metadata records (MODS).
Tester Group: training period
Almost weekly meeting from July 1 to Sept.
30, 2010
 Listened to RDA webinars
 Reviewed the Powerpoint slides
 Reviewed RDA Toolkit
 Navigation
 Created
workflows for rare books, metadata, etc.
Organized and reviewed related training
documents for both bibliographic and
authority records
Selected RDA resources
RDA toolkit
RDA Toolkit—a guided tour by Troy Linker
LC test site
LC documentation: including examples compared
to AACR2 and LC Policy Statements
University of Chicago documentation and examples
Adam Schiff’s Comparison
RDA Testing and PCC document
Tester Group: training period
Created test records individually and
discussed with other testers during meeting
 Tried
new RDA elements or rules if applicable
 Shared concerns for specific formats or rules
Set up a Wiki page for testers’
communication and training documentation
 Went over testing procedures for both
common set and extra set
Selected RDA resources on our wiki
JSC for the Development of RDA Working Documents (includes
NCSU RDA documentation & training materials
RDA in depth: differences between RDA and AACR2 (Robert
RDA Changes for AACR2 for Texts (Barbara Tillett)
RDA Vocabularies: Process, Outcome, Use (D. Hillmann, et al.)
RDA vocabularies for a Twenty-First century data environment
(Library Technology Reports, special issue, Feb./Mar. 2010; Vol.46,
Susan Summer's Selected RDA Resources
DCRM-L thread on rare books cataloging
US RDA Test and SACO
RDA and the Semantic Web (Alexander Haffner, German National
Tester Group: testing period
Oct. 1-Dec. 31, 2010
Due to the complex testing procedures, do
common set first, then extra set later.
Do not meet regularly, but give testers more time
to create records.
The chair called for a meeting to collect testers’
comments for certain meetings/reports.
For extra set, record all test record numbers on
the Wiki.
What’s new in RDA?
Selected examples for a
comparison with AACR2
Inaccuracies for monograph title
Adam Schiff's slide
Adam Schiff's slide
Adam Schiff's slide
Adam Schiff's slide
Adam Schiff's slide
Rule of three
Adam Schiff's slide
Adam Schiff's slide
Adam Schiff's slide
Adam Schiff's slide
Adam Schiff's slide
Adam Schiff's slide
Adam Schiff's slide
Adam Schiff's slide
Adam Schiff's slide
Adam Schiff's slide
New: identifying families (authority records)
RDA 8.1.2=“two or more persons related by birth, marriage,
adoption, etc.
Now considered creators, contributors, etc.
Important for archives, museums, and special collections
100 3# Ingebretson (Family)
376 ## Family
Date associated with the family (RDA 10.4)
046 ## 1925 $t 1976
100 3# Pahlavi (Dynasty : $d 1925-1979)
376 ## Dynasty
Place associated with the family
046 ## 1529 $t 1739
100 3# Nayak (Dynasty : $d 1529-1739 : Madurai, India)
370 ## Madurai, India
376 ## Dynasty
New and updated tags
MARC21 new & updated tags
Bibliographic records
 Leader/18:
 033—Date/Time, and place of event [LC: TBD]
 040 $e rda
 260 $c—give “copyright date” after publication date
 336--content type; 337--media type; 338--carrier type
 380-384: Form of work, medium of performance &
numeric designation, etc. [LC policy to be decided]
 518—Date/Time and place of event note [LC: TBD]
 533/776: LC decision on reproduction policy
MARC21 new & updated tags
Authority records
cataloging rules: use “z” (other)
[A value is not defined for RDA]
 040 $e rda
 046 $k Beginning or single date created [TBD]
 046 $l Ending date created [TBD]
 370--Associated place; 371—Address; 372—Field of
activity; 373—Affiliation; 374—Occupation; 375—
Gender; 376: Family information; 377—Associated
languages [used to be 670; implementing the FRAD]
 380-384: Form of work; Other characteristics; Medium
of performance; Numeric designation of a musical
work; key [TBD]
 500-530: $4—relationship code; $w/0 “r”—control
 008/10—Descriptive
Summary: initial observations
 Authority
record is much more strengthened with more
information even though they are optional elements.
 If 336-338 information will be processed well in discovery
tool, it would be a great source for facet searching or
 Try to be more user-friendly, e.g. spell-out form
 Go beyond MARC community
 Outreach international community
 RDA Toolkit:
no index
Hard to search and navigate
Top priority for the enhancement in the next release
Summary: initial observations
 RDA is
not format-based, so harder to catalog
specific type of resources.
 RDA does not have sufficient examples;
therefore, other resources are extremely helpful
for creating RDA records, e.g.
Workflows in Toolkit, LC examples, JSC examples,
Adam Schiff’s slides, University of Chicago’s
examples on website, esp. with OPAC view
 Repetitive
information, esp. for AV materials
 It takes longer to catalog if more information
added to bibliographic and authority records.
RDA Testing:
Observations &
Analysis (session 2)
Charlene Chou
Columbia University
at the Peking University
Mar. 3, 2011
Approach: pros & cons
 Bibliographic record
 Authority record
 Summary of my observations and analysis
 My wish list
 Post-testing updates
 Q&A
The length of record, esp. for
CJK materials with parallel
fields or AV materials
Chinese film record: part one
007 v ǂb d ǂd c ǂe v ǂf a ǂg i ǂh z ǂi u
040 NNC ǂb eng ǂc NNC ǂe rda
066 ǂc $1
020 9787885798161
020 788579816X
0240 CNG100800690 ǂd V.J9
02842DJ-09/01-248 ǂb Hua yi xiong di
0411 chi ǂj chi
043 a-cc--050 4PN1997.2 ǂb .F45 2008
090 ǂb
049 ZCUA
24500非誠勿擾 / ǂc 华谊兄弟传媒股份有限公司, 寰亞电影有限公司, 浙江影视集团联合出品 ; 出
品人王中军, 庄澄, 王同元 ; 故事冯小刚, 陈国富 ; 编剧导演冯小刚 = If you are the one / Huayi
Brothers Media Corporation, Media Asia Films Ltd., Zhejiang Media Group & Co., Ltd. present ;
producer Wang Zhongjun, John Chong, Wang Tongyuan ; story by Feng Xiaogang, Chen Guofu
; written & directed by Feng Xiaogang.
24500Fei cheng wu rao / ǂc Hua yi xiong di chuan mei gu fen you xian gong si, Huan ya dian
ying you xian gong si, Zhejiang ying shi ji tuan lian he chu pin ; chu pin ren Wang Zhongjun,
Zhuang Cheng, Wang Tongyuan ; gu shi Feng Xiaogang, Chen Guofu ; bian ju dao yan Feng
Xiaogang = If you are the one / Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, Media Asia Films Ltd.,
Zhejiang Media Group & Co., Ltd. present ; producer Wang Zhongjun, John Chong, Wang
Tongyuan ; story by Feng Xiaogang, Chen Guofu ; written & directed by Feng Xiaogang. 40
Chinese film record: part two
24631If you are the one
260 [云南] : ǂb 云南音像出版社 : ǂb 華誼兄弟, ǂc 2008.
260 [Yunnan] : ǂb Yunnan yin xiang chu ban she : ǂb Hua yi xiong di, ǂc 2008.
300 1 videodisc (116 min.) : ǂb sound, color ; ǂc 4 3/4 in.
336 two-dimensional moving image ǂ2 rdacontent
337 video ǂ2 rdamedia
338 videodisc ǂ2 rdacarrier
538 DVD, all regions; Dolby digital 5.1; NTSC.
546 In Mandarin with simplifed Chinese subtitles.
500 Aspect ratio 1:2.35.
500 Includes special features.
508 Director of photography, 吕乐; editor, 刘淼淼; music, 刘沁, 刘锐; executive
producer, 陈国富.
508 Director of photography, Lü Yue; editor, Liu Miaomiao; music Liu Qin, Liu Rui;
executive producer, Chen Guofu.
5111 葛优, 舒淇.
5111 Ge You, Shu Qi.
520 Qin Fen, a funny, honest, single inventor, meets a girl called Smiley, who is in
agony after being betrayed by her boyfriend. In an attempt to help Smiley get over
her pain, the two of them travel to Hokkaido (Beihaidao). During the journey they
gradually develop a love for each other.
Chinese film record: part three
655 0Fiction films.
655 0Feature films.
7001 王中军, ǂd 19607001 Wang, Zhongjun, ǂd 19607001 庄澄.
7001 Zhuang, Cheng.
7001 王同元.
7001 Wang, Tongyuan.
7001 馮小剛, ǂe director.
7001 Feng, Xiaogang, ǂe director.
7001 葛優, ǂd 1957- ǂe actor.
7001 Ge, You, ǂd 1957- ǂe actor.
7001 舒淇, ǂd 1976- ǂe actor.
7001 Shu, Qi, ǂd 1976- ǂe actor.
7102 华谊兄弟传媒股份有限公司.
7102 Hua yi xiong di chuan mei gu feng you xian gong si.
7102 Media Asia Films Limited.
7102 浙江影视集团.
7102 Zhejiang ying shi ji tuan.
Bibliographic record
Language of expression—
multiple languages
Translation to Korean with original text in Chinese: part 1
040 ZCU ǂb eng ǂc ZCU ǂe rda ǂd ZCU
066 ǂc $1
020 9788932313498
020 8932313490
0411 kor ǂa chi ǂh chi
042 pcc
043 a-cc--050 4DS707 ǂb .S4166 2005
090 ǂb
049 ZCUA
24500산해경 / ǂc 장 수철 옮김.
24500Sanhaegyŏng / ǂc Chang Su-ch'ŏl omgim.
250 초판.
250 Ch'op'an.
260 서울시 : ǂb 현암사, ǂc 2005.
260 Sŏul-si : ǂb Hyŏnamsa, ǂc 2005.
300 392 pages : ǂb color illustrations ; ǂc 22 cm.
336 text ǂ2 rdacontent
337 unmediated ǂ2 rdamedia
338 volume ǂ2 rdacarrier
4901 우리 가 정말 알아야 할 동양 고전
4901 Uri ka chŏngmal araya hal Tongyang kojŏn
Translation to Korean with original text in Chinese: part 2
500 Korean translation, with some original text in Chinese.
651 0China ǂx Description and travel.
650 0Mythology, Chinese.
650 0Ethnology ǂz China.
650 0Geographical myths.
63004山海經 (Chinese classic)
63000Shan hai jing (Chinese classic)
7001 장 수철.
7001 Chang, Su-ch'ŏl.
73002山海經 (Chinese classic). ǂl Korean.
73002Shan hai jing (Chinese classic). ǂl Korean.
73002山海經 (Chinese classic). ǂl Chinese.
73002Shan hai jing (Chinese classic). ǂl Chinese.
830 0우리 가 정말 알아야 할 동양 고전.
830 0Uri ka chŏngmal araya hal Tongyang kojŏn.
Translation from Japanese to Chinese
040 ZCU ǂb eng ǂc ZCU ǂe rda ǂd ZCU
066 ǂc $1
020 9789866272141
020 9866272141
0411 chi ǂh jpn
042 pcc
050 4BQ7935.B777 ǂb O8312 2010
090 ǂb
049 ZCUA
1001 長田幸康, ǂd 1965- ǂe author.
1001 Osada, Yukiyasu, ǂd 1965- ǂe author.
24010知識ゼロからのダライ・ラマ入門. ǂl Chinese
24010Chishiki zero kara no Darai Rama nyūmon. ǂl Chinese
24510從零開始認識達賴喇嘛 = ǂb 知識ゼロからのダライ・ラマ入門 / ǂc 長田幸康 (Yukiyasu Osada) 著 ; 趙韻毅譯.
24510Cong ling kai shi ren shi Dalai Lama = ǂb Chishiki zero kara no Darai Rama nyūmon / ǂc Changtian Xingkang (Yukiyasu
Osada) zhu ; Zhao Yunyi yi.
24630Dalai Lama
250 初版.
250 Chu ban.
260 台北市 : ǂb 漫遊者文化事業股份有限公司, ǂc 2010, ©2008.
260 Taibei Shi : ǂb Man you zhe wen hua shi ye gu fen you xian gong si, ǂc 2010, ©2008.
300 172 pages : ǂb illustrations, maps, portraits ; ǂc 21 cm
336 text ǂ2 rdacontent
337 unmediated ǂ2 rdamedia
338 volume ǂ2 rdacarrier
504 Includes bibliographical references (page 172).
60000Bstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtsho, ǂc Dalai Lama XIV, ǂd 1935650 0Dalai lamas ǂv Biography.
7001 趙韻毅, ǂe translator.
7001 Zhao, Yunyi, ǂe translator.
Bibliographic record
Monograph & serials
Bibliographic record--monograph
040 ZCU ǂb eng ǂc ZCU ǂe rda ǂd ZCU
066 ǂc $1
020 9787542014078
020 7542014072
042 pcc
043 a-cc-ti
050 4PL3721 ǂb .B76 2009
090 ǂb
049 ZCUA
1000 Bsod-nams-tshe-riṅ, ǂc Dpaʼ-ris, ǂd 194224510话说藏戏 / ǂc 华热·索南才让著.
24510Hua shuo Zang xi / ǂc Huare Suonancairang zhu.
250 第1版.
250 Di 1 ban.
260 西宁 : ǂb 青海民族出版社, ǂc 2009.
260 Xining : ǂb Qinghai min zu chu ban she, ǂc 2009.
300 2, 2, 168 pages ; ǂc 19 cm.
336 text ǂ2 rdacontent
337 unmediated ǂ2 rdamedia
338 volume ǂ2 rdacarrier
4901 话说藏族系列丛书
4901 Hua shuo Zang zu xi lie cong shu
504 Includes bibliographical references (page 167).
650 0Folk drama, Tibetan ǂx History and criticism.
650 0Tibetan drama ǂx History and criticism.
830 0话说藏族系列丛书.
830 0Hua shuo Zang zu xi lie cong shu.
Monograph record
040 ZCU ǂb eng ǂc ZCU ǂe rda ǂd ZCU
066 ǂc $1
020 9787544426985
020 754442698X
042 pcc
043 a-cc--050 4RC451.4.S7 ǂb P65 2010
090 ǂb
049 ZCUA
24500破茧化蝶 : ǂb 来自大学心理咨询的案例报告 / ǂc 主编李正云 ; 副主编周圆, 张华, 吴燕霞, 徐欣颖.
24500Po jian hua die : ǂb lai zi da xue xin li zi xun de an li bao gao / ǂc zhu bian Li Zhengyun ; fu zhu bian Zhou Yuan, Zhang Hua,
Wu Yanxia, Xu Xinying.
24630Lai zi da xue xin li zi xun de an li bao gao
250 第一版.
250 Di yi ban.
260 上海 : ǂb 上海教育出版社, ǂc 2010.
260 Shanghai : ǂb Shanghai jiao yu chu ban she, ǂc 2010.
300 2, 4, 2, 271 pages ; ǂc 24 cm
336 text ǂ2 rdacontent
337 unmediated ǂ2 rdamedia
338 volume ǂ2 rdacarrier
500 "本书获上海市重点学科"发展与教育心理学"建筑项目资助 项目编号为S30401."
520 本书整理和总结上海师范大学大学生心理健康教育近年来在学生个案处理方面的经验, 每个案例由"案例起因/导入", "案例基本情况
", "咨询处理过程", "咨询师的思考"等部分组成, 涉及的主题有大学生的人际关系, 情感问题, 家庭关系, 职业发展, 大学生活等问题.
650 0College students ǂx Mental health ǂz China ǂv Case studies.
650 0Mental health counseling ǂz China ǂv Case studies.
7001 李正云, ǂd 1966- ǂe chief editor.
7001 Li, Zhengyun, ǂd 1966- ǂe chief editor.
7001 周圆 ǂc (Counselor), ǂe joint editor.
7001 Zhou, Yuan ǂc (Counselor), ǂe joint editor.
936 PR 655006219
Bibliographic record--serials
010 2010255060
040 ZCU ǂb eng ǂc ZCU ǂe rda
066 ǂc $1
042 pcc
043 a-cc--05014H8.C5 ǂb Q531
090 ǂb
049 ZCUA
24500Qian yan bao gao.
260 广州市 : ǂb 《前沿视野》月刊编辑部
260 Guangzhou Shi : ǂb "Qian yan shi ye" yue kan bian ji bu
300 ǂc 29 cm
310 Monthly
336 text ǂ2 rdacontent
337 unmediated ǂ2 rdamedia
338 volume ǂ2 rdacarrier
3621 Began in 2009.
515 Issues for <2010 nian di 1 qi-> called also <zong di 185 qi->
550 Issued by: Guangdong Sheng she hui ke xue yuan, Guangdong Sheng she hui ke xue xin xi zhong xin.
588 Description based on: 2010 nian di 1 qi; title from caption.
588 Latest issue consulted: 2010 nian di 1 qi.
650 0Social sciences ǂv Periodicals.
651 0China ǂx Social conditions ǂv Periodicals.
651 0China ǂx Economic conditions ǂv Periodicals.
7102 广东省社会科学院.
7102 Guangdong Sheng she hui ke xue yuan.
7102 广东省社会科学院. ǂb 信息中心.
7102 Guangdong Sheng she hui ke xue yuan. ǂb Xin xi zhong xin.
78000ǂt 前沿视野 ǂw (DLC) 2007255018 ǂw (OCoLC)84912652
78000ǂt Qian yan shi ye ǂw (DLC) 2007255018 ǂw (OCoLC)84912652
Authority Records
RDA elements may be helpful
for certain name authority
More info on name authority record
010 no2010188610
040 NNC ǂb eng ǂc NNC ǂe rda
046 ǂf 1966
1001 Li, Zhengyun, ǂd 1966370 Hunan Sheng, China ǂc China ǂe Shanghai, China
372 psychology
373 Shanghai shi fan da xue ǂu http://www.shnu.edu.cn/
373 Shanghai Shi xin li xue hui ǂu http://www.spsps.gov.cn/assn/13.html
374 professor ǂa counselor ǂa psychologist
375 female ǂ2 iso5218
377 chi
4001 李正云, ǂd 1966667 Non-Latin script reference not evaluated
670 Po jian hua die, 2010: ǂb t.p. (李正云 = Li Zhengyun)
670 Baike.baidu.com, viewed Nov. 17, 2010 ǂb biography (李正云 = Li Zhengyun;
b. 1966; Hunan native; Shanghai shi fan da xue ying yong xin li xue fu jiao shou;
Phd in psychology; Shanghai Shi xin li xue hui li shi) ǂu
Authority Records
Especially helpful for
disambiguating Chinese
undifferentiated names!!!
RDA—Profession or occupation as
010 no2010188609
040 NNC ǂb eng ǂc NNC ǂe rda
1001 Zhou, Yuan ǂc (Counselor)
370 ǂc China ǂe Shanghai, China
372 psychology
373 Lin zi xin li zi xun zhong xin ǂu
374 counselor ǂa pyschologist
375 female ǂ2 iso5218
377 chi
4001 周圆 ǂc (Counselor)
667 Non-Latin script reference not evaluated
670 Po jian hua die, 2010: ǂb t.p. (周圆 = Zhou Yuan)
670 Xlzx.cn, viewed Nov. 17, 2010 ǂb biography (周圆 = Zhou Yuan; senior
counselor at Shanghai lin zi xin li zi xun zhong xin; master in psychology from Hua
dong shi fan da xue) ǂu
Compared with existing undifferentiated name record
010 n 82252790
040 DLC ǂb eng ǂc DLC ǂd OCoLC ǂd DLC ǂd OCoLC ǂd WaU
1001 Zhou, Yuan
4001 Chou, Yüan ǂw nne
4001 周元
4001 周原
4001 周园
4001 周園
4001 周宇安
4001 周渊
4001 周源
4001 周篔
4001 周育安
4001 周苑
4001 周远
667 Machine-derived non-Latin script reference project.
667 Non-Latin script references not evaluated.
670 [Joint authors of Yan yu xuan xu ji]
670 Chou, S.H. Yen yü hsüan hsü chi, 1982: ǂb t.p. (Chou Yüan)
670 [Editor of Nong min! Nong min]
670 Nong min! Nong min, 2004: ǂb t.p. (Zhou Yuan)
670 [Author of Hajłasz-Sobolev extension and imbedding]
670 Hajłasz-Sobolev extension and imbedding, 2010: ǂb t.p. (Yuan Zhou)
Authority Record
More RDA elements are
helpful for distinguishing
identical Romanized forms
Identifying the right name: Li Feng
040 NNC ǂb eng ǂc NNC ǂe rda
046 ǂf 19620704
1001 Li, Feng, ǂd 1962 July 4370 ǂc United States ǂc China
374 historian ǂa archaeologist
375 male ǂ2 iso5218
377 eng ǂa chi
4001 Feng, Li, ǂd 1962 July 44001 李峰, ǂd 1962 July 4667 RDA TEST RECORD
667 Non-Latin script reference not evaluated.
667 Do not confuse with Li Feng (李锋) who was probably born in 1962 and teaches
archaeology at Zhengzhou University.
670 Xi Zhou de mie wang, 2007: ǂb t.p. (李峰 = Li Feng)
670 Landscape and power in early China, 2006: ǂb t.p. (Li Feng, Columbia University) jkt.
(Assistant Professor of early Chinese cultural history, Department of East Asian Languages and
670 E-mail from author, August 11, 2009 ǂb (Li was born on July 4, 1962)
6780 Li is currently Associate Professor of Early Chinese History and Archaeology, Department
of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University. He is both a historian of Early
China specializing in inscriptions of the Shang-Zhou period, and an active field archaeologist.
Additonal biographical information may be found at ǂu
The display of new RDA
OPAC display
Options for 336, 337, 338
To display or not
 Reference
staff feeling: not to display since they are
not useful and cluttered the records
 Testing: devising labels
If display, what’s the label?
 3xx displays as “Description”?
 Use RDA terminology (Content
type, media type,
carrier type)?
 Different labels: content, medium and format
If not, still used as facets?
Example: University of Chicago
U. of Chicago example: 336-338 for video
Author: Blight, David W., author.
Title: Civil War symposium.
Imprint: West Lafayette, IN : C-Span Archives, 2001.
Description: 1 videocassette (133 minutes) : sound, color ; 1/2 inch.
Content type: two-dimensional moving image
Medium: video
Format: videocassette
Notes: VHS format.
David Blight, professor, Amherst College ; Edward Linenthal, professor,
University of Wisconsin ; Richard Rabinowitz, president, American History
Recorded live at Ford's Theatre, Washington, D.C. May 8, 2000.
E-books: 336-338 fields
Author: Pellow, Thomas, b. 1704. author
Title: The adventures of Thomas Pellow, of Penryn, mariner :
three and twenty years in captivity among the Moors /
Written by himself, and edited with an introduction and
notes by Dr. Robert Brown.
Web Access: HathiTrust Digital Library:
Imprint: Chicago : University of Chicago Library, [2009].
Description: 1 online resource (379 pages) frontispiece
(portrait) 8 plates (2 folded)
Content type: text
Medium: computer
Format: online resource
Print serials: 336-338 fields
Title: Filmfare annual.
Imprint: Mumbai : Bennett Coleman & Co. LTD
Description: colored illustrations, portraits (some fold-out) ; 28 cm
Content type: text
Medium: unmediated
Format: volume
Frequency: Annual
Issues also have a distinctive theme title.
Description based on: 1996; title from cover.
Latest issue consulted: '97.
My observations and analysis
 Transcribe
what it
appears on piece
 No more Latin
 FRBRized structure—
format-free approach
 More options
 Much
more spellings:
macros to handle
 Technical difficulties
RDA Toolkit: no index & few
CJK examples
Hard to catalog without
format-specific instructions
More fields to code: really
necessary ($0)?
 More
local decisions?
More training for copy
My observations and analysis
 More
publishing information
 More fields for authority
control and
 Many Chinese names
can be pulled out of
undifferentiated name
record due to new
qualifiers, e.g.
 Flexible for other
metadata (non-MARC)
 Confusing:
makeup titles;
publishing information, etc.
 More time-consuming to
code optional fields in
authority record
 Hard to map certain RDA
elements with non-MARC
metadata schemas
 Make cataloging process
more efficient or harder?
 More messy database?
 How about legacy data?
Easier for users: no more S.l. & s.n.
 260
[Place of publication not identified] : $b [publisher
not identified], $c [date of publication not identified]
Confusing for users:
 Copyright date
 260 [Des Moines?] : $b Iowa Department of Transportation, $c
[date of publication not identified], c2009.
 Compilation of works by different creators
 RDA with alternative for devised title
245 [Two political science studies]
245 [Two United States Midwest memoirs]
505 Community band concerts / Sharon Polk. Fall harvest
festivals / Terri Swanson.
RDA without alternative for devised title
245 Community band concerts /$c Sharon Polk. Fall harvest
festivals / Terri Swanson.
My wish list
A more simplified approach
 Compared
with CSR experiences
A flexible tagging and applicable for nonMARC data
 No more punctuations
 Are AACR2 records with sufficient
information for technology/discovery tool
to harvest for facet searching, etc.?
 What’s the priority for the future of
Feedback from Hong
Kong & Taiwan
From my presentations at NCL (Taiwan)
on 12/2/10 & at Lingnan University
(academic librarians) on 12/6/10
NCL (Taiwan)
CMARC in Taiwan requires no punctuations.
Did RDA consult other standards/rules outside
Doubts in the functions of 336/337/338
Need special keys for copyright symbol, etc.?
If using profession as qualifier, it may change or
be harder for multiple roles, e.g. Zhang Xiguo
What’s the average cataloging time for RDA and
AACR2 records respectively?
Academic librarians from HK
What will happen after 12/31/10. Adopt it or not?
Why kept Romanized form in record? For the
example of Li Feng, it’s not a problem if heading
in Chinese.
What do you think regarding strong voice
against RDA testing?
Any survey from user’s points?
Doubts in the change in bilingual uniform titles
Academic librarians from HK
If removing $h [GMD], cannot tell its
format from the first look.
 Concerns with little impact on serials
 How to handle legacy data, e.g. the
maintenance of GMD vs. new 336/337/338
 More options for flexibility may cause
difficulties for a shared catalog system.
Post-testing updates
Discussions at ALA Midwinter
Conference, Interim policy of PCC
and decisions to announce
RDA Update Forum at Midwinter
Christopher Cronin, University of Chicago
Penny Baker, Clark Art Institute Library in Massachusetts
Concerns: dismay at having to change established headings,
distaste the method for recording copyright date, unrealized utility in
the new 33x fields, and poor navigation capabilities and lack of
indexing in the Toolkit
Strengths: new authority record structures, ability to express
relationships between entities, and elimination of the rule of three.
RDA is here to stay and catalogers voiced unanimous support for
moving ahead with it.
Language and terminology of RDA difficult to grasp
Mapping DACS to RDA, will be contributed to the RDA Toolkit
Ric H., North East Independent School District in Texas
The new 33x fields posed the most challenging problem
Overall feelings about RDA were mixed
Implementation would largely depend on what their system and
book vendors decide to do.
RDA Update Forum at Midwinter
Kathryn La Barre, Graduate School of Library and
Information Science, Univ. of Illinois
Shawne Miksa, University of North Texas
RDA: MARC centric and incompatible with Dublin Core, instructions
were non-linear, overly complex and not always clear; for educations,
teach FRBR first and get a solid foundation in AACR2 before tackling
Documentation: a lot to keep up with; for most part is a positive
Maritta Coppieters from Backstage Library Works
Concerns: RDA would make Backstage’s work more expensive; with
so many options, clients might make unique local policy decisions,
difficult for Backstage to manage
Relaxed restrictions might mean more metadata; some clients might
want their existing AACR2 records upgraded to RDA.
PCC Post RDA Test Guidelines
During the period from January 2, 2011 to the time
an implementation decision is made, PCC
catalogers creating RDA bibliographic records will
use authorized forms of names and titles
established in existing AACR2 and RDA authority
If no AACR2 or RDA authority record exists, PCC
catalogers continuing to use RDA will create RDA
authority records. The resulting RDA authorized
access points will be used as needed on RDA and
AACR2 bibliographic records.
PCC Post RDA Test Guidelines
"Future disposition of the authority record 7XX fields
 In
the event RDA is implemented by the Program for
Cooperative Cataloging (PCC), the 7XX fields added to
the AACR2 authority records will not just automatically be
flipped to 1XX fields. The differences between the 7XX
fields added to existing AACR2 authority records will be
evaluated to determine possible categories of “RDAcompatible” authorized access points.
 Do
not change an AACR2 authority record to be an RDA
authority record; do not change an RDA authority record
to be an AACR2 authority record.
 Write to the LChelp4rda@loc.gov if any question about
existing headings or assistance in creating a new RDA
authority record
Existing AACR2 authority record:
100 1_ $a Brown, George, $c Rev.
700 14 $a Brown, George $c
(Clergyman) (RDA form)
 100
1_ $a Brown, George, $c Rev. $t Poems
110 2_ $a Royal College of Physicians of
710 24 $a Royal College of Physicians
(London, England) (RDA form)
 110
2_ $a Royal College of Physicians of
London. $b Tobacco Advisory Group
Existing RDA authority record
100 1_ $a Smith, Mary $c (Biologist)
 100
1_ $a Smith, Mary $c (Biologist). $t Flora and fauna
of Wisconsin. $l Norwegian
[Note: giving an AACR2 form for the RDA form may not be
simple because the AACR2 form for the author would be
an undifferentiated form]
110 1_ $a Nebraska. $b Department of the
 110
1_ $a Nebraska. $b Department of the Environment.
$b Research Branch
 Optionally: give following AACR2 form in the new RDA
record as
710 14: $a Nebraska. $b Dept. of the Environment. $b
Research Branch
The RDA test record
files site:
Adoption decisions
to be announced by
Three national libraries
respectively later spring

2009 IFLA Conference in Milan, Italy