 The Poland is a country in the very heart of
 Poland is borders on Germany, the Czech
Republic, the Slovak Republic, Ukraine,
Belarus, Lithuania and Russia. Its northern
border – runs along the Baltic Sea coast
 The capital city is Warsaw
 Poland has a moderate climate with both
martime and continental elements
 Generally, in northern and western Poland the
climate is predominartly martime, while the
eastern part of the country has a distinctly
continental climate with harsh winters and
hotter drier summers
Katowice – the major city of Silesia
 You cannot get bored in Katowice
 The city vibrates with social, cultural, and first of
all, night life
 Everybody will find something for themselves
 Katowice offers a lot to night life enthusiasts
 There are many places where the fun goes on till
the morning
 Polish bars are commonly called “pubs”,
although beside the name they have little in
common with the traditional, English ones
 They are stylised after Irish or Scottish pubs, but
each one has its own unique décor and
 They serve exquisite beer and close when the last
guest leaves, which means the fun can last until
the early morning
 Dance lovers may “have their fling” in discos to
the rhythms of techno, hip-hop or rock music
Silesian School of Economics and Language
 Silesian School of Economics and Languages
in Katowice is the largest non-public higher
school in Upper Silesia
 The School was awarded the title of the best
non-public higher school in Upper Silesia by
the Chapter of Polish Ranking of Higher
schools announced by “Rzeczpospolita” and
 Silesian School of Economics and Languages
has very rich educational facilities covering
the area of 20 thousand square meters
 They comprise state of the art equipment of
lecture rooms, computer work rooms and airconditioned auditorium
Silesian School of Economics and Language
 The School facilities also include
 the Academic Computer Centre
 500 desktops serving for educational and research
 as well as 40 thousand volumes of the school library
 15 thousand students are educated in these friendly
conditions, at the faculties:
 Management and Marketing
 and Languages
 School offers
 bachelor’s,
 master graduation
 and complementary master graduation studies –
intramural and extramural
 The school has
 a status of TELC/ICC examination centre
 and a British Council examination centre
 The students also have the possibility to obtain
computer science certificates – ECDL (European
Computer Driving Licence)
We have been closely cooperating with the:
Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes
University of Extremadura
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Universidad Sek Segovia
Universidad de Castilla – La Mancha
University of Aarhus, Institute of Business and Technology
Fachhochschule Wurzburg-Schweinfurt
University of Applied Sciences Worms
Universitaet Siegen
Universitatea Din Oradea
Maltepe University
Fh Joanneum Gesellschaft
Hochschule Bremerhaven
Fachhochschule Ludwigshafen am Rhein
Stredocesky vysokoskolsky institut
 Name of the host institution
 Silesian School of Economics and Languages
 Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania Marketingowego i
Języków Obcych w Katowicach
 Erasmus Institutional Code
 Adress
 International Office
 12, Gallusa Street
 40 – 594 Katowice
 Phone: + 48 32 20 79 228
 Fax: + 48 32 20 79 228
 Foreign students may find accommodation at the student hostel
 School offers single and double rooms, all with bathroom and some
also with kitchen
 Kitchen, laundry, television rooms are for general use
 We offer a double room for one person
 Students who decide to stay in this kind of room will have to pay an
extra charge
 The price for room include: accommodation, water, electricity and
internet connection
 Even if you decide to come for spring semester we have to be
informed about your accommodation requirements no later than
15th September! We have to book a room early otherwise we do
not guarantee free rooms
 We do not offer any apartments to let.
 There is a possibility to let a flat through the estate agency and monthly
rent is around 1500 PLN in the centre of Katowice
 The estate agency charge is equal to one month rent
 A student hostel is called a “ Dom Studenta ”
 Adress: 12, Ondraszka Street, 40-594 Katowice,
 Phone:+ 48323595803
 Living expenses in Poland will vary according to personal
requirements and standards. The required minimum is 300 –
350 PLN/month, excluding accommodation
 Approximate average prices of basic products:
Loaf of bread: 3 zł
Bottle of mineral water: 2 zł
Cup of coffe: 5 zł
Butter: 3,5 zł
Beer: 5 zł
Apples ( 1 kg): 3 zł
Ham ( 1 kg): 25 zł
Cheese ( 1 kg): 30 zł
Milk ( 1 l): 2.5 zł
Chocolate: 5 zł
 There is a University canteen for student where you can buy
cheep dinner
 Otherwise there are many restaurants in Katowice, which vary in
standard and thus prices as well
 There is however a very range of international cuisine
 The academic year is divided into two terms
 The winter semester starts on the 1st of October and lasts until mid-January when the
exam session starts
 The summer semester starts in mid February and lasts until the beginning of June
 There are short breaks at the end of December (from Christmas till New Year) and
during Easter
 There is practically no teaching from mid-June to the end of September
Public Holiday
All Saint’s Day – 1 st November
Independence Day – 11 th November
Christmas Day – 25 th December
Boxing Day – 26 th December
New Year’s Day – 1 st January
Easter Sunday – 4 th April
State Holiday – 1 th May
Constitution Day – 3 rd May
Corpus Christi – 3 rd June
Feast of the Assumption – 15 th August
 The institution responsible for health care in Poland is the
National Health Fund – Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia (NFZ)
 To get treatment by a general practitioner you should go to a
doctor who has a contract with NFZ and show your European
Health Insurance Card or a replacement certificate
 To get treatment by a specialist, such as an obstetrician, dentist,
dermatologist, venerologist, oncologist, eye specialist or
psychiatrist you don’t need a referd. To go to any other
specialist you need to go a general practitioner first
 In case of emergency call 999 or 112
 Detailed information concerning health care in Poland can be
found at:
 Students who are the citizens of the European Union or European Economic
Area do not a visa when entering Poland
 However, for stays longer than 3 months, students should obtain a temporary
residence permit at Silesian Voivodeship Office
 Documents required to obtain temporary residence permit:
 European Health Insurance Card
 Passport or other official document which confirms the personal date and enables
entry to Poland (identity card)
 Confirmation or financial means (minimum 150 euro per month)- it is enough to
have a photocopy of a credit card and statement written in Polish in which you
declare that you have adequate money to stay in Poland without taking social
 Confirmation of temporary registration issued by local government offices of the
place of residence (registration for students staying at the student hostels will be
done by hostel’s office)
 A letter form the Silesian School of Economics and Languages confirming studies
within the LLP/Erasmus programme and the planned period of stay
 In addition, you have to fill in an application form, which is available at the
Voivodeship Office
 Local transport
 in Katowice one reduce price ticket costs 1.20 zł, full price – 2.40 zł.
 However if you know you will be using the public transportation many times within
the day or weekend you can buy more economical tickets, valid for a given period
of time, eg.: 24 hours, 3 days, 30 days, 90 days
 More information are available at KZK GOP:
 Taxis
 Taxis are not difficult to find because of the many small taxi companies
competing with each other, especially in the city area.
 We suggest not to take the taxi from the train and bus station, because
they are far more expensive than from other companies.
 Phone number for the cheapest taxi companies in the area are for
• Radio Taxi - 9191;
• Halo Taxi - 96 29
 How to get to the school
 By bus: From the main railway station in Katowice: stand nos. 10; the
buses going along Mikołowska street ( the 3rd stop: Brynów, W. Pola
Street; the landmark – the “Wujek” mine)
 Police: 997
 Fire brigade: 998
 Ambulance: 999
 Calling from mobile dial: 112
apteka – pharmacy
bilety – tickets
kantor – exchange
na lewo – on the left
na prawo – on the right
poczta – post office
szpital – hospital
uwaga – attention!
woda – water
zakaz palenia – no smoking
znaczki – stamps
kino – cinema
dzień dobry – good morning
dobry wieczór – good evening
do widzenia – goodbye
dobranoc – good night
dziękuję – thank you
proszę – please
jak masz na imię? – what’s your name?
Mam na imię… - My name is…
Jak się masz? – how are you?
Nie rozumiem – I don’t understand
Zajęcia – classes
Egzamin – exam
Podręcznik – textbook
Biblioteka - library