Crisis Management Plan
Jackson County Public Schools
In-Service Training
July 1999
Purpose of the Plan
 To coordinate the prompt and effective
response to crisis situations
 To give teachers, administrators, school
board officials and the community
assurance that a comprehensive plan is in
place and operational
 To provide guidelines that are easy to use
and accessible to all personnel
The Crisis Management Plan is
designed to:
 Communicate the Plan with faculty,
students, parents, emergency services,
media or other entities
 Reduce confusion or panic
 Provide step by step instructions for various
types of crisis or incidents
 Establish specific responsibilities for the
staff, faculty, security and emergency
Annual Crisis Management Plan
 Designate, orient and train the Crisis
Management Team
 Review and update the Plan
 Train faculty and staff in their duties and
 Drill students in emergency procedures
 Review and update the coordination with
local police, fire and medical personnel
Requirements, Continued
 Verify that the various emergency entities
have coordinated with each other.
 Assure that emergency personnel have easy
access to an updated drawing of the
facilities and grounds
 Communicate to parents the intent and
guidelines of the Plan through meetings and
Crisis Management Plan Checklist
 Crisis Management Team designated?
Plan reviewed and updated?
Faculty and Staff In-service?
Student training and drills?
Emergency Personnel Coordination?
– Date - Police____, Fire____Medical____
– Other_____________________________
Drawing provided?
Who Has?_____Where kept?________________
Parent/Guardian Communications
Administration and Staff
 Activate Plan for
 Debrief officials on
facility and site plan
 Notify
Superintendent's office
 Notify County Crisis
 Activate plans to
support impacted staff
or students
issues relevant to the
community and media
 Meet and debrief staff
 Assure follow-up with
impacted or at-risk
students and staff
Responsibilities of Teacher or
Supervising Adult
 Know and understand the Plan
 Intervene immediately to help victim(s) and
create a safe environment
 Inform administration and staff members
with known facts
 Deal with emotional impact to self and
 Encourage restoration of normal routine
Communication with the Media
 ONLY the designated County Press
Information Officer or Designated Point
Person is to discuss or be in contact with the
 If you are are contacted, refer all inquiries
to the PIO.
 Do not comment, draw conclusions or make
any reference to the incident unless cleared
by the PIO
Tips and Suggestion for Talking with
the Media
 Don’t - Unless you have been given
 Provide accurate information
 Speak conversationally
 Answer each question succinctly and then
stop speaking
Tips Continued
 If you don’t know the answer, say so
 If information is known, but you can’t
supply it, say so and explain why
 If a reporter interrupts you, stop speaking
 If a reporter asks more than one question,
ask which question you should answer first.
Letters or Memos
 All letters and memos must be approved
through the PIO before being made public.
County and School Telephone
 Keep up to date
 Check all telephone numbers
 Verify all personnel have up to date copy
Teacher Evacuation Procedures
 Take your grade book/roster and the
emergency plan with you
 Keep your students together
 Follow the Crisis Management Team
directions and instructions
 Do not return or re-entry the school until
told you can do so.
Precautions for the Disabled Impaired
 Hearing Disabilities
 Visual Disabilities
 Learning, Emotional, Cognitive Disabilities
 Physical Disabilities
Precautions, continued
 General
– Procedures are read to/by student in
languages they understand
– Student demonstrates they understand
– A buddy system and backup is used
– Special equipment is always accessible
The Jackson County Crisis Management Plan
 Emergency Telephone
Crisis Management Team
Medical Response Team
Early Closing of Schools
Drug Incident
Chemical Spills
&Railroad Accidents
 Serious Injury or Illness
 Sexual Battery on Campus
 Severe Weather
 Severe Disruptions
involving criminal acts
Bomb Threat or
Suspicious Object
Other Emergency
Teacher Evacuation
Jackson County Emergency
Phone Numbers
 Provides a list of major telephone numbers
to report a variety of incidents
 Used for incidents with Immediate Danger
to life and/or property
School Crisis Management Team
 Established by School Administration at
beginning of each year.
 Provides leadership and management during
 Must be knowledgeable and have clear
understanding of responsibilities and duties
 Have practiced the Plan
School Medical Response Team
 School first responders
 Trained in first-aid and CPR
 Volunteers?
 Assigned - meet bloodborne pathogen
health requirements if assigned by job title
Early Closing of School -Code A
 Key Duties
– Administration makes decision
– Transportation will be arranged
– Administration notifies Board Members and
– Teachers prepare students for transportation
– Arrangements made for students that cannot
leave school for what ever reason
Suicide or Attempt- Code B
 Attempt
– Teacher immediately sends for help and has
other persons leave area
– Administration notifies emergency personnel
and parents/guardians
– Student is NEVER left alone
 Actual Situation
– Send for help
– Move other persons away from scene
Drug Incident - Code C
 Only Administration will approach
suspected person
 Law Enforcement will be called
 Teacher will move other persons from area
if potential for violence exists
Chemical Spills & Railroad Accidents Code D
 Administration will call Superintendent,
Transportation and County Emergency
 Students are to be brought indoors to main
building and and building closed - Reason:
to reduce exposure to unknown chemicals
 CEM will provide guidance as to
evacuation as necessary
Fire - Code E
 At Alarm, Prepare students and immediately
follow evacuation procedures
 Assure ALL students are accounted.
 Do not return to the building for any reason
 Emergency personnel will search as
Serious Injury or Illness - Code F
 Immediately call for medical assistance
 DO NOT MOVE person if potential exists
for head, neck or back injury.
 Do not leave student unattended
 Parents/Guardians will be notified
concerning any injury immediately
Sexual Battery on CampusCode G
 DO NOT leave victim alone
 Immediately call for Medical Response
 Administration will contact police, parents
or guardian
 Do not discuss the incident with anyone
other than Administration, Law
Enforcement or Legal
Severe Weather - Code H
 Tornado Watch
 Tornado Warning
 Thunderstorm
 Hurricane Watch or Warning
 Flooding
Severe Disruptions Involving
Criminal Acts - Code I
 Criminal Acts or violence are “Zero
Tolerance” events
 Lock Down Procedures
 Evacuation Procedures - No Delay
 Student and Staff Safety are paramount - Do
not take undue chances - Evacuate persons
from area as quickly as possible
 If you hear gunshot or explosion, drop to
the floor.
Bomb Threat Or Suspicious Object Code J
 Use Bomb Threat Checklist as soon as
 Notify Administration
 Do not take undue chances
– Evacuate the suspected area immediately
Other Emergency Procedures Code K
 Gas Leaks
 Electrical Outage Problems
 Water shortage or other incident that
degrades use of school or may cause injury
 Campus Disorders and Florida Law
 Emergency Disaster Plans and Community
 Emergency Evacuation Drills
 Acknowledgements
 Jackson County
– Student Assistance Program
– County Emergency Planning
 Panhandle Area Educational Consortium
– Risk Management - Pat McDaniel
• Marsh, Inc. Risk Services
– Safe and Drug Free Schools - Linda Booth
Additional Resources
 Internet
– US DOE –
Insurance Services Office
National Association of School Psychologists
National School Safety &Security Services
National School Safety Center

Crisis Management Plan