Identifying Funding
Sources of Funding
European Union Sources
National Sources
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
EU Sources
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
Seventh Framework Programme
• Overview of the FP7
• Whats going on in Ireland
• FP7 case study – wavebob
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
What’s going on in Ireland? FP7…
4070 applicants to date
955 successful bringing in over €300 million
ICT, health, nanotech and Marie Curie account for 60% of it
Higher education remains the primary beneficiary (61%) with
4 universities in EC Top 250: TCD 83, UCC 100, UCD 131,
NUIG 186
 Funding to industry - €75 million (double FP6) and providing
access to >€1bn worth of R&D; most going to SMEs (74%)
 Funding to public bodies - €18 million
Ireland versus other Member States…
N u m b e r o f Ap p lic a n ts in S u b m itte d P ro p o s als, N u m b er in S u c c e s sfu l P ro p o s a ls a n d S u c c e ss
R a te s b y C o u n try
S u c c e s s R a te s
A p p lic a n ts in
e lig ib le
p ro p o s a ls
fro m c o u n try
A p p lic a n ts in
re ta in e d
p ro p o s a ls
fro m c o u n try
F u n d in g
G ra n te d to
a p p lic a n ts (€ )
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E C fin a n c ia l
c o n trib u tio n
to a p p lic a n ts
fro m c o u n try
3 6 ,1 4 5
8 ,7 2 1
2 ,8 8 6 ,0 5 7 ,0 2 3
2 4 .1 3 %
2 2 .0 8 %
A T - A u s tria
8 ,0 8 0
1 ,7 3 3
5 3 2 ,2 7 3 ,4 8 5
2 1 .4 5 %
2 0 .3 7 %
F I - F in la n d
6 ,1 1 8
1 ,4 1 6
5 0 4 ,4 1 4 ,3 8 0
2 3 .1 4 %
2 1 .3 3 %
D K - D e n m a rk
5 ,4 6 8
1 ,3 5 6
4 7 3 ,2 2 0 ,3 3 0
2 4 .8 0 %
2 3 .7 6 %
IE - Ire la n d *
4 ,0 9 7
2 5 0 ,5 5 9 ,6 7 2
2 3 .2 6 %
1 8 .4 3 %
2 2 .2 1 %
2 0 .6 8 %
C o u n try
U K - U n ite d K in g d o m
E U A v e ra g e
*Source: European Commission eCORDA release 7
Key learning - responding to change…
• 43 participants receive over €1M for participation in a
single proposal, totalling €72M
• 2010 is Ireland’s most successful year in the ERC
programme. Ireland’s grants to date: 4 Advanced Grants
and 8 Starting Grants
• Ireland trebles its SME-specific funding in 2010. An
Institute of Technology Initiative stimulates 15 Irish led
proposals from newcomers to the SME-specific programme
calls bringing funding of €2.5million to IoTs and SMEs
• Ireland secures 5.7% (€2.4M) of the available budget in
the latest Science in Society call. Proposals include marine
issues in Mobilisation and Mutual Learning
• 1342 Irish experts sign on to the Commission Evaluators
FP7 Case Sudy
• European Commission FP7 funded project
• Full-size grid-connected WEC in Portugal
• Kick-off November 2009
• €8.1 budget, €5.1m EC contribution
• Focussed on demonstration of best practice
in design, deployment, operation and
Wavebob: the Coordinator
• Privately owned Irish technology development company
• 10 years of research, testing and sea trials
• All IP owned by company and protected in 45 countries
Wavebob product development
Build a little; Test a little; Learn a lot!
Fail early;
fail often;
Wavebob: the WEC
Offshore deep water
Axi-symmetric point-absorber
Oscillating, self-reacting
25+ years lifetime
High installed power
Demonstrating advancement of the state-of-the-art in:
•Efficiency in energy absorption and conversion
•Adaptability to changing sea conditions
•Reliability and modularity
•Survivability in extreme seas
•Standards and guidelines for certification
Commercial array
System complete
Sea going full system operations
Sea going full system demonstration
Sea going sub-system validation
Laboratory sub-system validation
Proof of concept validated
Technology concept formulated
Basic Principles observed & reported
To date Wavebob has
raised circa. €13m
(inc. ~€5.5m in grants)
Now need the next €15m…
Local Sources of Funding - NI
Invest NI
Knowledge Transfer Programme
Innovation Vouchers
Intertrade Ireland
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
Invest NI support for Innovation
•Technical Advisory Unit (TAU) - Who & How
•Technical Development Incentive (TDI)
•Innovation Vouchers
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
TAU - Who are they?
•Engineers (mechanical; electrical/electronic;
•Scientific Advisors
•Management System (eg. ISO9001) advisors
•Intellectual Property/ Technical Information
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
TAU - What do they do?
• Guidance & support on a wide range of technical issues:
•Technical information and problem solving
•Advice and information on technical and legislative issues
•Intellectual Property advice
•Management Systems (quality, environmental, safety etc)
•Technical Compliance Issues eg CE Marking
• Financial support:
•Technical Development Incentive (TDI) Scheme
•Innovation Vouchers
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
Technical Development Incentive
• Financial support to SMEs to address technical and quality
• related issues such as:
•New technologies or processes
•Product & process problem resolution
•Product approval/ type testing
•Intellectual Property
•Improved product design & performance
•Quality/Integrated management systems
•Max grant of £5,000 (at up to 50% of project costs)
•Projects costing between £500 and £15,000
• Further information – Kieran McGuinness 028 9069 8818
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
Innovation Vouchers
•£4000 voucher to encourage small registered
enterprises to engage with a Knowledge Provider to
develop an innovative solution to a business issue
•Companies can apply for up to 3 vouchers for
different projects but may only have 1 ‘live’ voucher
at a time
•Pooled voucher option for collaborative projects (up
to 10 companies)
•Around 700 vouchers issued to date
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
Knowledge Providers
•41 public sector Knowledge Providers throughout
Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
•Universities, Colleges, Institutes of Technology and
other research bodies eg Loughry, Agri-Food &
Biosciences Institute
•Full list of Knowledge Providers and initial point of
contact for innovation vouchers at
•The company chooses which Knowledge Provider to
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
How to apply
• Company completes application form –
available on website
•Straightforward application process - Company
Profile - Issue to be solved - Skills required to solve
the issue - Outputs for the company as a result of
the project
•Current/next calls for applications: - November 2011
and February 2012
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
In Summary
• Technical Advisory Unit
•Technical information and problem solving
•Management systems (quality, environmental, H&S)
•Intellectual Property
•Technical Development Incentive grant
•Innovation Vouchers
• Contact: Ian Wilkinson tel. 028 9069 8802
• Email:
• Grant for R&D and general Invest NI info
• Contact: 0800 1814422
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships is
Europe’s leading programme helping
businesses to improve their
competitiveness and productivity
through the better use of knowledge,
technology and skills that reside within
the UK knowledge base.
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
•What is KTP?
•How does it work?
•Aims and objectives?
•KTP at Ulster
•Case studies
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
• Funded by the Technology Strategy Board with 19 other
funding organisations (AHRC, BBSRC, Defra, DoH, EMDA,
EPSRC, ESF, ESRC, Invest NI, NERC, The Northern Way, One
North East, Science & Technology Facilities Council, SEEDA,
Scottish Government, SWRDA, WAG)
• •£32M grants committed; each £1M generating
• –32 jobs
• –189 people trained
• –£3.6M profits
• •1,000 live Partnerships (65 in NI)
• •Invest NI contribution 2008/09 = £1,000,000
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
• Project length 12-36 months
• At least 1 Graduate (KTP Associate)
• Associates recruited jointly and employed by the
• Project located on company premises with joint
company and academic supervisor
• Academic Supervisor spends ~ ½ day per week on
the project
• Funded by Government grant and the company
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
Project Criteria
• Strategic relevance to the business
• Stimulating and challenging for the academic
• Intellectually challenging for the Associate
• Sound business case
• Clear knowledge transfer
• Clear additionality
• Benefits likely to accrue
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
KTP Costs - 1 Associate for 1 Year
+ Graduate salary available (company decides)
+ Associate Development
circa £6k
+ Travel and Subsistence
+ Equipment and Consumables
+ University Expertise
circa £10k
Total package
circa £43k
• Cost to SME per year
• Cost to Large Company
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
Company Benefits
Achieves business goals faster
Transfer of knowledge/expertise
Recruitment of the “right” people
Embedding of innovation culture
Long-term, strategic relationship with KB
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
Associate Benefits
• One of Europe’s largest graduate recruitment
• Competitive salary
• Employment within chosen academic discipline
• Fast-track career development
• Opportunity to register for higher degree during
• 73% Associates employed by host company
• Training and development with qualification in
Management to National Standard
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
The Associates
Recently qualified
First degree ~76% hold 1st or 2(i)
All disciplines
Average age 28 years
Recruit on open market
Normally work at the company
Salary decided by the company
Terms and conditions of the company
Backed up by the facilities and expertise of the
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
The Process
• Contact the Knowledge Transfer Office – marriage broker
• Company visit – check eligibility
• Complete an outline form (2 pages and includes company
• Support to facilitate completion of the full proposal
• KTO – liaises with the KTP Adviser and various sponsors
• KTO – leads the recruitment process
• KTO – sets up and attends all LMC meetings
• KTO – ensures all reports are submitted and on time!
• KTO – provides all financial management and reporting
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
Intertrade Ireland Fusion
FUSION, support packages worth up
to £29,500/€33,150 are available for you to
undertake a 12 month innovation project.
Partnered with a third-level institution with the
specialist expertise you need and a high calibre
science, engineering or technology graduate.
A graduate is employed by you and is based in your
company throughout the project with mentoring
from the academic partner and InterTradeIreland
FUSION consultant.SMEs collaborating with HEIs
Fusion Video
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
Fusion Benefits
• On average, each company taking part on the FUSION
programme benefits from over £1 million worth of sales or
efficiency savings in the three years following the project.
The programme can help your business to:
• Develop or improve products, processes or services
• Streamline business processes to increase efficiency and
• Develop and implement new technologies, systems or
• Improve capabilities in innovation, design and technology
• Reduce costs
• Increase sales
SMEs collaborating with HEIs
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SMEs collaborating with HEIs

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