By Ronan
Whew! That Leprechaun WAS fast!!
Now lets talk Ireland. Here are
something's you should know about
Ireland is an island in northwest of Europe. The
population is 3.5 million the same to los Angeles
in California. There are 4 provinces, Munsler,
Ulster, Leinstar and Connacht. The capital is
Dublin. The national flag is tri color of green,
white and orange the Irish currency was the
pound. The euro is the new currency. The harp is
the official emblem. Ireland is the only country to
use a musical instrument. The shamrock is a
symbol of Ireland. Ireland has two languages,
English and Irish. All schools teach Irish to the
students. They are proud of their dancing and
Next, is the history of castles. Every
where you look in Ireland you will
see ruins of castles. Some have been
restored. The reason some are still
around is the way they were built.
They were built on the highest
ground and by rivers and close to
towns. They were built to show
wealth and to protect the Irish noble
The two most popular sports in
Ireland are Galic football and hurling.
Galic football was once called Gaid.
The second popular sport is hurling.
This is native to Ireland.
Now you have heard some of
Irelands history from castles to
sports. I hope you get a taste of

Ireland - South Kitsap School District