Unit 8 How was your
school trip?
No. 8 Middle School
Unit 8 How was your school trip?
The first lesson
Language goal
 1 Talk about events in the past.
 2 New language : What did you do on
your school trip? Did you go the zoo?
Were there any sharks?
 3 Be able to finish the listening materials.
Step1 Revision
1. work - worked
study - studied
play- played
stop- stopped
2. do - did
go - went
am, is- was
are - were
isn’t -wasn’t don’t- didn’t
take - took
have - had
buy -bought eat - ate
Step 2 Presentation
Ask any of the students :
What did you do on your
last school trip?
Make a list
went to the beach went to the park
had ice cream
went camping
hiked the mountains
went fishing
took photos
climbed the hill
went to the aquarium
saw some dolphins
saw some sharks
saw the octopus
saw the seals
ate some ice cream
had a
Step3 Listening
Listen to the conversations
and circle the expressions.
The answers are:
Went to the aquarium
hung out with her friends
took photos
went to the zoo
saw some seals
had a hamburger
bought a souvenir
ate ice cream
saw some sharks
Step 4 Pair work
Look at the picture. Ask and
answer in pairs like this :
A: Did Tina go to the zoo?
B: No, She didn’t.
She took some photos
Did she /he ……?
hiked in the mountains
Did they ……?
went camping
Did they ……?
went to the Great Wall
Did he …… ?
went bike
Did he …… ?
hung out
with his son
Did she……?
dived under the sea
Step5 Listening 2a&2b
Listen and check the questions you hear.
___ Did you buy that hat?
___ What else did you do?
___ Did you see any sharks?
___ Did you win that hat?
___ Did you get his autograph?
___ Were there any sharks?
___ Did you take any photos?
Listen and circle “T” or “F”
 1. Tina met a famous actor. T
 2. Tina got Jake Dean’s
 3. Toby won a prize.
 4. Tina won a hat.
 5. There were many actors
at the aquarium.
Step 6 Pair work
Ask and answer the questions
according to the information in
activity 2b.
Step 8
Sum up
1. Simple past of regular and
irregular verbs.
2. Be able to talk about events in
the past
Step 9 Homework
1. Review Simple past of
regular and irregular verbs.
2. Write a short article about
your last trip.

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