English – a
Language of the
( 8th form)
УМК О.В. Афанасьева, И.В. Михеева
Учитель: Рябова Елена Владимировна
Some facts
from the history
of English
-The language we are
-Why we learn it
-Where we use it
-Where and by whom it is
Warming up.
Let’s talk about
English – speaking
• The United kingdom of Great Britain and
Northern Island
• The United States of America
• Canada
• Australia
• New Zealand
Discover Britain
(do you know
American food and drink.
• say what you think about American food and
• say why you think that:
• 1) American food is part Italian, part British, part
German, etc.
• 2) much famous food in America is “fast food”;
• 3) there are usually “salad bars” inside fast food
• 4) restaurant people bring “doggy bags” to those
who can’t finish all the food on their plates;
• 5) Americans now have a light breakfast.
• Read the text “What is
Language?” and choose
the right statements
among those given after
the text.
•What is
•A language is …..
English language
a language of business, science
it's the official voice of the air and sea
a language of tourists
a language of communication
a language of foreign literature
a language of foreign culture
a language of computers and Internet
Studying English
• HOW can we study English
• WHERE can we study English
How to study English
The easiest way to learn a foreign language is:
to have a good textbook
to have a good teacher
to go to an English – speaking country
to have an English – speaking pen friend
to chat on the Internet
to phone your friends abroad
to read English books and youth magazines
to read labels and instructions on everything you buy
to watch videos and films in English
to listen to the radio and TV musical programmes
Where to study English
at school
at special English courses
travelling around the world
living in an English-speaking country
communicating with native speakers
with the help of Internet
What is the best way to study
Travelling is the best way to study
Why do we study English
to communicate with people of the world
to understand films and songs in English
to study at a university (college)
it is useful when you travel
it gives a chance to meet new people
to do business
to get a better job
•Past Simple
•Past Continuous
•Complete the text,
use a (an), the or
zero article. Write
the text down.
•Write a short story.
•Why do people learn
foreign languages
as you see it?
Learning English has a
beginning but no end