Christian and Buddhist Basic
The ‘Sanctity of Life’
Holy and Sacred
Created by God
Life is a gift
Life must be preserved
Every life has a purpose
God alone decides the beginning and end
of life
• God created the world and everything in it
• Humans were given ‘stewardship’ over His creation – to
take care and protect what doesn’t belong to them
• ‘The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.’
• God gives life and only he take it away
• ‘Before you were formed in the womb, I knew you.’ God’s plan for each life created
• All humans were created ‘in God’s image’ – exactly as
he has planned
• ‘Be fruitful and multiply’
• Judgement day – God will judge your actions and
either reward or punish (heaven or hell)
• Golden Rule – Treat others as you wish
to be treated.
• ‘Love thy neighbour’
• ‘Love your enemy’
• ‘Blessed are the peacemakers’
• Agape – unconditional love and respect
for all of creation
5 Precepts –
– Do not harm others
– Do not steal
– Do not use harmful language
– Avoid sexual misconduct
– Do not use intoxicants
Practise Metta - loving-kindness, good actions
Practise Ahimsa - non-violence
Papa – evil, bad actions
“Hatred does not cease by hatred, hatred ceases by love”
Karma – your actions have consequences
Karma affects your rebirth (Samsara) , so when you are reborn as a
human, don’t mess it up as you waste all past good karma gain and so
your chance of reaching enlightenment.
Nirvana – a state of tranquillity, contentment and peace where you
are no longer within the cycle of rebirth – kind of like reaching
heaven for Christians.
First Noble Truth:
Dukkha - Suffering is
part of everyday life.
There will always be some form of suffering
(Dukkha) in life or a feeling that life is not
perfect. It can be caused by old age, sickness
and death.
Second Noble Truth:
Greed, craving and desire cannot bring
Samudaya - Suffering is happiness because things are always changing.
caused by greed, craving
and desire.
Third Noble Truth:
Nirodha - You can end
suffering by not craving or
being greedy.
Treasure each moment, living the best way
you can. Don’t be self-centred. If you live in a
way that is good and helps others, you will be
Fourth Noble Truth:
To stop craving, follow the spiritual and moral
Magga - To end suffering disciplines of the Noble Eightfold Path. This
Path sets out the Buddha’s guidance on the
follow the Eightfold Path.
way to live so that you are at peace with
yourself and the world.
Meditate to avoid greed,
hatred and ignorance and
experience joy, love
and kindness
To see things as
they really are
Be aware of
what you do and
how it affects
Show kindness and
feel positive thoughts
towards others
Decide to follow the
Eightfold Path by
being kind to others
Avoid telling lies,
spreading gossip,
saying hurtful
Have a job that
helps others rather
than harming
Be kind to others not to harm, steal or
be rude but speak
the truth and
respect your body.
• ‘The destruction of nature and natural
resources results from ignorance,
greed and lack of respect for the
earth’s living things … this lack of
respect extends to future generations
who will inherit a degraded planet’
• ‘The earth is not only the common
heritage of all humankind but also the
ultimate source of life’
• ‘Always think compassion’
• ‘Peace can exist if everyone respects all