BCS Academy of Computing
Bill Mitchell
BCS Academy Founding Partners
BCS Academy of Computing http://academy.bcs.org/
CAS and BCS are collaborative partners
That’s official: CAS has its own Board within BCS governance
– CAS is officially recognised and funded as part of the core mission in
our Royal Charter to advance computing
(no other group has this status)
– CAS is the principal group within BCS that influences education policy
for computing in school
– CAS co-author BCS responses to consultations on computing
education in school
– CAS have a seat on the BCS Academy of Computing Board
Bottom line: CAS is the group BCS listens to more than any other on all
schools computing education issues
BCS Academy of Computing http://academy.bcs.org/
Royal Society Report into State of Computing
Education in School
Computing in School Study
24 organisations on Advisory Group, including Royal Academy of Engineering
(Simon Peyton-Jones, Simon Humphreys, Bill Mitchell members of Group a total
of 6 members of BCS Academy Board)
Stakeholder meetings
• Glasgow meeting, 22 March 2011 (Teachers)
• Manchester meeting, 18 March 2011 (Teachers)
• Leeds meeting, 24 March 2011 (Higher Education)
• London meeting, 28 March 2011 (Headteachers)
• London meeting, 31 March 2011 (teachers)
BCS Academy of Computing http://academy.bcs.org/
National Curriculum review
• BCS with CAS submitted response to NC review
• June 6th DfE for meeting on NC review
- Simon Peyton-Jones, Simon Humphreys, Bill Mitchell
– DfE:
- Marc Cavey, head of a DfE policy unit
- Aileen Clement, leading the NC Review work on ICT and D&T
- Ian Brydon, STEM policy team, and lead on ICT in the national curriculum
– general tenor of the Review is to reduce the scope of the National Curriculum
– we made case Computer Science is a proper, rigorous, knowledge-based
subject discipline
BCS Academy of Computing http://academy.bcs.org/
E4E, Engineering for Education
E4E represents the collective views of
• 36 Professional Engineering Institutions, including BCS
• Engineering Council, EngineeringUK
• the Royal Academy of Engineering
BCS Academy of Computing http://academy.bcs.org/
E4E National Curriculum review:
Every school pupil should encounter Computing because:
• General scientific, engineering, mathematical and business principles,
concepts and methods can be encoded in formal languages that a
human can understand and a digital computer can execute
• The rigorous design and automation of different kinds of machine
executable languages is unique to Computing; in particular designing
and building languages capable of describing elegant, efficient solutions
to hard real-world problems that affect our societal wellbeing as well as
our future economic prosperity
BCS Academy of Computing http://academy.bcs.org/
Letter from BCS to Michael Gove
• Mr Matt Brittin, Managing Director UK & Ireland Operations Google UK
• Dr Andrew Herbert OBE FREng, Chairman Microsoft Research EMEA
• Mr John Higgins CBE, Director General Intellect
• Dr Hermann Hauser Hon-CBE FREng (appointed by the Prime Minister to the Council for
Science and Technology)
• Mr Andy Mulholland, Corporate Vice President & Global Chief Technology Officer Capgemini
• Mr David Docherty, Chief Executive of the Council For Industry and Higher Education, and
Chairman of the Digital Television Group
• Mr Ian Livingstone OBE, Life President Eidos and Chair Computer Games Skills Council
• Mr Keith Williams FBCS, Managing Director Altran Praxis, Global Executive Director - Embedded
& Critical Systems Altran
• Mr Alex Hope, Managing Director Double Negative, Board Director of the UK Screen Association
(Double Negative won the 2011 Oscar for best Visual Effects)
• Mr John Lazar, Chairman Metaswitch (four times winner of the Queen's Award for Enterprise,
including the Queen’s Award for Technology Innovation in 2010)
• Mr Hasan Bakhshi, Director Creative Industries National Endowment for Science, Technology
and the Arts
• Mr David Clarke MBE FBCS, Chief Executive BCS
BCS Academy of Computing http://academy.bcs.org/
• Livingstone-Hope Skills Review for UK’s Video Games and Visual
Effects Industries
– bring Computer Science into the National Curriculum as an essential
– include Computer Science in the English Baccalaureate
Commissioned by
Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture,
Communications and Creative
who also publically endorsed the
BCS Academy of Computing http://academy.bcs.org/
David Willetts Minister of State for Universities
BCS Academy, Microsoft Research, CPHC and
UKCRC met with David Willetts, to discuss
University funding for Computer Science degree
courses in February 2011
BCS Academy of Computing http://academy.bcs.org/
UK ICT Pioneers Competition with EPSRC
Innovation for Sustainability
• Jens Enzo Nyby Christensen, University of Cambridge: Acoustic
Pulse Recognition (APR)
BCS Academy of Computing http://academy.bcs.org/

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