Decisions and the Futurewise Profile
Istanbul September 2013.
Julia Watson
International Director
June 2006
15/16, 18 AND BEYOND…..
1.Subject choices at age15/16 – IB subjects ... IMPLICATIONS?
2. University choices… where, which subject(s), which country or into
employment? Competition for places at selective universities..
3. Gap year or not, travel, volunteering etc
4. Career exploration – how might this be linked to university choice?
June 2006
University experiences… more choices
June 2006
The Economic climate
 Uncertainty is the only certainty. Exciting yet challenging...
 Some careers more resilient than others in difficult times
 Opportunities in different countries e.g. emerging markets such as
European countries not all similar in terms of job stability...
 Skills acquisition and flexibility vital… e.g. IT and languages,
international outlook..
 One job for life is unlikely… the portfolio career is increasing..
 Influence of technology
 New careers emerging all the time
June 2006
June 2006
Help with transitions/choices
Parents, staff, friends, resources such as books,
brochures, work experience and internet sites can all
School results / examination results will also be important
in making realistic decisions
A useful impartial tool in addition, to highlight natural
potential and encourage self awareness used in many
international schools worldwide is…
The FUTUREWISE psychometric profile and follow-up
June 2006
Your turn now
 Personality and qualities
Hard working
Likes children
Want to make a difference
Long shifts
 Who could this be
June 2006
An explanation
of the Profile
and of its use in
June 2006
 Objective assessment of abilities and aptitudes
 Used increasingly in the workplace for recruitment/selection
 Not an exam! No pass or fail
 Short interests’ questionnaire initially
 A morning of many different tasks e.g. reasoning, numeracy…
 Results appear both in a personalised online web space
and in a 16 page report. School also has a copy.
June 2006
An Interests’ Questionnaire
begins the process
This focuses on three main areas of preference:
Working with:
Questions are multiple choice
Non native speakers of English can indicate this and it will be taken into
June 2006
Abilities, Potential and
Aptitudes are assessed:
Problem Solving
Processing Information
of different types
Practical abilities
Dexterity (hand)
Work Personality
- How you apply yourself
June 2006
Next stage
 The Morrisby organisation of psychologists looks at the
answers. See
 Early tasks are scored by computer but the career
suggestions are chosen by a psychologist taking into
a) Interests
b) Abilities
c) Personality aspects
June 2006
The Futurewise Report
 Aim - to stimulate discussion AND provide
objective information
 Looks at different types of intelligence
 Looks at the profile pattern not the scores
 Measures potential ...not necessarily achievement
i.e. what you COULD achieve. It complements your other
 Other talents can be talked about individually e.g. sport,
music, drama as well as languages .. at the interview or
June 2006
How does it help in school?
 Assists with subject choices
 Help to recognise your preferred learning style
 Enhances study and revision skills
 Maximises your results by
- identifying your style
- gives a basis for subject choices
- highlights natural potential.
June 2006
Beyond school?
 Helps with university and job/career options
 Career suggestions (12 taken from 500) can broaden
horizons and show the links between careers and the
subjects required
 Emphasis on skills and strengths
 Shows a range of opportunities to be explored not just
one or two... And gives some new ideas
June 2006
Summary of support
 An individual interview
 With personal ID register on
 The profile results appear online as well as in paper version
 Look further at the 12 Career Suggestions in the context of the profile
 Use the ‘ What Next’ section over the next few years to maintain an
ongoing CV and also research universities
 There is a whole A-Z of careers section
 Futurewise will help and support till you are 23 wherever you are!
June 2006
And finally...Correlation to the
IB Learner profile
 Favours the HOLISTIC, whole person approach to future planning
 Encourages INDEPENDENT research and an INQUIRING approach
by students as well as evaluating their capacity for it via the
reasoning task/ problem solving ability
 As RISK-TAKERS students are encouraged to look beyond standard
options via the breadth of suggestions
 REFLECTION and self awareness form a large part of the profile e.g.
What are my strengths and how can I use them? and
How might my personality influence my decisions/ preferences?
June 2006

Futurewise Profile Feedback - British International School