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Entry Level 1–3 and Level 1 and 2
Entry Level 1 Unit 1 (05425) – Read for purpose and meaning in simple texts
Entry Level 2 Unit 6 (05426) – Read for purpose and meaning in straightforward
Entry Level 3 Unit 11 (05427) – Read for purpose and meaning in straightforward
continuous texts
Level 1
Unit 18 (05428) – Read for purpose and meaning in text on variety of
Level 2
Unit 25 (05429) – Read for implied purpose and meaning
Finding information
Same, same but different
Headings, key words, alphabetical
How images help
Finding information
Here is some text. Find the:
SunnyField Leisure Centre
Opening in September a brand new exciting
leisure centre with a 50m swimming pool and a
separate Fun Zone of slides and wave machine.
The new pool will be open every day from 7am to
9pm. The Fun Zone will be open every day
between 1pm and 7pm.
This month save 50% on the entrance fee for a
family of four to the Fun Zone. (normally £20,
September only £10)
We’re easy to find in SunnyField Park.
On the number 24 bus route.
Opening times of
the Fun Zone
The location
The bus route
The cost of family
entrance to the
Fun Zone in
Same, same but different
Here are two letters about different things. The letters look
the same but they are telling you different information.
Dear Mr Auden
We’ve got the perfect
savings account for you.
This new account gives you
money off mobile phones when
you have saved a £100.
Please contact us to find out
Yours sincerely
Your Bank Manager
Dear Mr Auden
We have noticed that Tiger is
due his annual jabs, please
make an appointment to bring
him in.
Looking forward to seeing you
and Tiger.
Yours sincerely
Your Vet
Headings and key words
Pick out the most important words, the headings :
GCSE Subjects
The Abbey Technology College
Arts (including art and design, music, dance, drama and media
Design and Technology
Humanities (history and geography)
Modern Foreign Languages
How images help
Putting images with words helps the reader to
understand the message.
Here are examples:
No Right Turn
First Aid
What will you cover . . .
This presentation just concentrates on Reading, but you may
also look at other English skills you will need to be successful
as well.
This helps you understand how each skill is used together
with other skills, and helps you use your English skills in
everyday life.
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