to 1st Grade
Enders-Fisherville Elementary
2015 - 2016
Curriculum Overview
• Language Arts
– reading, writing, phonics,
spelling, handwriting
• Mathematics
• Social Studies/Science
Common Core Reading
•Shared Reading
•Guided Reading/Daily 5
(Literacy Stations)
•Independent Reading
*McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders
Examples of Reading
Skills Introduced
ABC order
Word families
• Adjectives/adverbs
• Punctuation
• Word endings
• Blends/Digraphs
• Comprehension
• Retelling
• Fiction/Non-fiction
• Test-taking skills
Common Core Phonics
• Helps children understand
how letters go together to
make words
• Reviews letters to promote
the building of words
• Begins in mid-September.
• Incorporated with the Reading Wonders
• New Spelling Lists will be sent home on
a Cycle Day 1.
• Spelling Tests will be every Cycle Day 5.
• Handwriting Without Tears Program
– Uses a traditional style of handwriting.
– Developed through a team of
Occupational Therapists with a
developmental approach.
Common Core
• Researched-based program called
Everyday Math.
• Spiraling curriculum- skills are not usually
mastered with one introduction.
• Designed to meet individual needs through
multiple teaching to grasp a concept.
More Math…
• Homework daily
-Typically Monday through Thursday.
• Unit Assessments
• Family Letter
– Sent home before each unit.
– Please read and keep for reference.
– Gives explanations of concepts and game
Social Studies/Science
• Also taught through themes and Shared Reading
Big Books
• Some topics covered: farm, Johnny Appleseed,
seasons, weather, fire safety, Native Americans,
dinosaurs, recycling, plants, nutrition, and life
• Not graded.
Special Classes
• Art, Library, Music, Phys. Ed., Discovery
• Each 1st Grade classroom will have a
different daily special schedule rotation.
• 1st Grade specials will be from 9:50 –
• Calendars
– Classroom calendar of events and
themes for the current month.
• Website
• Send a note stating who and when…
• Wait in designated waiting area.
• Also send notes for leaving
early/coming late due to
How Can I Help to Make My
Child Successful This Year?
• Check your child’s backpack daily.
• Read- complete the daily guided
reading homework as well as
encourage extra reading.
• Put math facts to memory.
• Practice the quarterly word lists.
• Keep toys at home.
A Few Thoughts…
Throughout our year together,
please remember that all
children learn differently and at
various speeds. We will try our
best to meet the needs of all of
our students and we will always
have their best interests at

Welcome to 1st Grade